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Fish Leong – “Fabulous Fish” Asia’s Queen of Ballads

Asia’s Queen of Ballads on feeling fabulous with her successful career and great looks


Fish Leong, dubbed Asia’s Queen of Ballads, looks picture perfect these days.

For one, Fish has been happily married to Taiwanese businessman Tony Chao since early 2010 in a romantic beach wedding at the breath-taking island of Boracay, Philippines. Their wedding celebration continued with a lavish banquet held at the Ritz Carlton in Kuala Lumpur last month. Despite her popularity and success, the much idolised blushing bride remains an old-fashioned lass who believes in marriage and raising a family.

As Fish Leong’s voice continue to enchant us with one well-loved ballad after another, we trace back how she discovered her talent for singing and how she has cared for not just her voice, but also her looks through the years. With or without make up, Fish is a natural beauty greatly admired by many. But even natural gifts require tender loving care, and Fish is both practical and humble enough to agree and share with us how she cares for her physical well-being.

Humble beginnings

EHB: Can you picture to us your childhood?

Fish Leong: I grew up in a small town in Malaysia. This small town is very ‘cute’ where all the neighbours are very enthusiastic and caring. All the parents knew everybody and they inform each other about everything that happened in our small town.

We lived so near the school that I could walk to class. We would also go fly kite and cycle often. I had happy times playing ball with my two younger brothers, or climb the hills and fly kites with my friends so I feel that I had a very healthy childhood. After finishing primary school and pre-university, I left the small town in Negri Sembilan. Now I kind of miss that place.

EHB:  When did you discover that you had a great singing voice?

FL:  The first time I realised that I liked to sing was when my father (who liked to take part in singing competitions and was also my music teacher) chose me to represent my class and my school to take part in the singing competitions. In school, I joined the school choir so I often have the chance to perform in other regions, too. From primary one to six, I only took part in school singing competitions. After my primary school education, I started to take part in the adult singing competitions. Actually I did not attend any formal singing classes but I’m very grateful that when I was young, I was singing alto in the school choir so I managed to practise my voice through that. And also my father is a great singer so I inherited his skills.

EHB: How has your singing career helped you and your family financially?

FL: After becoming a singer for so many years with great results, the practical and financial part of my lifestyle became my biggest rewards for me to take great care of my family.

About six years ago, I told my mum not to worry about working anymore because I can use my singing job’s income to take care of the family and that made me very happy. Whenever my family has any travelling plans, the expense for travel is no longer considered a burden to my family. When they are happy, I’m happy too. In fact, I only go to my hometown about three to four times a year depending on certain situations. Most of the time, we even meet overseas and sometimes when I’m working, I will bring my mother along so we can see each other often.

Feeling the love songs

EHB: As “Queen of Ballads” you need to put a lot of emotions to your singing interpretation. Do you draw emotion from your own love experiences?

FL: Actually when I’m singing love ballads, I have a lot of images and experiences through my mind. After having a few relationships with times of sweetness and also experiencing the pain of breaking up, whenever I’m recording or singing, these images will appear in my mind. When I’m recording, I often have certain movies’ emotional scenes in my mind so it was very easy for me to bring these emotions into my songs. In this area, I feel that it’s a kind of releasing tension just like an actor who would sing the story out.

EHB:  Have you ever been broken hearted or so much in love that it hurts?

FL: I feel that, of course, you still have to go through the pain of breaking up yourself to be able to sing such sad songs like ‘Too Bad It’s Not You’ or ‘The Pain That Breathes’. So I believe singers should have their own experiences so that they could stir up their own emotions and touch others’ hearts at the same time.

EHB: How in love are you now? Can you share with us more about your special someone?

FL: Now I feel my life is very stable and realistic; the realistic comes after getting married, where my other half’s family support for me brings me a sense of security.  I feel very happy because they support my work and never let me give up doing what I love to do. I am very happy about this.

As a singer in front of the media and also as a public figure, every time you attend the functions, your mental state and body language and how you present yourself is very important. It can show your sincerity, how convincing you are to let your fans feel closer to you.

EHB: Do you watch what you eat and follow a certain diet? Please share with our readers how you keep in great shape.

FL: Basically, my diet has no special limitations. I need to have my three balanced meals and I try not to eat anything after 9pm. If I’m really hungry, then I will choose soup or leafy salads or fruits or fish that can be digested easily. I just do not eat too late.

Looking and feeling good

EHB: How important is looking good in show business?

FL: I always want to set an example as a singer through my lifestyle, my diet and even the products that I endorse. I feel that these things are very important.  Whenever I’m not working, I will try my best to choose activities like swimming or running on the treadmill in the gym.  I train my physical strength and in addition, I have a healthy diet where I like to drink soup, take more nutritional cereals and grains. I feel that eating some fruits help in increasing one’s metabolism. So diet is very important too.

EHB: As a celebrity, you need to look good all the time. What supplements do you take to maintain your beauty and fitness?

FL: Collagen to a female – who likes to take care of her health and wants her skin to be firm, is very important. In general, our collagen intake from food is limited but after drinking this Cola-E, it made me feel my skin is tighter and firmer. Collagen helps to keep us youthful looking and our skin gets more moisturised which is very important.

EHB: What changes have you noticed about yourself since you started taking collagen?

FL: Because I often travel around in the plane and I also need to apply make-up often, I recently felt that my skin is still moisturised. My make-up doesn’t fade easily and made my skin condition stabilise greatly. Even when Autumn or Winter is arriving, I won’t feel that my skin is drying and flaky. I used to feel that way but now I don’t feel that anymore. This change is very good, and then I really like it and feel very happy.

EHB: If you had not been a singer, what would you be?

FL: Maybe I will be a traveller or photographer because I like to walk around, see and take photos. I wish that my life will still bring me around the world.

By Sandra Generosa L Hernandez | Translation by Eve Tan
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