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Allan Wu – He’s The Man

“Li Lin’s factory is closed!”

Allan Wu reminds me of the Asian version of Ken in Barbie Dolls. Actor, model, host (of Amazing Race, Shanghai Idol and many other shows), good-looking… along with a famous bod to boot, Allan wears the shoes most men would love to fill. Happily married to the gorgeous Wong Li Lin with two adorable children, we have to agree Allan is one very lucky man – and it only gets better – his recent work required him to be surrounded by a bevy of long-legged beauties. “I just returned from a trip to Beijing to host Miss Universe China. It was a lot of fun and really challenging because I had to do it completely in Chinese!” he shares.

Allan has been going places. Apart from spending more time in China to explore work prospects and opportunities, he will also be there to promote the newest season of The Amazing Race China Rush, which is coming out soon. “I really enjoy traveling and exploring new places on the job. The Amazing Race programs that I host give me the opportunity to see and experience locations that I probably wouldn’t get to see so soon.  And the more I get to see, the more I marvel at this miraculous wonder of a world that we live on.” We talk to Allan and take a peek into his wonderful world.

Ezyhealth & Beauty: You’ve been in the industry for 10 years. Share with us what these 10 years have been like.

Allan Wu: Being in the entertainment industry for ten years has taught me a lot about patience, accountability, and finding ways to motivate myself to think “outside the box” in terms of improving and challenging myself.  Unlike most other industries, there is no company SOP or guidelines in entertainment so a lot of it is literally learning on the job.

EHB: What inspired you to take acting up as a career, and kept you at it all these years?

Allan: I’ve always enjoyed entertaining my friends on a very social and casual level so I figured why not try getting paid to do it at the same time?  Fortunately, it’s been working out quite well so far.

EHB: You’ve hosted many shows, acted in numerous television serials and modeled, even! Do tell which do you prefer and why.

Allan: I’ve enjoyed all shapes and forms of entertainment through the years at specific stages in my career.  Even though I wouldn’t want to return to only modeling, I learned a lot from that industry that I can apply to photo and video shoots for hosting and acting.  Acting is always exciting because it gives me the opportunity to be someone else as I get “into the skin” of the character.  And if the available roles aren’t that exciting, then there’s always hosting to just be myself for a while.

EHB: Beautiful Connection, Unbeatables III, C.I.D and My Lucky Charm are few of the many drama serials you acted in. Which characters you play are closest to your heart? Do you find yourself being able to relate more to certain characters?

Allan: I really enjoyed playing Li Nan Xing’s protégé in The Unbeatables III because I’ve always enjoyed the process of learning…even if it’s to be the ultimate gambler.  City of Heroes was another exciting role because I get to play a police officer with a family with real, believable problems.  Even though I’ve played some really exciting roles, I’d say my favorite is still Lin Zai Fa in Bukit Ho Swee, my first Chinese TV drama here in Singapore.  This was definitely the most challenging role for me to play because it was the first time I had to use entirely Mandarin to act, and I learned so much from the entire experience.

EHB: You have also participated in reality competition, Fear Factor. What was the experience like? Share with us your greatest fear.

Allan: Fear Factor was an unbelievable experience.  People still ask me about my experience on the show…and that was seven years ago!  It’s always nice to make an impression on people even if it means I might have grossed them out.  If you ask me what my greatest fear is, then I’d have to simply say it’s the fear of giving up and NOT trying.  Life is too short to be complacent and wonder what could’ve been so I’m always ready to look ahead to the next big challenge.

EHB: Having been brought up in America, we’re sure it’s English over Mandarin and Cantonese any day for you! But between Mandarin and Cantonese, which would you prefer and why?

Allan: I’d definitely prefer Mandarin because my Cantonese is absolutely atrocious now.  I must confess that my Cantonese was never anywhere near great, and I wish I put more effort into learning it.  However, everything seems to be heading towards Mandarin so
I’m glad I got a good grip on this language now.

EHB: You’re pretty known for that buff bod of yours! I’m sure our readers would love to know how you’ve kept yourself in such tip top shape (Just simple tips on the right diet and exercise).

Allan: Baby steps…that’s all there is to it.  Don’t ever try and set your goals so high and out-of-reach that you are tempted to give up soon after starting.  We all have to be realistic in what we set out to do and so we must learn to manage expectations.  Once we master that, then we are ready to achieve anything we set out to do.  I used to be a workout fanatic, but now it’s all about maintenance so I’ll try to run three times a week and go to the gym once a week.  Unless I am training for a specific role in a film project, I like to stay lean because once your body gets used to a certain lifestyle, then it’s much easier to maintain if that’s where you’d like to keep it.

EHB: You are now happily married to Wong Li Lin. Care to share how you guys met?

Allan: Li Lin and I actually met at Mediacorp Studios while we were both working on separate projects.  I was doing Bukit Ho Swee, and she was shooting The Reunion.  We would see each other at the artist restroom where actors rested before heading out to shoot, and we soon became friends.  The rest…like they all say…is history!

EHB: You are a daddy to two awesome children. Any plans for no. 3?

Allan: Nope. I’m open to the idea but from the immortal words of Li Lin, “The Factory is closed.” We couldn’t be happier with our two children so we are more than content to stop while we’re ahead.

EHB: It seems you play many sports. What are some of the sports you play?

Allan: I’ve actually played a lot of sports growing up including basketball, beach volleyball, snowboarding, American football, soccer, rugby, tennis, crew (rowing), racquetball, baseball, swimming, and now Flowriding at Wavehouse.  I’ve always getting a good sweat on so I’m always game to try something new.

EHB: Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Allan: I see myself reflecting on how blessed I am to have a loving family and the opportunity to work in a progressive environment for me to choose the jobs I would like to do while still having ample time to be with my family.


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