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Archive for: May, 2011

Shopaholics Anonymous


As you gear up for the up-and-coming GSS, take a step back before you get swept away by the season-of-sales epidemic.

Eight self-confessed shopaholics share how they survived: The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) has gotten Singaporeans, especially the women, well revved up. Kicking off this 27th May and ending only in the month of July, the GSS is as good as[...]

Sizzles For The Bedroom


Sizzles For The Bedroom The sex toy industry has evolved a lot in recent years. Whether you prefer asensuality kit, a pelvic exerciser, or a vibrator, there is surely something for every discerning person’s bedroom. It’s May; and it’s the[...]

Minimally Invasive Surgery For Colorectal Conditions


A healthy colon is serious business and deserves our attention – especially when it loses its ability to work properly.

The colon, also known as the large intestine, serves an important purpose in your digestive system. It is a long, hollow tube at the end of the digestive tract where the body makes and stores stool. Simply put, the proper[...]

Smart Cancer? Smarter Drug


Zooming in to the problem

Learning that you have cancer cannot be an easy experience. On top of the fear and anxiety, you wonder how you are going to cope with the chemotherapy and its dreadful side effects. Now, thanks to years of research, a[...]

I Think I Know The Bs


  B1 is thiamine, B2 is riboflavin, B5 is pantothenic acid, B12 is cyanocobalamin etc. It is often confusing to differentiate the names and uses of the various B vitamins. Need some help? Read on! By Ng Yun, Patient Care[...]

Chronic Lower Back Pain


The myths and truths behind it all

Take a quick look around the room before you read this. Wherever you may be, 60-90% of people around you would have experienced low back pain at least once in their lifetimes, with another 20-30% experiencing it on a recurring,[...]

How Straight Teeth Can Improve Your Wellbeing


How Straight Teeth Can Improve Your Wellbeing In an affluent society like Singapore where basic needs are taken care of and the emphasis on physical appearance is evident, there has been a noticeable increase in cosmetic dental treatments over the[...]

Water – Alkaline, Mineral, Purified & Spring


Have you ever wondered why water can taste so differently sometimes?

When it comes to drinking water, there can be just so many choices. Not known to many, different types of water contain different nutritional benefits. Water can be healthy too, we tell you more. Alkaline Water The correct acid-alkaline balance[...]

Collagen Products


Collagen A Day Keeps The Sagging Away

Collagen has been making its rounds in beauty circles. We take a look at popular collagen products around town. Sheep, goats, cows, pigs and… women, they’ve got it. Collagen, that’s what. Formulated from a mish-mash of organs and fibrous tissues[...]

The 7 Deadly Aunty Behaviours


“Excuse me, aunty?”

You are taken aback when someone addresses you aunty. Here, we share with you 7 aunty behaviours to watch out for. Extra sags and flaps, unkempt locks, pasty complexions and frumpy wardrobes are the few distinctive traits most women sport[...]

A Mother’s Love


    When I meet people and they tell me, “Elisabetta, you are so strong, you have so much energy!” I smile to myself when I hear that. I am not that strong, or at least, I am not arrogant[...]

Huang Biren – Mama Mia!

edited 2 BiRen_00136 copy

“I’ve become more patient, more mature since I became a mom.”

Biren called me some time close to noon, we had agreed on a phone interview. On my end of the line, I hear a child cooing. I imagine her daughter tugging at her skirt while she places the phone to[...]

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