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Archive for: October, 2011

Boob Jobs


Big, Bigger, Biggest

Confidence is everything to looking good and feeling great. How then, does a girl achieve confidence strong enough to even taunt a lion in the midst of his pride? Having a pretty face may help. A positive state of mind[...]

For The Mothers-To-Be


Pregnancy; an exciting and rewarding experience for any woman.

Pre-pregnancy preparation is essential in the journey of pregnancy. You should start at least 3 months before you conceive. Being well prepared would optimise your chance of a smooth pregnancy and healthy baby. It prepares your body, both physically and[...]

See-ing Into The World Of Ophthalmology – Interview with Dr Jovina See


Our eyes are light to our souls, Dr. Jovina See tells us more

Unlike her peers, Dr. Jovina See had always known what she wanted to be when she grew up. “I wanted to be an eye doctor! As a child, I had always been fascinated by doctors. I often accompanied my mother[...]

Docs, Mind your Bedside Manner


Understanding the psychology of the patient

This could very well be an apocryphal tale, but I have a suspicion it is more true than false. When Mrs Lim, a 79-year old lady, first noticed a lump in her left breast in 2006, she went alone to[...]

Let’s Get Intimate – Women and Breast Health


What every woman should know about her breast

Breast cancer is a global health issue and a leading cause of death among women. Its incidence in Asia is rapidly rising with Singapore having one of the highest at 54.9 per 100,000 per year by 2002. To encourage more women[...]

150 Minutes to Health


Holistic and achievable fitness for busy Singaporeans

I’m busy.” We’re all guilty of abusing this phrase so much so that it almost feels like we have unknowingly yet unanimously agreed it’s the most reasonable of all excuses. Somehow, it appeases our guilt for not exercising regularly because,[...]

Battling Invasive Pneumococcal Disease


A mother shares her experience when her 3-year-old was diagnosed with Invasive Pneumococcal Disease (IPD)

Jaron Chor, 3 years old, started experiencing cough and cold symptoms in early January. On 17 January, Jaron’s grandmother, who was his caregiver during the day, alerted Doreen about his deteriorating condition. Doreen said, “At first I thought it was[...]

Wong Li Lin – I Grew Up In A Kampong And Squatter District


Li Lin waltzes her way through life

Wong Li Lin’s life is very much a fairytale story. Well, almost. Daughter to a Malaysian rubber tapper, life wasn’t always about being in the spotlight. “We grew up in a kampong in Kembangan. I spent an inordinate amount of[...]

Staying Abreast with Pilates


Pilates after Breast Cancer

Breast cancer used to be a scary death sentence for most, its prognosis now is much better, with higher cure and survival rates, thanks to early detection, coupled with advanced medical treatment modalities available. Breast cancer is the most common[...]

Lacy, padded with a touch of pink ribbon

Who says mastectomy bras can’t be fun, flirty and sexy?-By Maripet L. Poso From finding out you have it, to acceptance and treatments – to say that dealing with breast cancer is difficult is an understatement. After surgery, it’s hard[...]

I Am a Survivor!

I Am a Survivor!

Overcoming breast cancer, Ann tells it all

Having led a healthy and active lifestyle, Ann Tan was devastated when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. Away from her family in Malaysia, Ann admits her 2-year battle against cancer had been a tough and lonely one.[...]

“Not Tonight, I Have a Headache”

Wellness Article

Women who have low sexual desire

Man blames wife for lack of sex. Wife complains about lack of emotional intimacy from husband. Sounds like a cliché? It is very real. The reality is that there is often (not always) a sexual desire discrepancy between the male[...]

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