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Archive for: December, 2011

Binge Drinking


Live it up without drinking up

Many of us probably hit the clubs every weekend or fortnight to chill out with our best buds. After rounds of stiff drinks, grooving on the dance floor, the booze keeps piling up, everyone gets rowdier, and the night usually[...]

Heaven Scent

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Eight tips to benefit from the lovely aromas and natural healing of essential oils

It’s hardly surprising that stress levels are at an all-time high today, especially if you’re juggling multiple responsibilities and mounting demands at work and home. But did you know that free radicals from stress can accelerate ageing and the onset[...]

Botanical Supplements


Do botanical supplements work and are they safe?

Despite the many centuries tradition of botanical supplements use in Asia and evidence that usage is increasing globally, scientific evaluation of the impact of these dietary supplements on human health is still in the early stages. Self-directed use is the[...]

Fun things to keep your kids active during the holidays

The kids are on school holiday break. You’re excited to have them around the house all day long. You play with them, go shopping together, serve their favourite meals, then suddenly, a week has passed and you notice they’re becoming[...]

Abs-solutely perfect


Ways to improve abs fitness

What should we do to improve our abs fitness? Do more of it eight hours a day? Probably NOT! Working on those abs Do the basic crunches, leg raises, reverse crunches and other abdominal exercises. Doing these exercises have benefits,[...]

Brush Up


Dental history in a flash

Ever since you can remember, you have been religiously brushing your teeth and cleaning your mouth with these dental tools. In the morning these are the first things you use and the last at night – brushing, flossing, gargling and[...]

Mane Attraction


Who’s up for an ultimate tress makeover?

Our hair isn’t called our crowning glory for nothing – it shapes, brightens, frames and spiffs up our face. The good thing about it is, just like our wardrobe, we have a complete control over our hair. And a little[...]

A Woman’s Special Moment


Survey reveals common and significant milestones in a woman’s life

As the year ends, it’s great to know that Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (JJVC) cared enough to find out what experiences in a woman’s life are considered special and how prepared these Singaporean women are for these significant moments.[...]

Organ Donation


Giving at its altruistic sense

Just three months ago, Singapore was touched deeply by the story of Daniel Jacob, a three-year old boy who became the country’s youngest organ donor. Daniel died weeks after a swimming accident, which left him brain-dead. In the midst of[...]

It’s the Thought That Counts


History of gift giving

These are common sights during the holidays – people scurrying off for last-minute gift shopping, long queue at the gift-wrapping section, and finally, colourful gifts beneath the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Then before you know it, it’s the day[...]

What They Want for Christmas


Provide a deeper meaning to ‘gift giving’

As the holiday season draws near, we already have our eyes set on the things we want for Christmas. For most of us, it’s easy to wish for one with an apple logo, a much-desired vacation, or something sparkly. We[...]

Fish Leong – “Fabulous Fish” Asia’s Queen of Ballads


Asia’s Queen of Ballads on feeling fabulous with her successful career and great looks

Fish Leong, dubbed Asia’s Queen of Ballads, looks picture perfect these days. For one, Fish has been happily married to Taiwanese businessman Tony Chao since early 2010 in a romantic beach wedding at the breath-taking island of Boracay, Philippines. Their[...]

“What do you want for Christmas and why?”


I would wish to receive an iPad 2 for Christmas because having this gadget will somehow make a difference in my day to day life as well as increase my productivity towards getting things done. Merry Christmas, Ezyhealth! Mr Royston[...]

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