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Archive for: February, 2012

Cancer warrior – Interview with Dr Ang Peng Tiam


Get to know the man behind Singapore’s first ever oncology department

At a time when becoming a cardiologist was all the rave for aspiring doctors in Singapore, Dr Ang Peng Tiam has decided his calling was to help conquer cancer. And he was right. Decades later, he still finds satisfaction in[...]

Stay Fit in the Workplace


Tips to keep healthy and alert while in the office

Singaporeans are widely recognised for working long hours. According to The Conference Board, the average worker clocked 2,307 hours in 2009 (or 44 hours per week on average), which makes Singaporeans among the longest working globally. In this environment, maintaining[...]

Workout like a Celebrity


A little inspiration to help you stick to your fitness resolution

Admit it, the number one New Year resolution on your list is to get fit… which was same as last year’s and the years before. Well, you are not alone. To lose weight is the number one must-do on most[...]

Hair That’s High and Dry

images (2)

Key tips to banish dry and damaged tresses for good

Women are impeded by many misconceptions about this universal hair woe. They think that dry and damaged hair are essentially the same thing, and adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to hair care, splashing out on costly products and salon treatments that[...]

Freezing Cancer Cryosurgery


Giving hope to cancer patients

As I was writing this article, it had been exactly three days since the cremation of my aunt, whom we lost from cancer. Her death on Christmas day brought both grief and relief to the whole family. Grief because we[...]

Understanding Hair Loss


When thin is not in

Unllike our waistline, the TV, or pizza crust, our hair is one of the things we don’t want to see getting thin. Each person typically has around 100,000 to 150,000 hairs on their head. The normal cycle of hair growth[...]

The Pill


Separating myths from facts

It’s the love month once again! And amidst the exchange of kisses and flowers and chocolates on every Valentine’s Day for the last 50 years, there’s a tiny pill that has been a silent witness to all these – the[...]

Healthy Valentine


Six healthy ways to spend Valentine’s day

Ever since we can remember, women have been programmed to expect to receive something romantic from men on Valentine’s Day, be it flowers, chocolates, jewelry or dinner dates. Consumerism doesn’t help one bit, making women think that the bigger the[...]

Older Men, Less Sex – Survey


Singaporean men 45 and older have less sex By Maripet L. Poso One in every 10 middle-aged men in Singapore does not have sex at all. For every 10 who actually get some, one is not happy with it. And[...]

Zhang Tingjun – The Chain Reaction Project


Channeling passion for adventure and charity into creating social change, four women help the needy, one gruelling project at a time

Just like some other major turning points in women’s lives, the idea of The Chain Reaction Project (TCRP) – a unique, Singapore-based, non-profit organisation committed to helping the less fortunate – started over a few cups of coffee with friends.[...]

What is your most memorable romantic date?


I have been married for years, and my hubby is a kind of guy who is not romantic and does not know how to sweet talk. My most memorable romantic date happened about eight years ago. It was my birthday.[...]

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