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Archive for: April, 2012

Elizabeth Lazan – Elizabethan Journey


From Down Under to the Big Apple, Elizabeth Lazan Stays as Singaporean as her favourite Char Kway Teow

Elizabeth Tan has come a long way from a doe-eyed seven-year-old girl doing ballet recitals at the Singapore Dance Theater or monologues with the Act 3 Theater Company. Aside from being a household name in prime-time TV, Elizabeth also became[...]

Pilates for Dummies


Introduction to Pilates

Holding on to straps and trying to squeeze a ring in between my knees, while lifting my back off the floor and working my abdominal muscles, I was hissing and sweating and wondering why on earth I agreed to be[...]

Organic Foods

Where can you get Organic Food in Singapore?

Like it or not, a very sizable amount of research and studies point to the fact that good food – the best food – is organically grown! Aside from being minimally processed and pesticide-free, organic food is guaranteed to be[...]


Experts Shed Light on Glaucoma

Picture this. At the back of our eyes, there are millions of retinal nerve fibers bundled together – called the optic nerve – that carry impulses from the retina in the eye to the brain. These impulses are then interpreted[...]

Tips to Fight Skin Ageing


The Dos and Don’ts of Taking Care of Your Skin

Getting old is inevitable. But some people get more wrinkles sooner than others. Experts believe that wrinkles are due to genes (10 percent), lifestyle and the environment (90 percent). If this were true, then you have no one to blame[...]

The Business of Aesthetics – Interview with Dr Elias Tam


Dr Elias Tam Shares the Beauty of his Profession

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”- Confucius. Dr Elias Tam, one of Singapore’s pioneers in aesthetic practice, must have taken Confucius’ saying to heart by the way he works and[...]

When Eating Ice Cream Hurts!

Sensitive Teeth

Taking care of hyper-sensitive teeth

 Does your tooth become painful when you drink a cold or hot beverage? Or when you eat a sour or sweet food? Does touching it directly or an air blast at the dentist cause you pain? If you answered “yes”[...]

A Sticky Situation


Handle that Cough with Phlegm

You haven’t experienced being totally embarrassed until you have coughed suddenly, with phlegm, in front of many people, in the middle of a quiet room, and with no exit near you. Coughing is our body’s natural way to keep our[...]

Get to the Foot of the Matter


Deal with your Cracked Heels and Dry Feet Now!

You see a beautiful lady walk past you towards the escalator at the MRT station. You admire her impeccable dress and chic hairstyle. You remind yourself to try out the hair colour on you the next time you visit a[...]

Insulin Resistance


Resistance Not Futile

Our body uses sugar as fuel, and insulin is the hormone that brings sugar and fat from the blood into the cells, or the smallest units of function, in our body. If our body is a car, and sugar and[...]

Making the Healthful Choice


Be Healthy and Earth-friendly the Organic Vegan Way!

While we are having more advanced medical technologies these days, deadly diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer are also on the rise, even among our younger generations. Inevitably, our medical costs follow. Studies have shown that vegans have much[...]

Go Organic


The health benefits of going organic

There is an increasing popularity and demand for organic food in many parts of the world.  Looking one step beyond eating healthy is the question of food safety, nutrition, and sustainability. How foods are grown or raised can impact both[...]

Back to Basics


Five ways to go organic

From the food we eat, to the clothes we wear and the products we use on our body, the demand to go organic seems to be on the rise these days. Organic foods and products are produced and manufactured without[...]

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