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A Lifetime of Limelight

Hong Hui Fang lets us in on how to leave a lasting impression

edited Hong Hui Fang01Hong Hui Fang has long been a familiar face on television. The talented thespian has serious staying power, with an acting career spanning three decades – truly, a lifetime in the limelight – and tons of roles under her (enviably tight) belt. She has portrayed characters in everything from historical dramas (Samsui Women, The Price of Peace) to dramedies (Housewives’ Holiday) and romance (Love at Risk), garnering numerous awards along the way.

So how has Hui Fang managed to capture the hearts and minds of her fans for so long? One key to her longevity is simple – confidence. The confidence that comes from experience, maturity, capability… and knowing exactly what you can do.

That’s why constant self-improvement is so important, explains Hui Fang. The actress, who celebrated her 54th birthday earlier this year, still enjoys trying out new things. With such a fresh perspective, Hui Fang can certainly teach us a thing or two about ageing well.

Ezyhealth:  We hear you like to bellydance. What motivated you to take up this activity?

Hui Fang: It just so happened that my work schedule was not too heavy that year, so I decided it was a good opportunity to spend some time ‘enriching’ myself. Bellydancing was something I’d been interested in learning all along. Besides being a great new skill, bellydancing is good exercise and helps keep my tummy toned. Isn’t that fantastic?

Ezyhealth: How do you stay in shape these days?

Hui Fang: I keep a balanced diet and make sure to exercise regularly.

Ezyhealth: As a mother, how do you instil healthy habits in your children as they grow up, and ensure they have good diets?

Hui Fang: I cook for my family whenever I have the time. That way, I know my kids are definitely getting a balanced diet!

Ezyhealth: Women’s health tends to decline with age, for example, bones get weaker. Do you take any supplements or special foods for your health?

Hui Fang: Aside from having a balanced diet, I take nutritional supplements such as calcium, multivitamins and anti-oxidant foods.

Ezyhealth: You made a brave decision to show the world your natural white hair at the Star Awards 2014. What made you decide to reveal your hair colour?

Hui Fang: I don’t know if it was brave or not. I just thought that after so many years of acting and playing different characters, it would be good to show everyone the real me. Also, at least this way when my fans spot me out and about, they won’t get a shock seeing my hair, haha!

Ezyhealth: What’s your secret to ageing gracefully?

Hui Fang: Everyone grows old. I think as the television audience watched me ‘grow up’ over the years, it’s like seeing a family member get older. It’s a natural process. The best way to age well is really to stay healthy and happy along your journey.

Ezyhealth: How can older women be attractive to their partners?

Hui Fang: It’s good to pick up new skills and improve yourself from time to time. Knowing how to do many things gives you confidence, and a confident woman is an attractive woman. As the Chinese saying goes, “you can step into the kitchen, step into the hall” – a capable woman is mistress of the kitchen as well as the living room! Such a woman, no matter what her age, would capture the attention of others, and people would naturally want to be around you.

Ezyhealth: You’ve been married for 20 years! How do you keep the romance alive in your relationship?

Hui Fang: In addition to good and frequent communication, it really helps to establish a common hobby, interest, circle of friends and so on. For us women, we need to know the right time to “behave like a woman” for the sake of our men. We don’t have to take on everything ourselves. It’s okay to let your man take care of what he considers a man’s job – let your man “be a man”! In this environment, romance just grows naturally.

Ezyhealth: So where will we see you next? What new projects are you taking on?

Hui Fang: I just finished filming for the new Chinese drama series Good Luck, and will soon be starting on another series, Super Senior, so look out for me in 2015!

Wise Words

Do you think you are sexy and whyedited Hong Huifang06?

Haha, I’m not answering that! You’ll have to ask my husband (local actor Zheng Ge Ping). I’d really like to know how he replies!

What is the best advice (about anything) you have ever received?

“The more positive energy you surround yourself with, the more positive energy will naturally follow you.”

Complete this sentence: “Older is better because…”

Your life is rich in experiences. Also, you know how awful it is to lose your health, so you appreciate your body more. Just being alive and happy is something to be thankful for.

Hong Hui Fang is an artiste with MediaCorp.

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