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A Woman’s Special Moment

Survey reveals common and significant milestones in a woman’s life

As the year ends, it’s great to know that Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (JJVC) cared enough to find out what experiences in a woman’s life are considered special and how prepared these Singaporean women are for these significant moments.

In a recent Singapore commissioned poll (conducted on 189 females between ages 20 to 39) via online and street interviews, the respondents were asked about different significant moments that they’ve experienced in their lives. These moments were categorised into three segments – career, personal achievements, and social – the common and significant milestones that women face in their lives.

Interestingly, a large proportion of women felt that they could have improved various aspects – including confidence and people skills – in these special moments. Another common finding was that majority of the respondents felt that using their eyes to communicate played an important role in their important moments.

Women’s  ‘SPECIAL MOMENT’ factsheet Career

•   Job progression (39.2%) and first job (38.1%) were the most significant moments for more than one in three of women polled.

•  45% of respondents felt that their confidence and professionalism could

   be improved.

•   48.1% of women compromised sleep and 30.7% of them compromised relationships with friends and family for their career moments.

Personal achievement

•    Almost half of the respondents (49.7%) singled out graduation as one of their most important moments, and 34.9% felt that attaining financial independence was of significance in their lives.

•     Confidence level was what 48.1% of women thought could be improved during the preparation for their personal achievement moments.

• 43.4% of women compromised sleep and 31.7% of them compromised health for their personal achievement moments.


• 43.9% and 40.7% of women polled listed milestone birthday parties (21st and 30th birthdays) and first date as their most important and memorable special moments.

• 47.6% of women indicated that they could have improved their people’s skills for their pivotal social moments

•  39.2% of women compromised sleep and 29.1% (55) of them compromised comfort for their social moments. If given a chance, more than half of the respondents would like to be assisted in preparing for their next special moments:

•    35.4% of women would like a life coach’s help for their significant career moments

•  31.7% of women would like a life coach’s help for their significant personal achievement moments

• 57.7% of women would like to use products that could enhance their beauty for their significant social moments

What women want for their special moments

•      More than half of the women sought help from their friends and family while preparing for their special moments.

•   Almost two-thirds of respondents agree that more preparations could be made for their past special moments.

•      Eyes are the windows to your soul, and 78.8% of respondents felt that using their eyes to communicate plays an important part for their special moments.

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (JJVC) Singapore, makers of 1•DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™, commissioned the results of this poll, which was conducted on 189 females between ages 20 to 39, via online and street interviews.

By Sandra Generosa L Hernandez
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