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Anti-ageing Allies

From zapping wrinkles to promoting cardiovascular health, these anti-ageing
supplements help retard ageing.

According to award-winning actress and fi tness guru Jane Fonda, “Now more than ever, you are what you eat.” At 73, Fonda is still as glamorous as ever and still advising people on fi tness and healthy living. Every day, we all try to strive to keep a balanced diet, lead a stress-free lifestyle, maintain a regular exercise regimen and get enough rest. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time and resources to do all these. And even if we do, sometimes, they’re not suffi cient to arrest the effects of old age. Although anti-ageing supplements may not be a guaranteed answer to our ageing woes, they have been found to have helped in slowing down ageing process. Whether promising to help zap wrinkles, promote cardiovascular health, or regenerate cells, these anti-ageing supplements can be our allies in our fi ght against ageing.


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