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Are you a self-control guru?

What your food habits say about you

Asian girl choose salad over crispsDo you feel an urge to munch on something whenever you sit down to unwind in front of the TV? Does stress send you into an insatiable frenzy for a chocolate bar? Can you choose a salad over fried chicken? Find out how much self-control you have over your eating habits!

  1. What are the drinks and snacks that typically sit on your desk at work?
    • A bottle of water, no snacks, but I keep a jar of baked almonds or a muesli bar in my drawer if I feel peckish or miss breakfast.
    • I drink water from the water cooler whenever I feel thirsty.
    • Water/a soft or caffeinated drink (for an afternoon pick-me-up) and yummy butter cookies that the cleaning aunty kindly brought for everyone.
    • No space for those chocolate bars and packets of crisps on the desk! They’re stashed away in my emergency rations drawer.
  1. iStock_000016141933_MediumYou’re at a buffet. How do you help yourself to the food?
    • Finish a hearty serving of salad before moving on to the hot foods. I’m usually done in two rounds – I don’t have much room left for dessert.
    • Order á la carte. Buffets aren’t my thing.
    • Try to make space for everything! My plate usually ends up looking like a sloppy Leaning Tower of Pisa.
    • The kiasu Singaporean in me is ignited! I create my own mini buffet by taking platefuls of every single item. Better take more of my favourite dishes before others do!
  1. Your boss unexpectedly assigns you not one, but two major work assignments on top of your already heavy workload. How do you react?
    • Groan inwardly and grouse about the news to a trustworthy colleague.
    • Groan inwardly and get down to work.
    • Stomp out for a second tea break. You’re gonna need more coffee – and maybe a few slices of kaya and butter toast – to fuel up for the long night ahead. A chocolate bar for good measure wouldn’t hurt either.
    • Ransack the pantry. There’s bound to be something in there… oh wait, there’s my emergency stash of snacks too. Life is hard, why suffer more by not indulging?
  1. Fresh salad with flying vegetables ingredientsYou’ve resolved to shed a few pounds. Your friends suggest the latest Korean fried chicken joint for dinner. How do you respond?
    • Say you’re on a diet, and suggest a place with a variety of food choices so you can have a healthier meal.
    • Tell them flatly you’re on a diet, and that you’d rather not meet them at all.
    • Tell yourself “There’s always tomorrow!” and gleefully go along.
    • Call the restaurant to order the biggest platter in advance so you don’t have to wait. Come on, it’s fried chicken!
  1. What comes to mind when you think of a snack?
    • Plenty! So many good food choices, like blueberries, dark chocolate, baked nuts, and granola. Sometimes, I feel naughty and indulge in my favourite potato crisps.
    • Snacks are for the weak. I thrive on a strict three-meal regime, no more, no less.
    • Anything that is salty or sweet, depending on my mood. Why not have the best of both worlds?
    • Why think about it when you can actually have it? I’m ahead of you on this one, dude. Remember my emergency stash?

Now score yourself!

a – 4 points

b – 3 points

c – 2  points

d – 1 point

If you scored…

16 – 20 points:

Congratulations, you’ve got this self-control act down pat! While you’re good at managing your food cravings, you know when to indulge and let loose too. Food is your friend: you make mostly healthy choices because you know what’s good for your body.

10 – 15 points:

Aren’t you the guru! Your impeccable ability to control your urges (if you have any at all) is great, but it’s ok to lighten up at times. If snacking isn’t your thing, make sure you’re eating enough at mealtimes, and that your meals are well-balanced. Opt to have small meals throughout the day so your blood sugar doesn’t dip too drastically, or have low GI snacks like almonds, bananas or wholemeal biscuits.

5 – 9 points:

Ah, this probably describes most of us; we use food to satiate our emotions. It wouldn’t hurt to practice some restraint – and discernment – in your food choices. Learn to feed your body what it needs when it needs it, not what it craves as and when. Don’t keep unhealthy snacks within easy reach. Don’t pile food on your plate, because you’ll probably end up eating more than you should. To cope with stress without resorting to eating, drink up! Water keeps you hydrated and your cortisol levels in check (cortisol is the hormone responsible for feelings of stress). You’ll be less hungry too.

by Sylvy Soh
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