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Asian vs Western Detox

Asian vs Western Detox

East Meets West

Most of us can attest that detoxification is an essential way to keeping our bodies free of dietary toxins and potentially harmful substances such as alcohol and tobacco, thus keeping us healthier and trimmer.

By Cheryl Koh
Studies have shown that detoxification at least once a year is beneficial to health. The following are common types of Asian and Western detoxification methods that one should know about.
Asian Detox
Acupuncture, targets pressure points on the body with the manipulation of needles in the body with the aim of helping the body relax and detoxify.
Cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment that works similarly to acupuncture. With the use of a suction device to remove air from glass cups, these glass cups are placed on to pressure points on the skin to increase circulation. Bruising is believed to occur when toxins are pulled out of the body.
Herbal wraps are the latest Asian detox methods found in beauty salons. During herbal wrap sessions, the patient is ‘wrapped’ in plastic sheets spread with herbs and ingredients that are meant to draw toxins out of the body. Such wraps help reduce blemishes and leave skin soft and glowing.
Massage is believed to improve circulation and flush toxins from body tissues and lymph nodes are other forms of Asian detox methods. Thai massages and foot reflexologies are popular choices for detox.
Scraping, also known as “Gua Sha” is another traditional Chinese method of detoxification. Oil is first spread over an area of the body. A practitioner uses a rounded tool, such as a spoon, to scrape the skin till it bruises. The colour of the bruise indicates the level of toxins in the body.
Tea is known as one of the simplest, best forms of Asian detox. The right formula can help rid our kidneys, blood, lungs and other body organs of toxic waste accumulated from the pollutants we breathe in, from the food and drink we consume. Tea is also known for its numerous health benefits that fight diseases such as cancer and heart attack.
Wellness ArticleWestern Detox
Aromatherapy has been very welcomed in the United States in the recent years. Inhaling specific aromas are said to eliminate the body’s toxins. In some occasions, aromatherapy oils are added to baths – many believe that toxins are drained from the body once water and scents enter the body.
Body scrubs formulated with various ingredients such as ground coffee, eucalyptus leaves and fruits are used to exfoliate and stimulate cell growth while removing old skin cells.
Healthy diets of whole meal, juices and raw vegetables are one of the most encouraged and effective detoxification methods. It is advised that one abstains from sugar, caffeine, dairy, wheat, carbohydrates, and drink more than eight glasses of water per day.
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