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Ezyhealth Holdings Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s pioneer and most respected companies in the healthcare industry. Its major interests include managed healthcare, health events organising, aesthetic training for medical professionals and publishing of health magazines and books. Our managed healthcare business is the largest independent company of its kind in Singapore. It oversees the delivery of health services to over 100,000 members who belong to about 1,000 corporations – a good number of which are included in the list of Top 100 Corporations in Singapore. They are enrolled in a healthcare plan where they have access to over 260 clinics islandwide. Ezyhealth negotiates with medical providers on fees concession and visit analysis. At Ezyhealth, we also believe in information dissemination to the public on health matters. We believe that the best way to reach out to the public is through health events. Our events specialists are experts who are highly capable of ensuring that your information gets through to the right audience in the most appropriate venue and occasion. Training and development promotes regular honing of skills and knowledge. Ezyhealth promotes this to the medical aesthetic community by delivering the latest aesthetic trends and discovery to the doctors through regular training conducted within the region. Ezyhealth also publishes two monthly health magazines: Ezyhealth & Beauty and Medical Grapevine. Ezyhealth & Beauty is Singapore’s premier and longest running health and beauty magazine that is read by about 300,000 readers monthly. Medical Grapevine is circulated to all general practitioners and specialists in Singapore and is highly regarded among Singapore’s medical professionals. With six business subsidiaries dealing mainly in health, Ezyhealth provides trusted healthcare and timely medical information dissemination to the medical community not just in Singapore but also in the region. Our Awards and Accolades The Golden Web Awards, 2001-2002, 2003-2004 Healing, Editor’s choice Best of Asia Pacific – Year 2k

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50Plus EXPO 2015

Singapore expo


Arti-Sport® (+ Multivitamins)



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Green Capsule


Green Capsule


Repetitive Strain Injury


Prevention is Better Than The Cure

A 2008 study showed that 68% of UK workers suffered from some sort of Repetitive strain injuries (RSI), with the most common problem areas being the back, shoulders, wrists, and hands. A study in Canada (2000) revealed 2.3 million Canadians[...]

Mighty Omegas


Understand the difference between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and you’ll be reaping the bountiful health benefits

You’ve read about omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids all too often but how do you make yourself a discerning health consumer? These two critical supplements are polyunsaturated fatty acids and are called essential fatty acids because they can’t be produced[...]

Losing Breath – COPD


Two experts shed light on what may be the world’s third biggest killer disease by 2030

Ezyhealth [EH]: How can you explain COPD to a layman? Dr Tan Tze Lee [TTL]: If we have a piece of meat and we put it into an oven full of smoke, if you leave it in there long enough[...]

Jeanette Aw – Defining Moments


The values, habits and passions of Jeanette Aw

Clad in a chic LBD (little black dress) and low-cut ankle boots, and wearing very minimal makeup, Jeanette Aw looked refreshed and cheerful in front of the press one sunny afternoon, as if she had just came from a two-week[...]

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