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Fabulous Festive Fare

broccoli salad

Sugar substitutes for a super celebration

Ready to whip up a feast for your family and friends this festive season, but worried about piling on the pounds? These yummy recipes keep the calories low by swapping sugar with artificial sweeteners. Thai-Style Broccoli Salad (Serves 8) Ingredients[...]

Moving Forward!

Young woman eating a healthy salad

Is it time for a lifestyle change?

Before we usher in the new year, now’s a good time to take stock, reflect on the past and decide how 2015 can be better. To get started, choose the options below (you can pick more than one) that best describe[...]

Sizing Up “Superfoods”


The truth behind the hype

In recent years, we’ve been bombarded with fantastic foods, the likes of buffaloberries, chia seeds, kale, quinoa, agave… and the list goes on. They might be exotic and packed with “super claims”, but do we really need to eat berries[...]

Fab Fats

olive oil in water

Making a healthier choice is “oil” you need to do

Yeah, you read it right – fats are very important to us! The healthy, unsaturated fats serve as our energy store, cushion for vital organs and a transport system for fat-soluble vitamins. In an effort to promote healthier fare at[...]

Swell Smells


The essentials of aromatherapy

These days, we are so outwardly focused, what with our digital devices and multitudes of social platforms to “connect” with everyone else on top of carrying out our normal duties as a spouse, a parent, a child, a sibling and[...]

Yay for Yoga!


Find out why everyone is joining the “pose posse”

In the search for fitness, health, wellness and happiness, many people have come to yoga. Yoga’s popularity is evident in the burgeoning yoga studios, classes and trainings available at almost every corner of the world. Those who embark on a[...]

Weight Woes

Woman stepping on scale

Waging war on your waistline

All I want for Christmas is… a visible waistline! The struggle to lose weight gets harder as one gets older, busier and more stressed out – and the abundance of good food at Christmas-time surely doesn’t help. We turn to[...]

Medical Services at the Mall

Guardian Health & Beauty and Parkway Shenton have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in a joint endeavour that paves the way for a new era of collaborations between retail pharmacists and the private medical sector. This first-of-its-kind medical service[...]

New Medical Centre at Mount Alvernia

Mount Alvernia Hospital Medical Centre D (landscape)

The new Medical Centre D at Mount Alvernia Hospital (MAH) was officially opened on 20 October 2014. The new eight-storey building will house over 50 medical suites, covering a wide range of specialties like cardiology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, paediatrics, neurology, obstetrics[...]

New Option in Asthma Management

flutiform®, a new combination therapy for the maintenance treatment of asthma, has been launched in Singapore by Mundipharma. Combining for the first time two effective asthma medications – fluticasone and formoterol – in a single, portable aerosol inhaler, flutiform® provides[...]

My Doctor, My Friend


Dr Ang Peng Tiam fights cancer with hope and laughter

Everyone loves a good story, and Dr Ang Peng Tiam has a lifetime of great ones. In his childhood days, his family spent lots of time talking together after dinner, and his parents often shared their life experiences. “I must have[...]

Bright and Beautiful

In tropical countries like Singapore, it doesn’t take that much time outdoors before the effects of the sun can be seen on one’s skin. Fortunately, hyperpigmentation can be corrected with the right treatment. So if you’re feeling down over your[...]

Micro Fat Grafting


“Redeploying” fats for a fuller face

Ageing is a fact of life, but looking one’s age is not. The holy grail of plastic surgery is always to reverse the ravages of ageing and to bring the patient back to his or her previous youthful glory. As[...]

Crowning Touch


An absolutely cap-ital advancement in dentistry

Digital technology has brought numerous benefits in efficiency, reliability and convenience in every aspect of our life. Dentistry has not been left out in this technological revolution. Cap It Off In dentistry, crowns are dental restorations that completely cover or[...]

Night Blindness


Are you in the dark?

Mdm Minah had been healthy and independent all her life until her fifties, when she noticed she had difficulty seeing at night. “I used to go out at night to buy supper for my boys who would come home hungry[...]

Vacation Vaccination

young people using a map to look for local landmark

Don’t kick the bucket while fulfilling your bucket list

The increased availability of cheaper air travel and the mobility of population from one continent to another have made tourism a risk factor of exposure to unfamiliar diseases. Tourists are exposed to diseases to which they have little or no[...]

Alcoholism and Liver Cirrhosis

Man drinking bottle of beer

The price of overindulgence?

A Look at the Numbers Drinking 30–60g/day results in cirrhosis in 1% of patients Risk of cirrhosis increases to 5.7% with 120g of alcohol/day 1 can beer contains 15g alcohol = 1 glass red/white wine = 1 shot hard liquor[...]

What’s Eating You?

Two women having quarrel

Recognise the signs of eating disorders

Are you suffering from OSFED? What is that, you might ask. Is it a Mexican dish, or an abbreviation for a new federal bank? No, absolutely not! In fact, it is a serious, life-threatening illness and stands for Other Specified[...]

Medications for High Cholesterol


What are your options?

There are several medications used in the treatment of high cholesterol (otherwise known as dyslipidemia). As the low density lipoprotein (LDL) or “bad cholesterol” is the main target of treatment, most of these drugs act primarily to reduce the LDL.[...]

I’m Going So Often!


Help for the overactive bladder

Overactive bladder is a condition where patients experience urgent sensation in passing urine, frequent urination, and may leak urine before they are able to reach the bathroom. These symptoms may appear singly or in combination, in the absence of identifiable[...]

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