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Sports & Fitness Asia 2015

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Some Like It Hot

Egg salad sandwich

Spice up your diet with these tasty fat-burners

Hot news! Chillies, hot peppers, curry powder and other spicy delights are among some of the best foods that fight fat. Capsaicin, a key chemical in chillies and chilli-based spices, stimulates fat-burning in the body. Spicy foods may also help[...]

Are you a self-control guru?

Asian girl choose salad over crisps

What your food habits say about you

Do you feel an urge to munch on something whenever you sit down to unwind in front of the TV? Does stress send you into an insatiable frenzy for a chocolate bar? Can you choose a salad over fried chicken?[...]

The Skinny on Weight Loss Products

Woman measuring shape of beautiful waist with smile

Big boon or fat hope?

Does the answer to losing weight really lie in popping a pill or two? Will those unwanted inches melt off our waistlines instantly without dieting and exercise? Here are some facts you need to know about weight loss medicine and[...]

Do I Need to Take Supplements?

pills in hands

We sum up supplements for you

In our busy, hectic lives, it is common practice and even fashionable to pop a few supplements to ‘upkeep’ our health. But how do you know what supplements you need, or whether you even need them? Here are some facts[...]

4 Fat-Reducing Methods

Beautiful woman with petals  on her hips

Fight fats on four fronts

Consumers are often spoilt for choice when it comes to treatments that guarantee them to lose an inch or two. Treatments can range from using ultrasound, radio frequency or even the latest craze on freezing fats. Here are four fat-reducing[...]

Put Bad Sleep Habits to Bed

Credit: The Pillow Police

Sleep is essential for children’s cognitive and behavioural development. A whopping 37% of lower primary school children feel sleepy during the day – a sign of sleep deprivation, yet 89% of parents don’t think their child has a sleep problem.[...]

New Centre for Vascular Diseases Open

Photo 1

Sincere Healthcare Group has added a new centre to its network in Singapore. With the opening of the Vascular and Interventional Centre at Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre (#07-38) in March 2015, the range of conditions Sincere Healthcare Group now[...]

First-in-Human Trial of Cancer Vaccine

Medical kit

National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) has commenced a trial for a new cancer vaccine – the first trial in the world to be administered to human patients. Led by one of NCCS’s top clinician scientists, the Phase I clinical trial[...]

Good Food or Great Figure?

woman choose  from sweet cake and red apple

You can have your cake and eat it too

  It’s hard to stick to a diet when you love to eat. And hey, skipping meals isn’t healthy, right? Here’s a secret: you don’t have to starve yourself to maintain a healthy weight – it’s not just the quantity[...]

Cutting Out Obesity


Weighing the benefits of bariatric surgery

Obesity has been a worldwide epidemic for the last few decades. This growing disease is now more prevalent among the young. Above a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 is the definition of being overweight. Further, a BMI of above[...]

Food for Thought


Dietitian Dr Lim Yen Peng dishes on nutrition and the ageing population

You are what you eat. And what you eat becomes even more important when you have a medical condition – apart from dietary restrictions you have to adhere to, getting the right nutrition can help manage your condition and even[...]

No Round Figures

Woman measuring shape of waist with smile

Manage your weight and go from flab to fab

  Whoops! After all those reunion dinners and snacking over Chinese New Year, where you were encouraged to “Eat more, eat more!”, you now boast a fuller, more ‘prosperous’ new look. If the post-feasting fat doesn’t sit well with you,[...]

Weighty Issues

I have to weigh myself

TCM solutions for obesity

Every day, advertising billboards and television bombard us with images depicting the current ‘desirable’ body shape. How can we achieve our weight loss goals, in the face of wide-spread obesity? Obesity is defined as “increased body weight caused by excessive[...]

Exploring Sexuality

fig 2

Let’s really get in touch with ourselves

I am a sexologist and people often mistakenly assume that I only work with clients on their bedroom issues – meaning only around sex being the physical act. Actually, I work with people with all manner of sexuality issues and[...]

Root Canal Treatment


A last-ditch attempt at saving your natural tooth

Your natural teeth are the biggest factor for a confident and healthy smile. They also allow you to speak and eat with ease. Chewing and swallowing food are much more comfortable when you have natural teeth. Thus, preserving your natural teeth is very[...]

Diabetes and your Eyes


When darkness descends

The Tale of Mr T Mr T walked into my office late one Friday afternoon. He had suddenly lost his vision during lunch that day. This distressed 30-year-old man explained that he was living alone in Singapore. He had arrived[...]

Cholesterol Control

Doctor with heart

How can you keep cholesterol in check?

Cholesterol is important for our body functions but could also cause problems if there are high levels in our blood. The fat that we eat gets changed by the liver into cholesterol and triglycerides. Since cholesterol is made in the[...]

Metabolism Matters

Diet concept

Lots to digest on metabolism and obesity

The causes of obesity are complex and have not been fully uncovered, despite scientific breakthroughs. The relationship between metabolism and body weight is an area of great interest as well as controversy for researchers, healthcare providers and patients alike. Here,[...]

Burning Issue


Recurrent urinary tract infections in women

Urinary tract infections (UTI) in women are a common occurrence. One in two women will experience a UTI at some point in their lives, and up to a quarter of these women may experience multiple repeated urinary infections. The majority[...]

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