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“What is the best way to keep your body in balance?”

sunrider  Sunpack

Answer our monthly question and the three best answers will each receive a box of Sunrider® SunPack® gift set worth $196.40 per set! Nourish and Balance your Body The SunPack® contains the very best in nutritional and wellness products, designed[...]

Hear, Hear!

Bring your friends and family down to Siemens’ Hearing Awareness Week 2014 and test your hearing for FREE! Also enjoy goodie bags, talks by hearing health professionals, games, performances, lucky draw and much more. Dates: 13 and 14 September 2014[...]

Public Forums Aplenty!

Liver Cancer: Am I at Risk? What Can I Do about It? Organised by: Singapore General Hospital and National Cancer Centre Singapore Date: 13 September 2014 (Saturday) Time: 9.30am to 11.50am (Mandarin session), 12.30pm to 2.50pm (English session) Venue: The[...]

Scene on Stage

One sunny morning, ten-year-old Rhona goes missing. Her mother Nancy (Karen Tan), retreats into a state of frozen hope… for the next twenty years. Also starring Janice Koh and Adrian Pang, Pangdemonium Theatre Company’s Frozen is a searing study of[...]


Neck Itching

The most common chronic skin condition

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is an inflammatory skin condition characterised by a red rash, dry skin and itching. In certain patients, there are also signs of thickened skin (lichenification), blisters, hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation and skin infections. Eczema is[...]

Yoga and Bossa Nova by the Beach


Need a chill-out session? Then this is definitely for you! The evening by the ocean starts with a yoga practice workshop that explores the essentials of Vinyasa flow and aims at tuning the mind and finding inner rhythm. Afterwards, chill[...]

Listen to your Heart


Symptoms of heart disease explained

Every day, 15 Singaporeans die from heart disease and stroke. It is crucial to seek medical help upon encountering any of the symptoms associated with heart disease. But what exactly are ‘palpitations’, and are all chest pains related to heart[...]

Night Repair Cream

Ossential Advanced Radical Night Repair

The newly improved and reformulated Ossential® Advanced Radical Night Repair is faster and more effective than ever before. Plant stem cells, along with Vitamins A, C and E provide multi-antioxidant protection to help defend against future skin ageing. The multi-vectored[...]

Wholesome Mooncakes

Mini Snow Skin Mango Paste with Preserved Mango

Indulge in an array of exquisite tastes for a sensory Mid-Autumn experience with Hua Ting’s “Asian Cuisine Chef of the Year 2014” Masterchef Lap Fai’s specially created scrumptious Millenium Mooncakes, including Milk Tea Lotus Paste with Melon Seeds, made with antioxidant-rich[...]

Aroma Diffuser


Combining traditional Chinese craftsmanship and modern technology, the Young Living Sha aroma diffuser is made of rare purple clay. The Sha diffuser comes with a built-in ioniser that generates negative ions to more effectively purify the air in your room.[...]

Anti-Ageing Formula

Ossential Growth Factor Serum Plus-PS

Ossential® Growth Factor Serum Plus offers powerful anti-ageing benefits, improving skin’s resilience, firmness and elasticity. With cellular growth factors to stimulate cellular regeneration, collagen production and synthesis of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), amino acid complex to enhance cellular renewal, strengthen the skin[...]

HPV and Cervical Cancer


Circumventing the deadly disease

A LOOK AT THE NUMBERSCervical Cancer in Singapore 10th most common cancer among women 1 case diagnosed every 2 days Causes 360 deaths a year, or 1 death every 5 days 25% of cases are diagnosed in women from 45[...]


Embarrassed naked man in underwear

Cutting to the chase

Circumcision refers to the surgical removal of the foreskin at its attachment to the base of the glans of the penis. It is perhaps the most common surgical procedure performed worldwide, with about one-third of the world’s male population being[...]

Help for Hives


When urticaria flares up

Have you ever had itchy bumps that appeared on your skin out of the blue? Were you clueless as to what caused them and how to get rid of them? You may have had a bout of urticaria, more commonly[...]

Terrific Threadlift


Facelift without the surgery

Threadlift is a minimally invasive procedure which addresses the main concerns in an ageing face. As we age, the soft tissues of the face progressively lose the elasticity and volume of youth. How many times have we looked in the[...]

Demystifying the Dental Implant

Porcelain Teeth

The dream that became a reality

Dental implants are manmade foundations that are placed into your jaw bones to replace the roots of your missing teeth. Some time ago, the idea that missing teeth could be replaced by manmade implants probably belonged in the realm of[...]

Hypertension in Seniors

Worried About High Blood Pressure

When your health comes under pressure

Hypertension, or simply high blood pressure, is a common condition that afflicts many people. The incidence rises with age and is increasingly common with an ageing population. Hypertension is diagnosed when a patient has two separate readings of blood pressure[...]

Programmed for Excellence


Urologist and robotic surgeon Dr James Tan explores innovative surgery

It’s not everyone who discovers that they are cut out to be surgeons before they even hit their teens. But that is just what Dr James Tan, urologist and robotic surgeon, did. He developed a mechanical bent at a tender[...]

GlaxoSmithKline Tackles Ebola

Virus protection

Amid the rising death toll from the Ebola crisis in West Africa, global healthcare company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) offered a ray of hope, with the announcement that its experimental Ebola vaccine is going into the clinical trial phase. Currently, GSK is[...]

Wipe out Wrinkles with Ultrasound


NeoAsia (S) Pte Ltd, local distributor of Ulthera® System, announced that Ultherapy® has recently received the latest Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for the Ultherapy® Décolletage Treatment, a non-invasive procedure that improves the lines and wrinkles on the décolletage,[...]

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