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Back with a Bang

After being away from the limelight for three years, Felicia Chin is set for a spectacular comeback!

edited WhisperCosmo-1240_zps86735dd6Spunky and outspoken, MediaCorp artiste Felicia Chin does not let people’s opinion get in the way of her pursuit of passion. Three years after leaving the entertainment industry to focus on her studies, Felicia decided it was time for her to really follow her heart, which belongs to acting.

“It feels great to be back full time,” the pretty actress enthused. “I always count my blessings for all my opportunities now and when I was back in school.” Her decision to quit school and go back to acting full time did not happen overnight. After doing her internship in Shanghai and putting a lot of thought into what she really wanted to do in life, she realised that acting is what really makes her happy. True enough, a few months after she has announced her decision to come back, projects started pouring in. “I am extremely blessed and lucky that even when I went back to study, I was still filming at least a drama per year and still very involved in this industry.”

At the launch of the new Whisper Cosmo’s range of sanitary napkins, wherein she was introduced as the brand’s ambassador, not only has Felicia marked her spectacular comeback, she has also revealed a much happier, healthier side of herself. What’s more, confidence and conviction are written all over her face!

Ezyhealth caught up with the vibrant artiste who happily indulged us with some catch-up chat.

Ezyhealth: Have you adjusted well to your new (and packed) filming schedules?

Felicia: When I came back and took up a hosting job for the variety show Are You Up For It?, I really suffered a lot at first. We had to try different activities all the time – ballet one week, lion dance next – and without stamina, it was really tough.

Ezyhealth: Let’s talk about stress and sleeplessness. How do you manage both and still be able to deliver what the role calls for?

Felicia: Sleep is definitely essential for me! I ensure that when at work and off, I’m committed to taking good care of my body and getting as much rest as I can. That includes being disciplined in sleeping as early as my work allows me to and also ensuring that my bedroom is in ideal condition with nice candles, neat and tidy, so I can rest well and wake up recharged and happy. Stress for me is always healthy as it pushes me to excel and do my best. I combat unnecessary stress with meditation and exercise. Happy hormones always keep me grounded and balanced.

Ezyhealth: When things get really tough at work, both physically and mentally, what are your go-to ways to unwind and rejuvenate?  

Felicia: I make it a point to keep in contact with close friends and family and meet up with them whenever possible. Having some alone ‘me’ time is essential to me as well. Having a personal space to ponder and keep track of my own life, I feel more rejuvenated and focused after such self-indulgence.

Ezyhealth: How did you find aerial yoga? Was this your first time doing it? Would you do it again or regularly?

Felicia: I took lessons for aerial yoga for the Whisper Cosmo launch, and I really enjoyed it. I am always looking for new sports to do. Yes, I would definitely do it again in the future.

Ezyhealth: You used to play softball in school. How does it feel playing a rugby coach in your new TV series Scrum?

Felicia: I represented Singapore in the Asian Women’s Softball Competition in Shanghai and Youth Softball competition held in India. I was the pitcher in the team and had opportunities to pitch against world class teams like China and Japan. Training was intense, at least four times a week. I also had gym sessions. I still look back and feel very honoured to have been part of our Softball National Team and held our own against world class competition.

This role brought out the inner ‘manliness’ in me, and I’m enjoying playing the character immensely. I think the audience will be in for a surprise when they see me in Scrum!

Ezyhealth: Tell us a little bit about the TV series and how you prepared for this role.

Felicia: Scrum is a rugby drama where I play the role of Huang Zhaonan, a strict and no nonsense coach whose feminine side is almost non-existent. This is the first time I play such a bossy and masculine character. I feel happy to grow and develop this role as I explore her background, including her childhood and other experiences. To prepare for this role, I had discussions with the director and rugby coaches, and I watched many videos regarding Rugby Sevens.

Ezyhealth: With your busy and physically-demanding schedule, how do you deal with menstrual cramps and all the other hassle that comes with your monthly period? Felicia: I’m really happy with Whisper Cosmo. I’ve tried this new product and it really helps to ease my menstrual discomfort. I really feel clean the whole day through, and it’s useful especially during my busy schedule. I don’t have to check on it too many times. I guess every girl will understand what I’m talking about. It lessens all my worries and eases my mind, which helps me focus on what I have to do the whole day.

When I have to go for a fashion event and I will most likely be wearing a tight outfit, I will always be mindful whether I’ll get stained some way or another. Things like this restrict your confidence and you will always be worried, and it’s not good to be constantly going to the washroom to check when you have to rush from event to event. That’s my experience. And I always felt that the material of the sanitary napkin could be better. It always makes me feel rather uncomfortable, and I always hope the absorbency will be better so I don’t have to change it so often everyday especially during the first few days of my period.

Ezyhealth: Please share with our readers your foolproof ways to managing dysmenorrhoea.

Felicia: When I have my period, I really feel bloated. I have bad pains sometimes, and I’ll just be moody and uncomfortable. I think a lot of girls can identify with that. For myself, I go a little traditional. I take a warm ginger drink in the morning whenever I feel the pain and at work as much as possible. I think it eases the pain a little. I also have this water bottle – the kind you can fill with hot water and place on your tummy to ease the pain. I try to take evening primrose as well. That’s what my mum recommended to me, and it helps me feel better. But I feel that the most irritating part is the mood swings. Sometimes, you just don’t really want to talk to people, and your mood flares up a little. I just try to be more mindful of my behaviour and I try not to be moody. People around you probably know when your time of the month is coming. So besides taking oral remedies and using warm water bottle to ease the cramps, I think it helps to have a happy mind, a happy heart, and just know that a few days later, it will all be gone.

Ezyhealth: Besides doing yoga, what other fitness regimen are you into?

Felicia: I’m also into swimming and running, and I recently tried aerial yoga as well. I think it’s important to keep a happy, healthy heart and mind.

Ezyhealth: What can your fans expect from you next year?

Felicia: I’m hoping to get on the big screen next year. I think I’ve truly found my calling as an actress. I’ve come back with a stronger sense of conviction and confidence. Early next year, I’ll be starring in another really cool drama wherein I’ll play this mysterious conwoman with skeletons in her closet.

Ezyhealth: Any word of advice for our readers about restarting your life and pursuing your real passions?

Felicia: Go with your heart while being responsible with your decisions at the same time. You only live once, so I choose to live it helping others while achieving my own goals. Be happy, everyone!

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