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Beyond Dress Size

Chen Li Ping – On healthy weight loss, her love for food, and striking the perfect balance in between

Chen Li Ping_Red BlazerI love food! It’s what triggered my weight gain, but I couldn’t help it. I simply love food!” blurts out the person on the other line. It feels like one of my usual phone conversations with friends, except I am talking to Chen Li Ping, one of the country’s bankable actresses!

Down to earth, with an endearing self-deprecating humour, and definitely bears no diva attitude, it’s no surprise that Li Ping is well-loved by many. Watch her perform in one of the many TV drama series she’s in, and you’ll become one of her million fans, if you aren’t already.

A popular household name, Li Ping has gone a long way from the cheerful “Miss Ai-Yo-Yo” in the popular drama series Good morning, Sir! in 1989. With a proven 20-year track record in the industry and a few Best Actress awards under her belt – the Star Awards (2003 and 2010) for her performances in Holland V and Reunion Dinner, respectively, among others, Li Ping has established herself as one of the accomplished actresses in the country. But it doesn’t mean she’s resting on her laurels, though. She still has a long way before her, and she knows it. So she’s determined to be better at her craft. This includes throwing in a few nice surprises for her fans from time to time.

Just recently, a slimmer, chicer Li Ping wowed everyone with the debut of her new advertisement for Mary Chia, a well-known slimming and beauty company. Thrilled about her fans’ reaction to her new transformation, Li Ping is delighted to share her weight loss journey with everyone.

Ezyhealth: What triggered your weight gain? Were you conscious about it?
Li Ping: Basically what triggered my weight gain are my eating habits. No, at that time, I wasn’t aware of it. The main thing I really, really enjoy is food (laughs). I like international cuisines and local food, especially buffets. I love buffets! I also like different dishes. One dish is not enough for me.

Ezyhealth: I’m sure a lot of people share the same sentiments.  Any tips on how to strike a balance somewhere?
Li Ping: I guess the number one thing you have to remember is that you really need to have control over food. Eat healthily as much as possible. Try to substitute unhealthy foods with healthy ones.

Ezyhealth: At what point did you realise enough is enough and that you really need to be serious about losing weight?
Li Ping: I don’t usually weigh myself. I don’t do it every day, not like now after I took up this programme wherein I have to weigh myself every day. It’s funny because during that time when I felt my weight was in its maximum – you know, when I felt my tummy was all the way up to my chest, I decided to weigh myself. Behold, I was already 75kg! That’s when I realise that it was time for me to do something about it. More than anything else, it was for health reasons. But I also started not liking what I see on TV. During the Dream Makers filming, there was a scene wherein I had to go to the clinic for a Botox, and I had a shot wherein my face looked so big. It was a bit too much. I was not happy about it. So that was also one of the deciding factors for me to be serious about slimming down. But I promised myself I should do it non-invasively, without medications and needles.

Ezyhealth: Did you have any health concerns when you were still weighing 75kg?
Li Ping: Fortunately, I didn’t have any health concerns. But because of lack of exercise and too much food intake, I sometimes felt I had no stamina, no energy. I also felt bloated at times, but nothing serious.

Ezyhealth: Please tell us about the hits and misses of your journey towards weight loss. What did you learn from all of these?
Li Ping: I have tried slimming pills before, a long time ago. That was a nightmare. So now I’m very conscious of the slimming programmes I undertake. There should be no intake of pills and no invasive surgery.

Ezyhealth: How did you find out about the slimming programme that eventually helped you lose weight?
Li Ping: I’ve known Mary Chia for almost 20 years, and they have actually approached me 20 years ago! But I didn’t do it then because I didn’t take slimming down seriously before. But after doing Dream Makers, I’ve decided to give the programme a try when they approached me again. It was mainly because of health reasons – I really feel I have to start seriously taking care of my body. No matter how busy we are, health is very important.

Ezyhealth: Please tell us about the slimming programme you’re doing now, and why did you think it worked for you?
Li Ping: The programme I’m doing is called the Mary Chia Revolutionary 360° Complete Transformation Programme which is a holistic approach to skin care and weight management. It boasts of five-step slimming programme that centres on detoxification, cardio stimulation, targeted sculpting, cellulite combustion and water retention reduction. I started in end of June, so I’ve been doing it for about three months now. During the first part of the programme, it was really intensive. For three weeks, I had to go to Mary Chia every other day, for a two- to three-hour session. I lost 6kg during the initial three weeks.

Ezyhealth: How do you feel about the programme?
Li Ping: I’m happy with the programme. I’m comfortable with it. I feel that for this kind of things, what’s important is teamwork. Besides doing the programme, I have to be disciplined, especially about food. I cannot just rely on the treatment alone. I also have to do my part to commit to it and maintain it. I’m very happy with the arrangement. It came at the right time. When I thought of doing something about my weight, to keep fit and be more healthy, Mary Chia just approached me the second time.

Ezyhealth: What changed your mind this time?
Li Ping: It’s all about perfect timing. This time, I really wanted to be healthy and look good, especially in this business.

Ezyhealth: What changed in your eating habits in order to keep the weight off?
Li Ping: I cut down on carbohydrates; I cut down on rice. I used to eat a lot of meat, so I also cut down on that. Right now I try to eat a lot of Japanese – raw food, sashimi. When I need some carbohydrates nowadays, I take only wholemeal bread. I try to avoid rice, but if I really crave it, I eat brown rice. I love curry, so when I eat it, one bowl of rice is not enough (laughs).

Sometimes I have cravings for local food, but I really try to control it these days. I did some slimming before, and the challenging part is to maintain it. I’m still learning. I need to stabilise my weight first. So I try to give myself a cheat day to eat what I like. But I don’t do it every day.

Ezyhealth: How about exercise? Do you have any fitness regimen?
Li Ping: I love walking. These days I do a lot of walking. I used to do a lot of games, like basketball, during school days. But I’m too busy for that now. In the programme that I’m doing, we have this treatment called Cardio Stimulation, which revs up the body’s metabolism so that the body continues to burn fat for an extended period of time, even after treatment. So that’s what I do, apart from walking. I used to do the programme at least three times a week. But now that we’re starting to film our new show, I hardly have the time. So I try to go at least once or twice a week for a two- to three-hour session.

Ezyhealth: Any advice for your fans about weight loss?
Li Ping: First, do it the healthy way. It doesn’t mean that because you’re on a diet you need to force yourself not to eat. It’s the changing of habits that’s important. In order to maintain it, make sure that you’re really stabilising  your weight first. Learn to control yourself and your cravings. Second, stop procrastinating. It’s also another bad habit. Do it now, regardless of your age. I’m 48 years old, and I did it. You can do it, too! Don’t think that because you’re still young, you’re healthy. Third, do it for your health. Looking good and fitting into beautiful clothes comes second.

Ezyhealth: What do your friends and fans say about your new look?
Li Ping: Sometimes, when they see me in magazines, people think, “Oh, her photos must be Photoshopped!” But when they see me now in person, they say, “Oh yeah, she really slimmed down a lot!” The response from the audience is good. So now my job is to maintain it. I still have a lot to learn. Slimming down and losing weight is the first step to do. You can easily do that. Keeping the weight off, that is the challenge. It is tough, but with the right programme and discipline, you can do it. I don’t desire to have a model’s body, I just want to be healthy!

by Maripet L. Poso
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