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Cuisine Queen

Angela May spills the beans… on her love affair with food

When you love your work, it’s as easy as pie. In Angela May’s case, it’s as delicious too – so good you just want to stuff your face all day long! It must be a slice of heaven on earth[...]

Olinda on Track

Hear the outspoken and original singer’s weight loss success story

“I always knew I wanted to sing,” declares Olinda. “It was always in my blood. You know, I used to be a ‘toilet singer’!” She breaks into peals of hearty laughter. The determined young star has leaped from stage to[...]

A Lifetime of Limelight

Hong Hui Fang lets us in on how to leave a lasting impression

Hong Hui Fang has long been a familiar face on television. The talented thespian has serious staying power, with an acting career spanning three decades – truly, a lifetime in the limelight – and tons of roles under her (enviably[...]

Big, Bold and Bea-utiful

Beatrice Chia-Richmond on body image and beauty

Beatrice Chia-Richmond is not one to shy away from “sensitive” topics. Her acting and directing résumé is peppered with provocative, controversial choices, from her turn as a researcher of reproductive technology in Immaculate Misconception, to her directorial debut in 2001,[...]

The Pow-er of Natural Therapies

Shane Pow shares his slimming secrets

For a self-professed foodie, Shane Pow is in darn good shape. From his chiselled cheekbones to his sculpted silhouette, this hunky actor (who participated in Manhunt Singapore 2011!) exudes health and vigour. So what’s his secret? Shane has the NatroSlim™[...]

Live to the Max

Max Loong pushes the limits

From acting and TV hosting, writing and producing, to owning his own club and being a savvy businessman, Max Loong has a finger in many pies. Despite having so much on his plate, the hunky 34-year-old Malaysian-Swiss makes it a[...]

A Real Character

If variety is the spice of life, then Karen Tan must have a very flavourful one. The prolific actress, whose career in theatre spans more than 20 years, has worked with almost all the different theatre companies in Singapore. She’s[...]

Elizabeth Engaged

How Liz found love and peace in New York

The last time we sat down with Elizabeth, her exploits in New York were just beginning. A couple of years on, the multi-faceted actress is about to embark on yet another great adventure – marriage. Elizabeth’s fiancé, Ivan Lee Mora,[...]

Just Joey

Say it like you Mead it!

For someone who comes from the world of high fashion, where makeup, styling and posing for the camera are all part of the job, Joey Mead is surprisingly… real. There is no pretense about her, and she’s refreshingly forthright with[...]

All Grown Up and Loving Life

Well-loved personality Jamie Yeo balances work, family and health perfectly

A familiar face to many, Jamie Yeo has been in the public spotlight since her teens. The starlet shot to stardom as Tammy in the well-known drama series Growing Up on Channel 5, and quickly became a household name. She[...]

Healing through Art and Altruism

Malaysian-Taiwanese multi-disciplined artist Poesy Liang teaches us a thing or two about living a full and empowered life

Some of us struggle to find that one thing we’re possibly good at, hoping to breeze through life doing what we like to do, at the same time taking some sense of satisfaction from it. Then we meet someone like Poesy Liang – entrepreneur,[...]

In Tune with Life

Health talk with of one of Singapore’s most loved deejays – Jacqui T

Spunky and spontaneous, doe-eyed Jacqueline Su-Yin Thibodeaux (more popularly known as Jacqui T) is meant to rule the airwaves. When she gave in to her mum’s cajoling to join The New Paper Face Contest seven years ago, Jacqui had no[...]

Coming Full Circle

TV and radio host Simone Heng left a luxurious career in Dubai to get her health priorities straight

Almost a decade ago, Simone Heng, a Singapore-born Australian TV and radio host, left her hometown in Australia to work in the entertainment industry in Singapore for four years, and eventually in Dubai for five years. Adventurous and full of[...]

In Her Shoes

Sofie Roberg skates her way to success (and right smack into our children’s hearts!)

Have you ever been asked the question ‘What are you passionate about?’ and suddenly found yourself groping for words? Well, you are not alone. Most of us spend a lifetime trying to figure out our true calling. Sadly, with our[...]

Hale and Hearty

The many easy ways to live healthier – according to model-host Stephanie Carrington

For most of us living in Singapore, trying to live a healthy lifestyle can be a huge challenge. What with the crazy, busy schedule we all keep and the fast-paced life we all lead, exercising at least three times a[...]

A Breath of Fresh Air

Theatre actress Oon Shu An on New Year’s resolution, make-up therapy and healthy holiday indulging

Versatile, funny and adorable, theatre actress and host Oon Shu An no doubt belongs to a new generation of actors who refuses to let roles or labels define them. Unlike other stars who got discovered through modelling, Shu An knew[...]

Back with a Bang

After being away from the limelight for three years, Felicia Chin is set for a spectacular comeback!

Spunky and outspoken, MediaCorp artiste Felicia Chin does not let people’s opinion get in the way of her pursuit of passion. Three years after leaving the entertainment industry to focus on her studies, Felicia decided it was time for her[...]

The Many Hats She Wears

International actress Lee Sinje talks inner health, terrifying stunts, beauty routines and the 21 children she sends to school

She may have starred in some of Asia’s hit thrillers, including The Eye, Koma and Re-cycle, but Lee Sinje is anything but dark. She is a picture of contentment and serenity these days. Lauded for her understated elegance and enviable[...]

Beyond Dress Size

Chen Li Ping – On healthy weight loss, her love for food, and striking the perfect balance in between

I love food! It’s what triggered my weight gain, but I couldn’t help it. I simply love food!” blurts out the person on the other line. It feels like one of my usual phone conversations with friends, except I am[...]

Motherhood Becomes Her

Lina Ng dishes on the best role she’s ever had

JUST LIKE EVERYONE else, Lina Ng had a plan. She would join a local talent search competition, be one of the winners, and become a versatile actress. However, as fate would have it, life’s little detours happened, which eventually led[...]

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