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Tang Wei – Mesmerising Allure


Gaining prominence in the film industry, Chinese actress Tang Wei, wins admiration both for her work and her beauty

Rising prominence through her acting in Ang Lee’s acclaimed movie, ‘Lust, Caution’, Tang Wei is a well-recognised actress not just because of her stellar performances, but also of her flawless beauty. Recognition pours Beyond the mesmerising allure is a truly[...]

Fish Leong – “Fabulous Fish” Asia’s Queen of Ballads


Asia’s Queen of Ballads on feeling fabulous with her successful career and great looks

Fish Leong, dubbed Asia’s Queen of Ballads, looks picture perfect these days. For one, Fish has been happily married to Taiwanese businessman Tony Chao since early 2010 in a romantic beach wedding at the breath-taking island of Boracay, Philippines. Their[...]

When Dr Z met Dr Aivee


The A to Z of aesthetic medicine

The moment you see them step into a room, you would know right away that they have good stories to tell. They have that certain mettle, that spunk, which will make you look twice, trying to place what it is[...]

Wong Li Lin – I Grew Up In A Kampong And Squatter District


Li Lin waltzes her way through life

Wong Li Lin’s life is very much a fairytale story. Well, almost. Daughter to a Malaysian rubber tapper, life wasn’t always about being in the spotlight. “We grew up in a kampong in Kembangan. I spent an inordinate amount of[...]

Guo Liang – A Host of Successes


“I was really lonely when I first came to Singapore!”

Nobody would have thought that the young boy who didn’t have any dreams, or any plans for the future, would end up becoming one of Singapore’s most successful comperes one day. Shanghai-born Guo Liang didn’t always have it easy. “When[...]

Allan Wu – He’s The Man


“Li Lin’s factory is closed!”

Allan Wu reminds me of the Asian version of Ken in Barbie Dolls. Actor, model, host (of Amazing Race, Shanghai Idol and many other shows), good-looking… along with a famous bod to boot, Allan wears the shoes most men would[...]

DJ Darren Wee – Go, Figure!


Power98 FM’s DJ Darren Wee's weight loss secrets

Alright, here’s serious motivation for those who wish to shed a pound or two (or more): Power98 FM DJ Darren Wee. Look at him. Tanned, lean, sporting a cheeky grin, he looks very much the cool surfer boy next door.[...]

Junita Simon – Beauty & Brains


Don’t sweat the small stuff!

You will stare when Junita Simon walks past you. Tall and beautiful, with bright eyes and an immaculate smile, she has the makings of the runway models you see on television. After all, she was the face that launched Fashion[...]

Edmund Chen – The Artist & Artiste

edited _MG_02341

I’ve cried in front of my daughter!

I like Edmund Chen the moment I meet him, it’s hard not to. “Hello, all!” he booms as he reaches out to give me a firm handshake. He’s quick to acquaint himself with our motley crew of five. Edmund is[...]

Huang Biren – Mama Mia!

edited 2 BiRen_00136 copy

“I’ve become more patient, more mature since I became a mom.”

Biren called me some time close to noon, we had agreed on a phone interview. On my end of the line, I hear a child cooing. I imagine her daughter tugging at her skirt while she places the phone to[...]

Dennis To – More Than Wushu


An interview with Dennis To

Some college students work as interns or waiters after-school hours; Dennis To worked on his martial art moves and won some numerous awards in the field. He’s someone both a teen fan girl and mother could dream of welcoming into[...]

Lee Wei Song – I Waited Till The Flowers Withered

IMG 1548

An interview with Lee Wei Song

It all started with a little spark of confidence that grew into a fully-ignited desire to succeed in his fiery passion: songwriting. Life was not always a bed of roses for popular singer and songwriter Lee Wei Song, as he[...]

Calvin Soh – I Nearly Named My Son CaSh!


Cavin Soh tells us what it is like being a father-to-be

Cavin Soh looks very much like the arrogant Hokkien-speaking Ah Beng you see seated at a hawker centre with his ‘brothers’ and a beer mug in hand. Tan, well-built and confident, Cavin looks like a tough nut to crack. But[...]

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