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Dental Health

Thwart Teeth Grinding

Escape the daily (and nightly) grind

Bruxism, to give it the correct term, is a very common condition that can affect up to a third of all adults and children at some point in their lives. It is defined as the clenching and/or grinding of teeth,[...]

Root Canal Treatment

A last-ditch attempt at saving your natural tooth

Your natural teeth are the biggest factor for a confident and healthy smile. They also allow you to speak and eat with ease. Chewing and swallowing food are much more comfortable when you have natural teeth. Thus, preserving your natural teeth is very[...]

Pregnancy Periodontics

Taking care of your gums and teeth while pregnant

Pregnancy is a joyous experience. When a woman is pregnant, not only is a healthy lifestyle important, gum (periodontal) and oral health is an aspect one should not overlook as well, to ensure the health of the mother and baby.[...]

Crowning Touch

An absolutely cap-ital advancement in dentistry

Digital technology has brought numerous benefits in efficiency, reliability and convenience in every aspect of our life. Dentistry has not been left out in this technological revolution. Cap It Off In dentistry, crowns are dental restorations that completely cover or[...]

Wisdom Teeth

The pain of arrested development

Wisdom teeth commonly grow at the wrong place and/or at a wrong angle. Seldom do they come out straight. Impacted wisdom teeth, specifically, are frequently food traps and breeding grounds for bacteria. Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars,[...]

Proper Dental Care Prevents Many Problems

Some ideas to chew on

Modern dentistry has come a long way since its beginnings in the early modern period of history in Europe, where dental treatment involved mainly removal or filling of diseased teeth alone. Benjamin Franklin, the famous scientist and inventor, once remarked[...]

Demystifying the Dental Implant

The dream that became a reality

Dental implants are manmade foundations that are placed into your jaw bones to replace the roots of your missing teeth. Some time ago, the idea that missing teeth could be replaced by manmade implants probably belonged in the realm of[...]

‘Gumming’ for the Perfect Smile

Too much or too little gum? Now you can get it just right

About 85% of the general population suffers from periodontitis.  Early treatment is essential and, if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss. It is said that having a nice smile can often determine how well you leave an impression on[...]

Ageing and Dental Health

What happens to your teeth as time goes by?

Good nutrition and medical care has enabled many people to live to a ripe old age. Life expectancy now exceeds 80 years. However, if we look at the dental history of the average person in his/her late fifties-to-mid seventies, there[...]

Hypertension and Dental Care

Keeping your heart and teeth healthy

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is a chronic medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is elevated. The two measurements for your blood pressure reading refer to the force of heart muscle contraction pumping the blood[...]

Combat Cavities

Five ways to prevent tooth decay

Tooth decay or cavities are common especially in children and teenagers. There are many different reasons why we develop cavities, but the most common of which is eating sugary food frequently and not cleaning our teeth well. When sugary and[...]

Fixed Bridges vs Dental Implants

Know your options!

When someone loses one or more teeth, it’s usually an event that one doesn’t take lightly. This is especially so if the loss is in one’s front tooth/teeth, which will be more visible when the person smiles. Besides the obvious[...]

Your Child’s First Trip to the Dentist

7 Tips to help children overcome their fear of dentists

For a child, a trip to the dentist can be overwhelming due to the different people, sounds and sights they may encounter. However, regular visits to the dentist are vital to ensure good oral health and to promote good oral[...]

No More Excuses

Periodontal diseases and other reasons why you should floss!

Did you know that flossing is even more important than brushing when it comes to preventing periodontal (gum) disease and tooth loss? At any given time, our oral cavity contains plaque. Plaque is the sticky, colourless film that constantly forms[...]

Beat Bad Breath

Oral care and management of halitosis

Resolutions are never far off when someone wishes, “Happy New Year!” Have you made a declaration to start your year on a clean slate? While you are at it, remember your oral health. After all, fresh new year, fresh new[...]

Dental Distress

How to handle dental emergencies during the holiday season

Injuries to the teeth or oral tissues are very common amongst adults and children. One survey reported that 16% of adults had experienced some sort of injury to the teeth or mouth affecting more males than females. The figures are[...]

Beyond Milk Teeth

5 Common dental problems in kids

In the 21st century, where people are getting more educated and conscious of their overall well-being, dental services are not only provided to adults but to a growing population of children as well. The early introduction of dentistry to young[...]

Missing Teeth No More!

The latest in dental implant technology

DENTAL IMPLANTS HAVE long been a predictable option to replace full or partially missing teeth. Typically, when a fully (or almost) edentulous (no teeth at all) patient comes in for a consultation,  dental specialists will examine and assess whether replacing[...]

The Smile Booster

Dr Pong Mei Yee – Advocate for conservative and non-invasive cosmetic dental techniques

AMIDST THE IMPRESSIVE, albeit invasive, new technologies in the dental industry, one dentist still believes in the conservative and non-invasive approach to restoring the teeth and enhancing the smiles of her patients. Dr Pong Mei Yee is an advocate for[...]

Tooth Sensitivity

What you need to know

WE’VE OFTEN ENCOUNTERED episodes in our day to day lives when we’ve experienced some measure of sensitivity on our teeth either from eating or drinking, and even at times when we’re doing nothing. More often than not we simply let[...]

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