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Pulmonary Hypertension


The other “High Blood Pressure”

Pulmonary hypertension is a lung disorder affecting the pulmonary arteries. The arteries become narrowed, thereby restricting blood flow, resulting in abnormal high blood pressure in these arteries. This causes undue strain on the right ventricle of the heart, causing it[...]

The Skinny on Prostate Cancer


New hope for prostate cancer patients even at post-chemo and advanced stage

There has been a heated debate in Singapore over the use of prostate specific antigen (PSA) screening to detect prostate cancer. And it is obvious why. It will take roughly 1,000 men to be tested and an additional 48 men[...]

Unblocking the Pathways to Your Heart


Taking a much less conventional approach to CAD treatment

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is where the arteries of the heart are blocked. This has been one of the most prevalent diseases in developed countries that knows no gender or socio-economic distinction, although men seem to be more susceptible to[...]

Repetitive Strain Injury


Prevention is Better Than The Cure

A 2008 study showed that 68% of UK workers suffered from some sort of Repetitive strain injuries (RSI), with the most common problem areas being the back, shoulders, wrists, and hands. A study in Canada (2000) revealed 2.3 million Canadians[...]

Losing Breath – COPD


Two experts shed light on what may be the world’s third biggest killer disease by 2030

Ezyhealth [EH]: How can you explain COPD to a layman? Dr Tan Tze Lee [TTL]: If we have a piece of meat and we put it into an oven full of smoke, if you leave it in there long enough[...]

Watch Out!


Contact lens care should never be taken for granted

For contact lens wearers, don’t let your guard down on contact lens care. Infection can be a blink away! Ezyhealth magazine sat down with Dr Lee Sao Bing, Medical Director, Shinagawa Lasik & Eye Centre to shed light on this[...]

Don’t let Ageing Slow You Down


Why supplementation for seniors is critical

Ageing causes many physiological changes, including affecting food intake and the way in which food is processed by the body. The progressive reduction in the functioning of body organs affects the digestion, absorption, metabolism and excretion of nutrients. Until recently,[...]

More Than Meets The Eye


Stop perceiving chickenpox as a harmless rite of passage

Chickenpox is an infectious disease with most people coming down with it as a child or an adult if they have not been vaccinated. Many people fail to realise that other than the high fever, dehydration, diarrhoea, skin infection and[...]

Cancer Cachexia

Cancer Cachexia - The ugly side of weight loss

The ugly side of weight loss

Oftentimes, we only think of weight loss in the context of beauty – how great we’d look in that coveted dress or bikini if only we’d lose a few pounds; how Tom, the guy from work, could be totally dateable[...]

Defensive Diet


Debunking dietary misconceptions on breast cancer

Breast cancer, a malignant tumour that has developed from cells of the breast, is the number one cancer affecting Singaporean women today. A malignant tumour is a group of cancer cells that can invade surrounding tissues or spread to distant[...]

FAQ on Breast Cancer


A brief guide to diagnosis and treatment

1.      I have found a Breast Lump: Now What? First of all, do not panic. Breast lumps are actually very common, especially in premenopausal women and they normally vary with, and go away by the end of, the menstrual cycle.[...]

Managing Pain – Osteoarthritis


Finding the wherewithal to tackle one of the world’s most debilitating diseases

Osteoarthritis is well-established as the leading cause of dysfunction and disability in the developed world with the knee being one of the more commonly affected joints. Up to 20% of our population above the age of 65 suffer from the[...]

Sleep Apnoea – Worse Than Nightmares

Sleep Apnoea - Worse Than Nightmares

Don’t let sleep apnoea control your life

You may not notice it right away, but the tell-tale signs are there… decreased ability to perform and concentrate, sluggishness in the morning, forgetfulness, depression, dizziness, and decreased self-esteem. But at night, when you’re asleep, the condition is apparent. You[...]

Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss - Dealing with denial and stigma

Dealing with denial and stigma

It’s human nature to try and maintain the illusion of youth. It’s a fact. The booming cosmetics and aesthetics industry is proof that people want to look young regardless of age. Hair dye, anti-wrinkle creams, and Botox are just a[...]

Heavy Metal

Heavy metal - The crucial role of iron in the body

The crucial role of iron in the body

Most of us know that about 70% of our body is made up of water. It is also common knowledge that getting adequate sunlight and fresh air helps us stay healthy. But how much do we know about iron and[...]

Fading Crowning Glory

Fading Crowning Glory - Hair Loss in Elderly Women

Hair Loss in Elderly Women

It’s not uncommon to see men having receding hairlines or completely bald heads. Hollywood stars Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel have even managed to make bald look cool and manly. Women with hair loss problems, however, are another story. Contrary[...]

Asthma in Children – Don’t Panic!

Don’t panic! - Control your child’s asthma with a plan

Control your child’s asthma with a plan

For most kids, breathing normally is taken for granted. However, for kids with asthma, breathing can be a lot more difficult because their airways are very sensitive. An asthma flare-up, which some people call an asthma attack or episode, happens[...]

Gentle Strokes


Experience the healing strokes of lymphatic drainage massage

Suffering from aches and pains? Feeling bloated or sluggish? Maybe it’s about time you had your lymphatic system cleansed and rejuvenated. The lymphatic system helps to maintain a healthy fluid balance in our body and keeps our immune system strong[...]

Sudden Death


Heart Disease is A Woman’s Disease

You may be dismayed to know that according to statistics, heart disease is really more of a woman’s disease! Yes, cardiovascular disease is THE leading cause of mortality among women around the world. In Singapore, it is the leading cause[...]

Thyroid Disorders – More than meets the eye


Fatigue, brain fog, weight gain could you be walking around with a thyroid disorder?

You’re anxious and depressed. You feel like you’re gaining weight, and your skin becomes suddenly dry and your hair brittle. You think it’s just one of those days, and you immediately blame stress at work. Nothing that a glass of margarita on a Friday night can’t cure, you[...]

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