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No Smoking, Please!


Creating a Tobacco-Free Future for our Children

Tobacco usage is becoming a greater problem amongst the younger generation in Singapore. The initiation age of smoking in Singapore is around 12 to 13 years. Since 2006, there have been around 6000 underage persons caught purchasing cigarettes annually. Although[...]



Break the Pain, Not the Bone!

Every year, approximately one thousand hip fractures occur in Singapore due to osteoporosis. Dr Lim Lian Arn, Orthopaedic Surgeon at Gleneagles Hospital, explains how you can prevent it from happening. The frightening thing about osteoporosis is that it is silent[...]

Male Menopause


What We Can Do to Better Men’s Health

Women are not the only ones to go through menopause. Male menopause, which is also known as andropause, plays a big role in affecting men’s physical conditions in their 40s. Dr Peter Lim Huat Chye, Urologist at Gleneagles Hospital, explains[...]

High on Hormones


The Perimenopause Transition

Menopause is perhaps among the most dreaded words in a woman’s dictionary. But many young women are not aware that menopause is actually a time of freedom and renewal. Christiane Northrup, author of The Wisdom of Menopause, even calls it[...]

Help, Half My Hand is Numb!


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) Can be Debilitating

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS refers to a condition when one’s median nerve in the wrist, for various reasons, is crushed or compressed, causing it to function inadequately and causing abnormal sensations such as tingling, numbness and pain. Occupational Safety[...]

Breastfeeding for Beginners


Breast is still the best

Breastfeeding has been clinically proven to be the most comprehensive and safe diet for your baby. The benefits are many, and recommendations from experts are overwhelmingly in favour of it. It is also a natural, warm and caring way of[...]

Boys and Girls Learn Differently!


The Difference Between Boys’ and Girls’ Brains

The different learning styles between boys and girls have been well-documented over the past decade, with brain-based research and behavioural case studies from leading educationists invariably reaching similar conclusions. Whilst gender differentiation may be only a starting point for understanding[...]

Have Your Eyes Checked Regularly!


Regular Eye Tests Are Important for Problems to Be Treated Early

Our eyesight is one of the most important senses, and you would want to retain your eyesight into your ripe old age so that you get to enjoy your life to the fullest. It is important to have your eyes[...]

Do You Have ‘Computer Vision Syndrome?’

Do You Have ‘Computer Vision Syndrome

Simple Solutions to Reduce CVS

Are your eyes tired after working on the computer for several hours? Do you get an “afternoon headache” during the week? Do you feel that your vision is blurrier when you drive home from work? Computer use can take its[...]

Sleeves Up, Grannies!

Sleeves Up, Grannies!

Sleeves Up, Grannies! - The Importance of Flu Vaccination in the Elderly

It’s the flu season once again, and more than anyone else in your family, it’s your grandparents who should get a flu jab as they are more susceptible to complications from the flu! In Singapore, flu viruses circulate year-round, with[...]

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Stop the Dreaded Monthly Visit!

Every woman has a monthly visitor that she welcomes with resignation. Whether this visitor is welcomed or not depends on the severity and length of the visit! A global survey revealed that more than one in three women experience heavier-than-average[...]

Feeding and Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia) in Children

Feeding and Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia) in Children

What are feeding and swallowing disorders?

Feeding disorders include problems in gathering food, and getting ready to suck, chew, or swallow it. For example, a child who cannot pick up food and get it to her mouth or cannot completely close her lips to keep food from falling[...]

Too Tired, Depressed and Lethargic?


You Might be Low in Testosterone!

He felt he was at the lowest point in his life. For five years, he had been suffering daily fatigue and lethargy, diminished drive and motivation to live; lost confidence and vitality, and most of all, five years of indifference[...]

Shots and Screens


Arm Yourself Against Cervical Cancer

Every two days, more than one case of cervical cancer is diagnosed in Singapore; and every five days, a woman dies of it.1 It’s a pretty distressing statistic for something that can be avoided by a simple screening or vaccination.[...]

Tips for Feeding Your Kids


Sorting Out Your “Picky Eater” Child

Are mealtimes with your child a battleground of wills? Is feeding your child a long-drawn out affair that makes you want to pull your hair out? If your child is a picky eater, and you are on the verge of[...]


Experts Shed Light on Glaucoma

Picture this. At the back of our eyes, there are millions of retinal nerve fibers bundled together – called the optic nerve – that carry impulses from the retina in the eye to the brain. These impulses are then interpreted[...]

A Sticky Situation


Handle that Cough with Phlegm

You haven’t experienced being totally embarrassed until you have coughed suddenly, with phlegm, in front of many people, in the middle of a quiet room, and with no exit near you. Coughing is our body’s natural way to keep our[...]

Get to the Foot of the Matter


Deal with your Cracked Heels and Dry Feet Now!

You see a beautiful lady walk past you towards the escalator at the MRT station. You admire her impeccable dress and chic hairstyle. You remind yourself to try out the hair colour on you the next time you visit a[...]

Insulin Resistance


Resistance Not Futile

Our body uses sugar as fuel, and insulin is the hormone that brings sugar and fat from the blood into the cells, or the smallest units of function, in our body. If our body is a car, and sugar and[...]

Stop Sneezing and Wheezing


Managing allergies in the tropics

Being in the tropics, Singaporeans have had their share of allergy concerns. In a study conducted in the country in 2009 by the University Children’s Medical Institute, National University Hospital, it was found that about 730,000 residents suffer from allergic[...]

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