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Colon Care

Colorectal Cancer awareness matters

Many probably didn’t know that March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness month, or that colorectal cancer is one of the top cancers in Singapore. Unless you have it, or someone in the family has it, it’s easy to not care about[...]

From Heartbreak to Hope


New treatments are transforming the lives of psoriasis patients

Living in a tropical climate, Singaporeans like to slip into their shorts and t-shirts to enjoy the sunshine or the cool evening breeze on their skin. But for Singaporeans with psoriasis, few feel confident to enjoy the simple luxury of[...]

Love Your Liver

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Lifestyle changes you can make to ensure a healthy liver

Your liver is one of the most hard-working, resilient and low maintenance organs in your body. It has many big and complex functions in our system. Aside from processing, storing and converting nutrients absorbed by the intestines during digestion and[...]

Freezing Cancer Cryosurgery


Giving hope to cancer patients

As I was writing this article, it had been exactly three days since the cremation of my aunt, whom we lost from cancer. Her death on Christmas day brought both grief and relief to the whole family. Grief because we[...]

Gut Wrenching

Irritable bowel syndrome affects one in 10 people in Singapore. Can probiotics help?

“Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is often under-diagnosed,” declared Professor Claudio De Simone, who was recently in Singapore to share his insights into the latest trends in using probiotics to treat gastrointestinal issues. “It is under-diagnosed because most people perceive the[...]

Suffering from PHN?


Many of us are aware of the chickenpox virus but did you know that once you have had chickenpox you could develop shingles? After chickenpox infection, the varicella virus – the same virus that causes chickenpox – remains dormant in[...]

Metabolic Syndrome


Metabolic Syndrome

A Lifestyle Issue By Asian Food and Information Centre The term metabolic syndrome may be new to many, but it has almost certainly been around for thousands of years. It was only in 1988, when it was named “Syndrome X”[...]

Thyroid Nodules & Thyroid Cancer

Female doctor examining her patient.

Lumps and bumps in your thyroid gland

The thyroid gland is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck and is extremely important to all metabolic processes in the body. It affects virtually all the organs and systems in the body. For instance, how the body breaks[...]

Managing ADHD in adults

Symptoms of Adult ADHD

ADHD is a common neurobiological condition afflicting approximately four percent of adults worldwide

Adults who have Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder are easily distracted, have difficulty focusing on tasks and cannot follow them through. They may also be hyperactive, impulsive and disorganized. Mood disorders, such as depression, are commonly seen in those with[...]

The truth about COPD

The truth about COPD

When cigarette smoking becomes primary culprit

If you think you need more reasons to quit smoking, read on and think again – especially if you find yourself wheezing even after a short walk or coughing almost regularly. It’s about time you got your lungs checked, as[...]

For The Mothers-To-Be


Pregnancy; an exciting and rewarding experience for any woman.

Pre-pregnancy preparation is essential in the journey of pregnancy. You should start at least 3 months before you conceive. Being well prepared would optimise your chance of a smooth pregnancy and healthy baby. It prepares your body, both physically and[...]

Let’s Get Intimate – Women and Breast Health


What every woman should know about her breast

Breast cancer is a global health issue and a leading cause of death among women. Its incidence in Asia is rapidly rising with Singapore having one of the highest at 54.9 per 100,000 per year by 2002. To encourage more women[...]

Lacy, padded with a touch of pink ribbon

Who says mastectomy bras can’t be fun, flirty and sexy?-By Maripet L. Poso From finding out you have it, to acceptance and treatments – to say that dealing with breast cancer is difficult is an understatement. After surgery, it’s hard[...]

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep


Are acne scars treatable?

Our skin often reflects our health, be it good or bad. Because of this, our brain is wired to prefer people with good skin. It’s therefore not surprising that good skin is often associated with beauty. How important is skin to[...]

Maintaining Good Nutrition in Elderly

"I am old so I do not need to eat so much" Sound familiar?

As we age, our overall body functions decline and our metabolism rate decreases, leading to less energy required by our body. We might also undergo many physiological changes including poor dentition, swallowing difficulties, dry mouth or impaired taste, slower gastro-intestinal[...]

Peanut Allergies

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Some Nutty Food For Thought

Peanut allergy, once uncommon in Asia, has now become the number-one cause of anaphylactic allergic reaction in Singapore. According to a new study (which was conducted in 2010 and will be published soon) done by pediatric allergy specialist Dr. Liew[...]

Nutrition for Premature Babies


What would you need to prepare yourself for, if your baby was born premature?

What is known and what is unknown? What is different about nutrition for a premature baby compared to a term baby? Premature babies are babies born before full term gestation of 37 completed weeks of pregnancy. Out of 100 babies born,[...]

Prostate Awareness Month


Do you experience difficulty passing urine?Then you just may be suffering from an enlarged prostate, also known medically as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). By Dr. Simon Chong, Organising Chairman, Prostate Awareness Month July 2011 (organised by the Singapore Urological Association)[...]

Overweight And Diabetic?


New Treatment Brings  New Hope More people are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and most of them are either overweight or obese. Dr Kevin Tan shares the latest treatments that could help you. Diabetes rates have reached epidemic status with more[...]

Turning 50 This Year?


Age-specific rates for colorectal cancers begin to increase sharply in the 40-45 year age group and continue to rise after the age of 50.

The age-standardized incidence rate in Chinese Singaporeans is the highest among Chinese populations around the world and has exceeded those of Caucasians in the United States of America. Among the ethnic groups, Malays and Indians have a risk between 20-60%[...]

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