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A Father’s Love Is The Greatest Gift


Whether he was present at home or not, daddy’s influence remains and continues to affect you

The recognition that a father plays an important role in the life of his children is very recent. Fathers, unlike mothers, rarely express themselves or talk about what is right. They live the example instead. Children learn to respect their[...]

Chronic Lower Back Pain


The myths and truths behind it all

Take a quick look around the room before you read this. Wherever you may be, 60-90% of people around you would have experienced low back pain at least once in their lifetimes, with another 20-30% experiencing it on a recurring,[...]

Non-Invasive Light- Activated Treatment


If a rash develops and persists, it might be something more than a mere rash.

A stubborn rash that is persistent, gradually increasing in size and refusing to clear – is this something to worry about? The answer to the question is YES. Skin cancers often present as a raised and sometimes scaly patch that[...]

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