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Anorexia and Bulimia


Understanding eating disorders in teenagers

Did you know that eating disorders are becoming alarmingly more prevalent among our children? Children as young as nine years old are adopting dangerous eating habits commonly associated with eating disorders. Furthermore, according to the United States National Association of[...]

Male Menopause


Answers to commonly asked questions about testosterone deficiency in ageing males

Testosterone is an important hormone produced by the testicles in men and the ovaries in women, although small amounts are also produced by the adrenal glands. In men, it is the chief sex hormone and is vital for normal development[...]

The Prostate Cancer Rundown


What you need to know about diagnosis and treatment options for prostate cancer

The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland located below the bladder surrounding the urethra. Its secretions are a major ingredient in seminal fluid. The prostate gland is positioned very closely to the nerves and blood vessels that supply the penis for[...]

Treatment for Bone Defects


Is gene therapy the future?

Genes can be thought of as life’s blueprint, and are found in almost all cells that can be found in the human body. Genes contain the instructions to make proteins, and proteins are the “factories” that produce all the chemicals[...]

Busy Bladder


Management options for urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence (UI) is the inability to control one’s bladder, with involuntary leakage occurring. The severity can range from occasional accidents upon coughing or sneezing, to having sudden and unpredictable severe leakages. In the USA alone, UI is a common[...]

Combating COPD


Five common challenges we face in the battle against chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a common lung condition in chronic smokers. Many people in Singapore are not aware of this disease, and due to a lack of understanding and knowledge, many smokers are not diagnosed early and treated[...]

I Survived Breast Cancer


How early detection and intervention saved my life

I AM AMELIA Tan, 48 years old, and I survived breast cancer! I had a double mastectomy on 26 July 2013, followed by reconstructive surgery. Like any other woman, I never imagined I would be a victim of breast cancer.[...]

Neck Surgery without Scars


Minimally invasive approach to thyroid surgery

Neck surgery with no neck scars…. Is that really possible? Well until very recently, it wasn’t. But let’s start from the very beginning to see how far we’ve come with head and neck surgery from a very common procedure called[...]

Eczema in Children


Common concerns regarding atopic dermatitis in children

ATOPIC ECZEMA, ALSO known as atopic dermatitis, is the most common skin condition affecting children of all ages. It affects up to 20% of school-aged children in Singapore. Although symptoms begin for most patients during the first year of age,[...]

Stress Busters


10 Useful tips for stress management

Stress is the body’s natural physical and psychological response to challenging situations. It serves to protect us in times of danger, by increasing our heart rate and blood pressure, quickening our breathing, releasing energy stores and improving our alertness. This[...]

Know Your Breasts


Be vigilant about breast health

The female breast is an asset, but it can also be a source of anxiety to many. With all the talk and conflicting evidence surrounding breast cancer, it is time to get our women educated and empowered to “Know their[...]

A Fresh Start


Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy

BREAST CANCER IS the most common cancer in women. It relatively affects young women; the highest incidence is between 40 and 55 years old. The efforts to educate women on the benefits of early detection and treatment of breast cancer[...]

Tubal Pregnancy


Symptoms, diagnosis and management of ectopic pregnancy

AN ECTOPIC PREGNANCY is a pregnancy outside the uterus. The most common site is within a fallopian tube. More rarely, it is also found at the corner of the uterus (cornual ectopic), previous caesarean scar, the ovary, or in the[...]

Smokers’ Lungs


Dr Jim Teo Yeow Kwan helps us clear the air on chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases

Do you know that more than three million people have died of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in 2005 alone? It is estimated that 210 million people have COPD worldwide, and the World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that it will[...]

The Bumpy Truth


How to tell the benign from the bad

THERE ARE MANY types of skin tumours, and lumps and bumps can appear anywhere on our face and body. Most of them are harmless and need no treatment – these are called benign tumours. Some are cancerous and must be[...]

Smooth Moves


Causes, diagnosis and treatment of constipation

Constipation is a symptom that has different meanings to different people. These include infrequent bowel movements, decrease in the volume or weight of stool, the need to strain to have a movement, a sense of incomplete evacuation, and the need[...]

Get Back on Track


Recovering from stroke with a positive attitude

WHEN A STROKE patient comes for rehabilitation, the first question that the patient or family members often ask is, “How long will it take to recover?” While this is a completely legitimate question, it is one that is tough to[...]

Skin and the Big C

Understanding the hazards of skin cancer

In my experience, nothing strikes more fear in patients than the “C” word. Worldwide, skin cancer is the most common cancer in humans. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that one in every three cancers diagnosed is a skin cancer,[...]

Pain Relief in Labour


Clearing the misconceptions surrounding pain relief methods during labour

FOR COUNTLESS WOMEN, the joy of pregnancy is also intermixed with a fear of labour and the pain that is necessary for delivery. This fear is compounded by all the horror stories of labour pain relief methods that do not[...]

Whooping Cough in Babies


Respiratory Physician Dr Lee Yeow Hian gives us the lowdown on pertussis

It’s bad enough when kids have simple coughs and colds – imagine when they start whooping and have alarming pauses in breathing. Parents have a reason to worry when their kids have pertussis or whooping cough. Not only is it[...]

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