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Once upon a time, Lawrence Khong skipped school and chain smoked. Today, he’s a professional magician, polo player, founder of Gateway Entertainment and, gasp! Senior Pastor of mega church Faith Community Baptist Church. We just had to speak to him.[...]

Date Nights In


We tell you how you may steal some quality time off your busy schedule, for your other half.

Dates are one of the things couples are often encouraged to go on. Unfortunately for many of us, busy work schedules and intrusive in-laws who demand you be home for dinner every night make regular dates rather impossible. What’s more,[...]

The 7 Deadly Aunty Behaviours


“Excuse me, aunty?”

You are taken aback when someone addresses you aunty. Here, we share with you 7 aunty behaviours to watch out for. Extra sags and flaps, unkempt locks, pasty complexions and frumpy wardrobes are the few distinctive traits most women sport[...]

Inking It

Sean shows me his favourite tattoo.

More and more people are getting tattoo-ed these days. We share tattoo aftercare tips and a little more.

Call it a form of self-expression or whatever you may, tattoos have always been a subject of controversy in our conservative part of the world. But that has not stopped many from getting inked. We dish out a few tattoo[...]

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