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Medical Express Cover Story

Just Be Natural

“The Happy Naturopath” Eugene He practises a healthy and happy lifestyle

Curiosity has always been in Eugene He’s nature. Growing up with a huge appetite for questions, he always wanted to know how everything worked, such as the science of chemical reactions and how food affects mood. He discovered naturopathic medicine[...]

Food for Thought

Dietitian Dr Lim Yen Peng dishes on nutrition and the ageing population

You are what you eat. And what you eat becomes even more important when you have a medical condition – apart from dietary restrictions you have to adhere to, getting the right nutrition can help manage your condition and even[...]

Conceiving Hope

Singapore’s ‘father’ of IVF Professor Ng Soon Chye on birthing new treatments

Professor Ng Soon Chye cuts a fatherly figure. From his distinguished looks to his confident yet affable manner, he puts you at ease immediately. Which is only to be expected, considering his long history in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O &[...]

The Face of Change

Plastic surgeon Dr Leo Kah Woon transforms patients’ bodies and lives

Being the face of change is a calling that comes naturally to Dr Leo Kah Woon. His is a position that makes a twofold difference in people’s lives – enhancing their outer beauty and also inspiring inner confidence. The youngest[...]

My Doctor, My Friend

Dr Ang Peng Tiam fights cancer with hope and laughter

Everyone loves a good story, and Dr Ang Peng Tiam has a lifetime of great ones. In his childhood days, his family spent lots of time talking together after dinner, and his parents often shared their life experiences. “I must have[...]

A Mission of Miracles

Peter Lim discovers Nature’s secrets for good health

On the subject of natural living, you would be hard pressed to find anyone as passionate as Peter Lim. A believer to the core, Peter daily practises what he preaches in every aspect of his life, from the food he[...]

The Cancer Crusader

Clinician Scientist Dr Iain Tan on translating research to results

When you are as passionate as Dr Iain Tan is about combating cancer, you want to fight on more than one front. A consultant oncologist leading the colorectal cancer service within the Division of Medical Oncology at National Cancer Centre[...]

Programmed for Excellence

Urologist and robotic surgeon Dr James Tan explores innovative surgery

It’s not everyone who discovers that they are cut out to be surgeons before they even hit their teens. But that is just what Dr James Tan, urologist and robotic surgeon, did. He developed a mechanical bent at a tender[...]

Home is Where the Heart is

Cardiologist Dr Soon Chao Yang puts his heart into his work

For Dr Soon Chao Yang, serving others has always been close to his heart. As a teenager, Dr Soon suffered from allergic rhinitis and frequently needed to visit his family doctor. At the doctor’s office, he was inspired by the[...]

Finding the Right Fit

Pedorthist Owen Oo tells us how to choose our shoes

“My message to everyone is to learn to appreciate and love their feet. When your feet feel good, you feel good too.” There is a Chinese belief that the state of one’s feet is linked to the overall health of[...]

Doctor on a Mission

Dr Tyng Tan cuts a graceful figure in the aesthetic industry

Whether treating hair loss and skin problems at her clinic along Orchard Road or helping underprivileged farmers with undiagnosed silent diseases in far-flung places in Cambodia and Thailand, Dr Tyng Tan, Clinic Director of The Aesthetics and Hair Clinic, makes[...]

Healer and Educator

Dr Elisa Koh and her fight against gynaecological cancers

Oprah once said, “The real work of your life is to figure out your function – your part in the whole – as soon as possible, and then get about the business of fulfilling it as only you can.” Dr[...]

For the Love of Kids

Get to know paediatrician and sleep specialist A/Prof Daniel Goh

As someone whose everyday work involves dealing with cranky, sleep-deprived children, it’s no wonder A/Prof Daniel Goh is every bit a patient man. As Head of the Department of Paediatrics and a Senior Consultant at the Division of Paediatric Pulmonary[...]

Bosom Buddy

A staunch advocate for breast cancer awareness, Dr Felicia Tan talks about breast lumps, Angelina Jolie, and how getting a mammogram can save your life

IN THE MALE-dominated world of surgery, Dr Felicia Tan, Breast Surgeon at FeM Surgery, certainly cuts a graceful figure. With her easy smile and charming personality, it’s easy for patients to gravitate towards the petite surgeon. She has an innate[...]

The Vision Virtuoso – Mr Yap Tiong Peng

Mr Yap Tiong Peng’s passion for optometry goes beyond prescribing specs

Start a conversation on vision disorders with Mr Yap Tiong Peng and he might not be finished explaining about their causes and treatments until the next day. That’s how passionate he is at what he does. A senior consultant optometrist[...]

The Sleep Expert – Dr Kenny Pang

Dr Kenny Pang shares his dos and don’ts in managing sleep woes

Some doctors are interested about the functions of the heart, others specialise on the workings of the mind. Dr Kenny Pang, a renowned Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist, is fascinated about sleep – the natural periodic state of rest for the[...]

Man on a Mission – Interview with Dr Arthur Tseng

Dr Arthur Tseng aims to raise awareness about the most taboo gynaecological conditions

From ‘he’s very nice and patient’ to ‘he is worth the long queue’ and ‘it’s like talking to an old friend’ – Dr Arthur Tseng’s patients only have good words for the young doctor. They have one common concern, however[...]

Champion of Our Hearts – Interview with Dr Goh Ping Ping

Dr Goh Ping Ping advocates for women’s heart health

With her gentle demeanor, soft but determined voice and kind face, Dr Goh Ping Ping is the sort of person you would randomly approach for directions at a busy street. Listen to her talk and discuss about things she’s passionate[...]

Precise and Robotic – Interview with Dr Dean Koh

Dr Dean Koh cuts a sharp figure in the country’s colorectal surgery scene

Who would have thought that being good at playing video games in his childhood would one day play a big role in Dr Dean Koh Chi-Siong’s chosen career. A senior consultant and general surgeon at Colorectal Clinic Associates in Mount[...]

Easy on the Eyes – Interview with Dr Gemmy Cheung

Ophthalmologist Dr Gemmy Cheung brings sight to patients

We often take our eyes for granted. Save for a few swipes of mascara in the morning, we seldom pay much attention to our eyes on a daily basis. Until something serious happens, that is. But even then, some patients[...]

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