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Medical Express

Transplant Medications


The important role these drugs play

Organ transplant is a boon to those suffering from organ failure. Some of the commonly transplanted organs include the heart, lung, kidney, liver, cornea, bone allograft, skin, heart valves, vascular tissues, and trachea. After a successful organ transplant, the quality[...]

Gut Check

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A peek at the life of an internationally recognised endoscopist

As a child, Dr Jarrod Lee dreamt of becoming an environmentalist. He didn’t just want to save one tree or a turtle, mind you. He wanted to save the planet. Fast forward to the present – instead of saving the[...]

Beyond the Call of Duty

Ophthalmologist Dr Gerard Nah – on service, humility, and fidelity

It’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday demands of your job, especially if it’s one that requires a lot of your time and energy. But it seems Dr Gerard Nah, Ophthalmologist and Senior Eye Surgeon at W[...]



Showing a relentless growth in medical tourism

To say that the Medical tourism in Thailand is booming is an understatement. In 2012, roughly 2.5 million medical tourists came to Thailand from around the world for medical treatment, bringing in some 121.6 billion Thai baht. This accounts for[...]

NCCS and Clearbridge BioMedics Partner to Push Cancer Diagnostics to the Next Level

At the CTC CoRE

A collaboration between the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) and Clearbridge BioMedics, in partnership with the Pathology Department at Singapore General Hospital (SGH), has resulted in the establishment of the region’s first Circulating Tumour Cell Centre of Research Excellence (CTC[...]

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital Now Offers MAKOplasty® Partial Knee Resurfacing Procedure

Patients with early to mid-stage osteoarthritis of the knee can now undergo a less invasive partial knee replacement surgery, thanks to Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital’s new MAKOplasty® Partial Knee Resurfacing procedure powered by the RIO® Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System.[...]

Woman, Get Tested!


Important screening tests every woman should do

Health screening is designed for healthy individuals. A good number of health problems do not make you feel ill but can be detected by screening. Earlier detection allows for earlier intervention, thus preventing the health conditions from progressing and leading[...]



A growing medical tourism destination of choice

St. Luke’s: First PH Hospital Cited for Medical Tourism and International Patient Care Tourists headed for the Philippines can now be assured of quality healthcare as St. Luke’s Medical Center’s (SLMC) Quezon City and Global City hospitals have been certified[...]

Of Minds and Delusions


Understanding the mind of the delusional

Previously known as paranoid disorder, delusional disorder is a type of serious mental illness involving psychosis – the inability to tell what is real from what is imagined. Delusional disorder’s main feature is the presence of delusions, or unshakable beliefs[...]

For the Love of Kids

NUH_Daniel Goh_NUHI2

Get to know paediatrician and sleep specialist A/Prof Daniel Goh

As someone whose everyday work involves dealing with cranky, sleep-deprived children, it’s no wonder A/Prof Daniel Goh is every bit a patient man. As Head of the Department of Paediatrics and a Senior Consultant at the Division of Paediatric Pulmonary[...]


Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng launches the stroke centre, accompanied by Datuk Khairil Anuar Abdullah (far right)

Showcasing its competitive edge in the Medical Tourism industry

Malaysia International Healthcare Travel Expo 2013 Medical tourism in Malaysia is gaining more visibility through the annual Malaysia International Healthcare Travel Expo (MIHTE) organised by the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), held on 20 to 22 October at the Sunway[...]

The Skin Expert


Up close and personal with Aesthetic Physician Dr Eileen Lew

Successful, living a full life, and most of all, doing what makes her happy – Dr Eileen Lew is the embodiment of a modern woman. What’s more, with her perfect and glowing complexion, she’s a walking advertisement for her aesthetic[...]

Dr Jaime Chien


Empowering patients, comforting the sick

How long have you been in practice? Dr Chien: I have been a doctor for nine years. I graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2004, and completed my specialist training in Infectious Diseases (ID) in 2012. Due[...]

New Drug-Free Treatment for Osteoarthritis Now Available in Singapore

FLEXISEQ, the first drug-free treatment, especially formulated and clinically proven to combat joint pain and highly effective in reducing pain and aches associated with osteoarthritis, is now available in Singapore. FLEXISEQ is a specially formulated gel, which does not contain[...]

News Bits

CGH and TTSH Win HIMSS Elsevier Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Health IT

Changi General Hospital (CGH), Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) and Integrated Health Information Systems Pte Ltd (IHIS), the Health Ministry’s IT arm, recently won two HIMSS Elsevier awards for outstanding achievement in health IT. TTSH and IHiS clinched the Asia[...]

Beating the Flu


Understanding influenza and available vaccines

Commonly referred to as the flu, influenza is a viral infection that attacks the body’s respiratory system – the nose, throat and lungs. If not managed well, influenza and its complications can be deadly. Young children, the elderly, pregnant women,[...]

The Silent Warrior

edited IMG_5270

From influenza and UTI to HIV and SARS, Dr Limin Wijaya helps us fight the battle against infectious diseases

Unlike surgeons who are always at the forefront of life-saving medical bustle, Infectious Diseases (ID) Specialists often work behind the scenes. They examine viruses and bacteria to be able to help other doctors and specialists make a diagnosis. They work[...]

Weight Control for Better Diabetes Management

A new survey of people with diabetes who are overweight in Singapore showed that more than eight in 10 reported that their condition is well-controlled; however, nearly one in five of them did not know their blood sugar reading taken[...]

ParkwayHealth Radiology Offers New Extremity MR Scanner with Entertainment System

EDITED ext mri

Patients can now go through magnetic resonance (MR) scan while enjoying their favourite music or movies, thanks to ParkwayHealth Radiology’s new Extremity MR scanner. Unlike previous specialty systems that do not have the strength to deliver image quality comparable to a full-body scanner,[...]

New Hope for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Patients


The Singapore Men’s Health Society (SMHS) recently welcomed the availability of the first fixed-dose combination therapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), DuodartTM (dutasteride and tamsulosin), to treat and prevent progression of disease by alleviating symptoms, reducing prostate size, improving urinary[...]

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