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Medical Express

Erection Problems


Understanding erectile dysfunction and available treatments

Fifteen years ago, no man would be caught uttering the word impotence. If they do, it is done in the privacy of the doctor’s clinic. These days, erectile dysfunction (a.k.a. impotence) is pretty much discussed in the open, as much[...]

The Vision Virtuoso – Mr Yap Tiong Peng


Mr Yap Tiong Peng’s passion for optometry goes beyond prescribing specs

Start a conversation on vision disorders with Mr Yap Tiong Peng and he might not be finished explaining about their causes and treatments until the next day. That’s how passionate he is at what he does. A senior consultant optometrist[...]

Doctor of the Month – Associate Professor Allen Yeoh

Cheerful and Patient

Name: Associate Professor Allen Yeoh Specialisation: Paediatric Oncology (Senior Consultant) Clinic: Viva-University Children’s Cancer Centre, Kent Ridge Wing Level 8 National University Hospital (The clinic will be relocated to Level 9, NUH Medical Centre National University Hospital in August 2013.) Appointment hotline: 6772[...]

Insomnia and Sleeping Pills


Understanding prescription sleeping pills and their mechanism of action

A sleep disorder, insomnia is the inability to sleep or to stay asleep as long as desired. Treatments of insomnia (or sleeplessness) are available. However, underlying conditions causing the sleeplessness (e.g. frequent travels, shift work sleep disorder, other diet and[...]

The Sleep Expert – Dr Kenny Pang

edited IMG_06691

Dr Kenny Pang shares his dos and don’ts in managing sleep woes

Some doctors are interested about the functions of the heart, others specialise on the workings of the mind. Dr Kenny Pang, a renowned Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist, is fascinated about sleep – the natural periodic state of rest for the[...]

Doctor of the Month – Dr Chia Yin Nin

Treats her patients as if they are her loved ones

Name: Dr Chia Yin Nin Specialisation: Gynaecological Oncology Sub-specialty and Gynaecology Clinic: Gynaecology & Oncology Specialists #05-36, Annex block, 6A Napier road, Gleneagles Hospital Contact: 6479 3301/8223 1673 Opening hours: Monday – Friday (9am to 5pm), Saturday (9am to 12pm).[...]

Man on a Mission – Interview with Dr Arthur Tseng


Dr Arthur Tseng aims to raise awareness about the most taboo gynaecological conditions

From ‘he’s very nice and patient’ to ‘he is worth the long queue’ and ‘it’s like talking to an old friend’ – Dr Arthur Tseng’s patients only have good words for the young doctor. They have one common concern, however[...]

Don’t Let HPV Infection Become Cervical Cancer!


Understanding HPV and cervical cancer prevention

The cervix is that organ connecting the uterus and vagina. When abnormal cells on the cervix grow out of control, cervical cancer develops. Cervical cancer is usually a slow-growing cancer that may not have symptoms but can be detected early[...]

Doctor of the Month – Dr Quek Swee Chong

A Healing Hand and Listening Ear

Name: Dr Quek Swee Chong Specialisation: Obstetrics & Gynaecology, with a special interest in screening and cancer prevention Clinic: Parkway Gynaecology Screening & Treatment Centre  Tel: (65)64799555 Fax: (65)64790446 6A Napier Road, Level 3 Gleneagles Hospital Singapore 258500 Clinic schedule: Mondays to[...]

Doctor of the Month – Dr Lynn Teo

Caring and empathetic

Name: Dr Lynn Teo (Hwee Ying) Specialisation: Dermatology How long have you been in the practice? Since 1999. What do you like most about your work? I enjoy being a doctor and a dermatologist at three different levels. First is the[...]

Champion of Our Hearts – Interview with Dr Goh Ping Ping


Dr Goh Ping Ping advocates for women’s heart health

With her gentle demeanor, soft but determined voice and kind face, Dr Goh Ping Ping is the sort of person you would randomly approach for directions at a busy street. Listen to her talk and discuss about things she’s passionate[...]

Precise and Robotic – Interview with Dr Dean Koh


Dr Dean Koh cuts a sharp figure in the country’s colorectal surgery scene

Who would have thought that being good at playing video games in his childhood would one day play a big role in Dr Dean Koh Chi-Siong’s chosen career. A senior consultant and general surgeon at Colorectal Clinic Associates in Mount[...]

The ‘Black Magic’ in Slimming Supplements


Scrutinising slimming supplements and other OTC weight-loss products

There is no magic pill for weight loss. We all know that by now. These days, people with the perfect BMI didn’t get that from drinking a miracle capsule or coffee, but from tonnes of hard work – regular exercise,[...]

Doctor of the Month – Dr Felicia Tan

Cheerful and people oriented Name: Dr Felicia Tan Specialisation: Breast Surgery FeM Surgery Unit How long have you been in the practice? I have been in practice for 11 years. I graduated from the National University of Singapore and did my[...]

Easy on the Eyes – Interview with Dr Gemmy Cheung

EXP Gemmy CM CheungS

Ophthalmologist Dr Gemmy Cheung brings sight to patients

We often take our eyes for granted. Save for a few swipes of mascara in the morning, we seldom pay much attention to our eyes on a daily basis. Until something serious happens, that is. But even then, some patients[...]

Doctor of the Month – Dr Salleh Ibrahim

Amiable and Approachable Name: Dr Salleh Ibrahim Specialisation: Hepatobiliary/Liver Transplant Asian Centre for Liver Diseases & Transplantation (ACLDT) How long have you been in the practice? I have been in the practice for well over 18 years. After obtaining my basic[...]

Doctor of the Month – Dr Joyce Lim

Making People Feel and Look Better Name: Dr Joyce Lim Specialisation: Dermatology with special interest in pigmentation, acne, skin surgery and aesthetic dermatology Joyce Lim Skin and Laser Clinic After graduating as a doctor, she did her post-graduate specialisation in internal[...]

The Doctor with Toys for the Big Boys – Interview with Dr Chin Pak Lin


With a passion for surgery and affinity for engineering, Dr Chin Pak Lin champions robotic surgery in Singapore

For most people, engineering and medicine are poles apart. You either have a passion for healing and making the sick better or an inclination towards designing systems and structures. For Dr Chin Pak Lin, Consultant within the Adult Reconstructive Service[...]

Antibiotics 101


A lowdown on antibacterial drugs

Antibiotics (or antibacterials) are medicines that are used to fight off bacterial infections. These are powerful medicines that cannot be used against viral infections (e.g. flu, colds, most coughs and bronchitis, and sore throats not due to Streptococcus bacteria). When[...]

AIDS Advocate – Interview with Dr Leong Hoe Nam


Fighting infectious diseases on a daily basis

Every year since 1988, we have been commemorating World AIDS Day, but the stigma and discrimination surrounding AIDS and HIV continue to prevail worldwide. Thanks, however, to some few good men who choose to venture where few men dare to[...]

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