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Dental Health



Are they bad for my teeth?

I was having dinner with my friends a few nights ago when one of them asked me this question,“Is picking my teeth bad for me? I was told it is.” I thought to myself, if toothpicks are bad for teeth,[...]

Pain and Locking Episodes


Signs and symptoms of TMJ Disorder

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD, TMJ Disorder or Jaw Joint Disorder) is a common condition which affects the jaw joints (TMJ) and the muscles and structures around the joint. Most people know someone who has suffered from this disorder. There are[...]

Biting Pain


The truth behind wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last few teeth to be formed in the human jaw. It is also known as the third molar, the last molar at the four ends of the two rows of teeth. Wisdom teeth erupt or appear[...]

Halitosis and Oral Care


Don’t let bad breath get the better of you

Bad breath or halitosis is a common problem that can affect anyone at any age. It affects about 2.4% of the adult population, and most people at some point. The odour often depends upon the source or underlying cause of[...]

Children’s Dental Accidents


What to do during dental emergencies at home

Ezyhealth spoke with Dr Elizabeth Tan, Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry at Specialist Dental Group, about some of the common issues relating to children’s dentistry. Here are some useful tips for parents on how they can ensure that their children’s teeth[...]

Nutrition and Oral Health


The significant role of diet in the development and maintenance of healthy gums and teeth

Patients occasionally inquire on the need for good oral health in relation to their general wellbeing. My reply is that the mouth is the starting point for our digestive system. The ability to cut, chew and swallow food is essential[...]

Gum Disease


It’s a matter of the heart

You may be wondering what gum disease has to do with heart problems – after all, the mouth and the heart are separate organs of the body. Gum (periodontal) disease is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the supporting bone[...]

More than Teeth

More than Teeth - The importance of gum health

The importance of gum health

Gum disease is one of the two most common diseases that affect our oral cavity. This disease is a condition affecting the gum and bone surrounding the teeth. While gum disease does not show obvious symptoms until it has progressed[...]

Wisdom Tooth Surgery


The Truth About Losing Your Wisdom Teeth

When it comes to wisdom tooth surgery, many seem to associate this procedure with pain and swelling. Just the thought of having a dentist tell you that you will need wisdom tooth surgery may leave you squirming in the dental[...]

Baby Teeth


Start Your Kid’s Dental Health Care Early

Your child’s first visit to the dentist should take place between one and two years of age. The dentist will monitor growth and development of the dentition and jaws. This would help in preventing, and/or intercepting any abnormal habits and[...]

When Eating Ice Cream Hurts!

Sensitive Teeth

Taking care of hyper-sensitive teeth

 Does your tooth become painful when you drink a cold or hot beverage? Or when you eat a sour or sweet food? Does touching it directly or an air blast at the dentist cause you pain? If you answered “yes”[...]

The White Way


Different options to teeth whitening

Sometimes a boost in your self confidence can be just a matter of bleaching your teeth. Although purely an aesthetic thing and not a significant health issue, many people nowadays go for teeth bleaching because white and gleaming teeth can[...]

Brush Up


Dental history in a flash

Ever since you can remember, you have been religiously brushing your teeth and cleaning your mouth with these dental tools. In the morning these are the first things you use and the last at night – brushing, flossing, gargling and[...]

Mini Dental Implants


Individuals seek help to fill the gaps of missing teeth in the front of the mouth – in the form of dentures and dental bridges.However, more recently, there have been dental implants that anchor fixed artificial teeth and dentures. When[...]

How Straight Teeth Can Improve Your Wellbeing


How Straight Teeth Can Improve Your Wellbeing In an affluent society like Singapore where basic needs are taken care of and the emphasis on physical appearance is evident, there has been a noticeable increase in cosmetic dental treatments over the[...]

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