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Meal Replacement Shakes

Ulti Trim - Set

Ulti Trim™ is formulated with the latest advancement in nutrition science with quality ingredients sourced naturally and is presented in four delicious wholesome flavours: Valrhona Chocolate, Fresh Strawberry, Japanese Matcha and Whole Grains. Each sachet of Ulti Trim™ offers a[...]

Natural Health Programme

21 Day Ultimate Cleanse

The NatroSlim 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse, an all-new natural nutraceutical product, is a comprehensive detox programme. Designed to work naturally with your body, the programme supports the body’s natural ability to self-heal and reboot. The 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse promotes[...]

Handcare Set


Get hands on with a Handy Manicure Set from The Body Shop! Containing a rich, full-sized hand cream to protect and hydrate hands, as well as nail clippers, a buffer and a file, your hands are in for a delightful[...]

Facial Cleanser

edited Sensibio_H2O_ppe_invers_ouvert

In addition to the extreme cleansing capacity of the micelles, which capture and retain impurities, the micellar waters of Bioderma H2O Micelle Solution are also perfectly compatible with the skin, providing excellent tolerance and comfort. This limited edition comes with[...]

Noodle Maker

edited Philips Avance Collection Noodle Maker_1

For noodle-lovers craving healthier options, the Philips Avance Collection Noodle Maker HR2365 allows you to create your own noodles in just 10 minutes. Fancy some apple infused mee-pok or carrot flavoured tom yum noodles? With the Noodle Maker, you can[...]

Superfood Blend

edited pomitt-pack21

Pomi-T® is the world’s first scientifically evaluated and completely natural whole food supplement developed by an oncologist. Rich in plant polyphenols and phytochemicals found naturally within four whole foods – broccoli, turmeric, pomegranate and green tea – and free of[...]

Disposable Lenses


DAILIES® AquaComfort® Plus Toric lenses are a perfect solution for those with astigmatism, who want the comfort and convenience of a daily disposable contact lens. These unique lenses contain three different moisturising agents built into the lens that are released[...]

Menopause Supplement

edited IMG_2301

Menopace® Night is a specially formulated food supplement for women during and after the menopause designed to be taken with an evening meal. Optimal nutrition is important during the menopause, whether or not you decide to take Hormone Replacement Therapy[...]

Moisturising Shave

Gillette Venus & Olay Sugarberry razor packshot

The Gilette Venus and Olay razor combines Gillette’s five-blade technology for a closer shave and Olay’s moisture bars which keep skin baby-soft and silky. The thinner blade edge gently exfoliates the skin while you shave, while Olay sugarberry moisture bars[...]

Enzyme Nutrition


Turbocharge your way to good health with AFC Japan’s Ultimate Enzyme, a concentrated powerhouse of 106 whole raw superfoods, carefully selected from whole fruits and vegetables, roots, grains and nuts. Rich in enzymes, essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and active[...]

Oral Protection


For immediate and long lasting fresh breath, get a taste of the Dentiste Premium Love Set! Consisting of an oral rinse (450ml) and toothpaste (60g), the Love Set helps neutralise the oral pH level and stimulate salivary flow. Together with[...]

Hair Serum

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Nutri-Oil Serum, $8.90 for 40ml

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Nutri-Oil Serum revitalises dry, frizzy hair with the power of coconut oil and almond oil to give you soft, silky hair with zero frizz concern. As good as a Moroccan argan oil treatment, this serum is lightweight,[...]

Body Contouring Gels


Aléqua SLIMFIT™ Water Gels is a range of body contouring products that’s scientifically formulated with a combination of clinically tested active ingredients. These ingredients act effectively on fat deposits under your skin to eliminate the orange-peel effect and give your[...]

Premium Coffee

Cafedirect Freeze Dried Medium Roast

Enjoy a cup of carefully-blended, premium black coffee for a quick pick-me-up. Cafédirect Freeze-dried Medium Roast instant coffee is a wonderfully smooth, vibrant and full-flavoured coffee with caramel overtones. The perfect formula comes from balancing the sweet and chocolate-y Arabica[...]

Portable Massager

3p images x 3

Destress and ease those tense knots, tight muscles and body aches with the 3P Massager. This unique massager targets three main sections of the body: the arms, waist and back, and legs. The device helps to circulate blood smoothly by[...]

Night Repair Cream

Ossential Advanced Radical Night Repair

The newly improved and reformulated Ossential® Advanced Radical Night Repair is faster and more effective than ever before. Plant stem cells, along with Vitamins A, C and E provide multi-antioxidant protection to help defend against future skin ageing. The multi-vectored[...]

Wholesome Mooncakes

Mini Snow Skin Mango Paste with Preserved Mango

Indulge in an array of exquisite tastes for a sensory Mid-Autumn experience with Hua Ting’s “Asian Cuisine Chef of the Year 2014” Masterchef Lap Fai’s specially created scrumptious Millenium Mooncakes, including Milk Tea Lotus Paste with Melon Seeds, made with antioxidant-rich[...]

Aroma Diffuser


Combining traditional Chinese craftsmanship and modern technology, the Young Living Sha aroma diffuser is made of rare purple clay. The Sha diffuser comes with a built-in ioniser that generates negative ions to more effectively purify the air in your room.[...]

Anti-Ageing Formula

Ossential Growth Factor Serum Plus-PS

Ossential® Growth Factor Serum Plus offers powerful anti-ageing benefits, improving skin’s resilience, firmness and elasticity. With cellular growth factors to stimulate cellular regeneration, collagen production and synthesis of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), amino acid complex to enhance cellular renewal, strengthen the skin[...]

Joint Health Supplement


Say goodbye to joint pains with the new BRAND’S® ActivMove, an innovative collagen-based joint health supplement that is specially formulated to promote joint comfort and mobility. Designed for active individuals who participate in regular rigorous physical activities, it is also[...]

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