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10 Check-ups Every Man Needs

Examining a student

Don’t let your health slide  

Men, get screened early! Don’t wait till symptoms appear – it may be too late then. Chances are, you get your car tuned and buffed regularly, like how you keep that favourite pair of shoes polished to a high shine.[...]

Build Better Bones at Home

Photo of woman in sportswear with towel, isolated on white

4 easy exercises for everyone

Among other benefits, physical exercise can help build healthy bones. Like muscle, bone is living tissue which becomes stronger from physical activity. Exercising also allows us to maintain muscle strength and balance, which in turn helps prevent falls and fractures. This[...]

Sex – the Mental Health Supplement

Love couple in bed

Slipping between the sheets can improve your mental wellbeing

Sure, sex feels good. But beyond the heat of the moment, it can actually make you healthier. Here are four surprising ways sex can rev up your mental health. Great sex = … …less stress People who have intercourse at[...]

Eat to Beat Cancer


Protect yourself with these delicious “cancer blockers”

Brawny Brussels Sprouts (Serves 3) “Crucify” cancer with cruciferous vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage. Loaded with isothiocyanates and indoles, which simultaneously inhibit carcinogen-activating enzymes and stimulate carcinogen-deactivating enzymes, these mean green superfoods are believed to pre-empt breast[...]

Tall Cancer Tales – Quashed!


Get your facts right

As cancer research becomes more advanced, the public has also been inundated by information about this group of diseases – online, on silver screens, and through the grapevine. But how much of it is true? Ezyhealth debunks four common misconceptions[...]

Down to the Bone

X-ray Anatomy on White

The essential facts of bone health

No bones about it! Your skeleton is a vital part of your body. So how do we build better bones? When and why do we start to lose bones? Read on to find out the answers and test your bone[...]

Stress and your Heart

blood pressure

The hidden damage

Chronic stress – whether from the peak hour MRT crowd, an unhappy marriage, or a mounting workload – has a wide range of harmful health effects. It can interfere with your mood, sleep, and appetite. But can it cause heart[...]

Let’s Talk about Sex!

Finishing touch

Sexercise’ and other sexual myths

Sex is perhaps one of the most elusive practices in life – it has been around forever, but we’re only just beginning to develop a murky understanding of it. We scoured the academia for credible studies that debunk four common[...]

Affairs of the Heart

sport fitness woman

How much do you know about keeping your heart healthy?

In Singapore, one in three deaths is due to heart disease and stroke. While we have no control over many risk factors — such as family history, sex or age — there are some key steps we can take to[...]

Hearty Eats


Boost your cardiovascular health with these heart-thumpingly good recipes

Cheesy Salsa Oats (Serves 1) Start your day right with a steaming bowl of oats, which are full of omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and potassium. This fibre-rich staple can lower levels of LDL (“bad”) chol esterol and help keep arteries[...]

Vitamin K


Keeping things together

Did you know that Vitamin K helps blood clot? Severe deficiencies can cause serious bleeding problems. Aptly named after the German word koagulation, vitamin K is key in helping blood to clot. It exists in several forms. The two main[...]


You just can’t live without it

Phosphorus has plenty of benefits for our bodies — it strengthens our bones, protects our cells and helps us make energy. Even better news: it is available in a wide range of food sources. One of the most abundant minerals[...]



For strength and flexibility

Here is another clue to healthier, pain-free joints! Chondroitin is a natural component found in cartilage – the tough, connective tissues that cushion our joints. Chondroitin helps draw fluid into the cartilage, making it more flexible, and also blocks enzymes[...]

Vitamin E


More than skin deep

Vitamin E is not only a choice ingredient in cosmetics; it also bodes well for our eyes, hearts and nerves. As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E neutralises the oxidant effect of free radicals, which destroy the healthy cells in our[...]

Pep up your Peepers!


3 easy recipes for healthy eyes and sharp vision

Zesty Carrot Ginger Soup (Serves 4) Packed with vitamin A, carrot prevents night blindness and is essential for retinal health. It also reduces the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Ingredients 3 tbsp unsalted butter 680g carrot (about 6 or[...]

Bedtime Blues


Are you getting a good night’s sleep?

Lack of sleep can be more dangerous than too much alcohol. A study conducted by the University of New South Wales showed that sleep deprivation may reduce reaction time by up to 50%. Most adults need eight hours of sleep[...]

Think Exercise = Weight Loss? Think Again


Debunking the myths of ‘working off the weight’

So, you think you know how this works: exercise, burn calories, lose weight. Simple, right? Actually, no… it’s NOT all that simple! Here, we debunk the top three myths surrounding exercise and weight loss. Read on to get the whole[...]



For healthy joints

Naturally found in the fluid around our joints, glucosamine keeps our cartilage – flexible connective tissue found in various parts of our bodies, including our joints – healthy. However, natural glucosamine levels drop with age, leading to deterioration of the[...]

Vitamin D


Walking on sunshine

Of the essential nutrients our bodies need, vitamin D is one that stands out from the crowd. You don’t get it from eating loads of green veggies (cue sighs of relief); interestingly, the best way to load up on vitamin[...]

Build a Balanced Salad


Satiating salads do exist – and trust us, assembling them is not rocket science!

Are you the kind of person who has a salad for dinner – and then a post-salad pizza and Snickers for dessert? Perhaps you know the veggies are for your own good, but they leave you feeling hungry and craving[...]

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