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Botanical Supplements


Do botanical supplements work and are they safe?

Despite the many centuries tradition of botanical supplements use in Asia and evidence that usage is increasing globally, scientific evaluation of the impact of these dietary supplements on human health is still in the early stages. Self-directed use is the[...]

Abs-solutely perfect


Ways to improve abs fitness

What should we do to improve our abs fitness? Do more of it eight hours a day? Probably NOT! Working on those abs Do the basic crunches, leg raises, reverse crunches and other abdominal exercises. Doing these exercises have benefits,[...]

A Woman’s Special Moment


Survey reveals common and significant milestones in a woman’s life

As the year ends, it’s great to know that Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (JJVC) cared enough to find out what experiences in a woman’s life are considered special and how prepared these Singaporean women are for these significant moments.[...]

Lung Exercise


Keeping the largest organ of our body in top form

Weight lifting builds strong muscles, stomach crunches tone abs, and stretches bring greater flexibility. We exercise regularly to keep our bodies in tip top condition. How can we keep our set of lungs in tip top condition? Sitting side by[...]

150 Minutes to Health


Holistic and achievable fitness for busy Singaporeans

I’m busy.” We’re all guilty of abusing this phrase so much so that it almost feels like we have unknowingly yet unanimously agreed it’s the most reasonable of all excuses. Somehow, it appeases our guilt for not exercising regularly because,[...]

Staying Abreast with Pilates


Pilates after Breast Cancer

Breast cancer used to be a scary death sentence for most, its prognosis now is much better, with higher cure and survival rates, thanks to early detection, coupled with advanced medical treatment modalities available. Breast cancer is the most common[...]

Banana Sutra


2 appetizing outcomes if you position them bananas right

You are probably no stranger to the fruit, but you have no idea what exactly are bananas loaded up with and most certainly its capabilities of whipping up a variety of dishes. Bananas are found to have a high content[...]

Red Wine

red wine glass

A glass of red wine a day keeps the Heart Doctor away

Imagine exercising your heart, the most vital organ in your body, without actually lifting a foot! Some studies reveal that drinking a glass or two of red wine a day does exactly that and more. The secret lies in resveratrol,[...]

The Infamous Eating Disorder


You’ve heard the old story, it is society’s fault – society equates scrawniness to beauty – so blame society and all the famous skinny people. What is common between musician Karen Carpenter, actress Margaux Hemmingway and French model Isabella Caro?[...]

Eating For Health


How much do we know what’s in our food? And does this matter?

It is fascinating how much insight one can gain into a person’s dietary habits, not to mention how much the contents of the grocery trolley often relate closely to the owner’s weight status. Mind you, I’m no prude when it[...]

Slim Down, Beef Up!


Just for the men, here’s a little motivation and insight on how Hercules got that bod.

Lugging vehicles and man-sized tires along dusty gravel-paved roads are few of the many near-impossible feats Shaun does on a regular basis to train for strength. Tall, dark and good-looking, we’re pretty sure Shaun has no problems catching the eye[...]

Slim, Slimmer, Slimmed


Slim, Slimmer, Slimmed Love handles, pudgy tummies – time you got rid of them. Here are some simple exercise tips you could use. You haven’t been to the beach, neither have you donned your favourite dress for the longest time.[...]

Love Yourself Slim Or Think Yourself Slim


Getting to goal weight starts from within.

There is no telling what you can accomplish to get the body you’ve always wanted with the right frame of mind. Since I was 15, I suffered an eating disorder called Bulimia. I did not come understand what I was[...]

Healthy Eating Tips


Tasty and easy to make foods tend to be packed with sugar and sodium!

Now, if you’re like most people, you probably think you don’t have the time or money to spend buying healthy foods, or you think if you want to eat healthy you need to go to a special health food store[...]

Water – Alkaline, Mineral, Purified & Spring


Have you ever wondered why water can taste so differently sometimes?

When it comes to drinking water, there can be just so many choices. Not known to many, different types of water contain different nutritional benefits. Water can be healthy too, we tell you more. Alkaline Water The correct acid-alkaline balance[...]

Asian vs Western Detox


Asian vs Western Detox East Meets West Most of us can attest that detoxification is an essential way to keeping our bodies free of dietary toxins and potentially harmful substances such as alcohol and tobacco, thus keeping us healthier and[...]

Insomnia & Hypnotherapy


Insomnia & Hypnotherapy Sleeping with the Gods – A new approach to putting Insomnia to bed Are you someone who tosses and turns all night long? Do you find that the harder you try the more illusive sleep becomes. It is[...]

Yoga vs Pilates


The Science Of Enlightenment

Silver screen celeb Angelina Jolie has sworn by yoga whilst Sarah Jessica Parker opted for pilates. Despite having formed quite a cult following, many still can’t tell the difference between the two. Though they’ve been around for the longest time,[...]

Homemade Anti-aging Remedies


Tried and tested homemade remedies that will take years off your age.

Looking young does not only have to revolve around the greens you eat, the jars of creams and lotions you swear by, or the anti-ageing treatments you attend to. Homemade concoctions made out of the foods found in the kitchen[...]

Break A Leg

Computerised Gaitlab BW

Dr Amit tells us more about AposTherapy's miracle treatment

Dr Amit is not just any doctor. He is the innovator, the inventor, the co-founder of AposTherapy, an all-new non-invasive treatment used to treat aching backs, over-used knees and the likes. First kicked off in Israel, Apostherapy has successfully treated[...]

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