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Christine Ng – Cordially, Christine

Hong Kong Actress Christine Ng Gets Candid and Sassy

Sassy, straightforward and very opinionated, Hong Kong actress Christine Ng stands out in the sea of starlets who are trained to give restricted and non-controversial interviews. As one article puts it, “It is really hard to find an actress as open as Christine Ng in Hong Kong. Love her or hate her for her boldness and unconventionality…”

At 43, she still looks as svelte and flawless as she was more than 25 years ago, when she was first crowned Miss Photegenic at Miss Asian’s beauty pageant. And by the looks of things, it seems her acting career is only starting to peak. She has recently joined the cast of “War and Beauty 2,” after being on an acting hiatus for a year. She is currently with Hong Kong’s Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), and among her best known TVB dramas include “C.I.B. Files” and “The Silver Chamber of Sorrows.”

Her personal life has been as colourful as her on-screen dramas. From being labelled as a “Black Widow” many years ago when her first husband died a few days after their wedding day, to admitting having an affair with a married man, and surviving the death of her beloved mother in 2002,  Christine has endured all these strongly yet gracefully, in front of the critical eyes of the public. And just like a true protagonist, she has proved herself a winner. She is now one of Asia’s most bankable actresses; she has been happily married to her husband of

12 years, successful advertising executive Kasey Lin; and as if these are not enough to label her “accomplished”, she has added one more hat to the many she is already wearing – as CEO of her own company, Beauty Advocate Limited.

With all the luxury around her, you wouldn’t believe that it is the littlest and the simplest things in life that make Christine happy, like playing with her two cats at home, for example, or having a big Sunday brunch or mountain tracking with her husband. It is her family that keeps her grounded. Being the only girl and the youngest in the family, she remains close and attached to her two older brothers after both of their parents died – something that you would rarely see in celebrities these days.

During her recent visit to Singapore, Ezyhealth & Beauty  managed to have a chat with the versatile actress.

Ezyhealth & Beauty (EHB): You’re back in Singapore! How do you find your visit this time?
Christine: My last visit to Singapore was almost 10 years ago. Singapore is so much more different now! Everywhere is so modern and lively. I love the urban architecture and the town planning, which make both driving and walking so enjoyable!

EHB: And your Singaporean fans?
Christine: The Singaporean fans are super friendly and down to earth. They made my visit extremely memorable. I am sure I will be back soon (definitely not 10 years later)!

EHB: I’m sure most of your fans would like to know how was your journey like, from being a young beauty pageant contestant to becoming one of Asia’s versatile actresses?
Christine: I was awarded Miss Asian’s Miss Photogenic when I was only 18. I started acting in TV dramas and movies right after that. All these happened so quickly and I didn’t have time to think what I wanted to achieve. It was just non-stop work. But I never regretted it, as it helped me mature much faster.

EHB: What lessons have you learned from it?
Christine: My learning from the journey is this: It is your own life –  if you want something, go for it!

 EHB: Tell us about your new baby, the Bijinsenmon. How did the idea of venturing into this particular beauty business first come about, and what made you pursue it?
Christine: The business idea started three years ago when I was taking a holiday in Tokyo. After a long day of shopping, I went to a spa. They offered me a leg mask to help soothe my aching legs. It worked magically after merely 15 minutes. Not only did it relax my legs, it also made them smoother and firm,  and most importantly,  slimmer! I wanted to share this wonderful product with all the girls in Hong Kong! After two years of persuasion and negotiation with the Japanese slimming guru, I finally launched the brand Bijinsenmon in the summer of 2010.

EHB: How do you like being an entrepreneur so far?
Christine: The best thing about being an entrepreneur is you are in control of what you want to achieve. Unlike being an actress, which is a very passive role and it is very difficult to predict the outcome of a movie.

EHB: And the best thing about being an actress?
Christine: The best thing about being an actress is I become a different ‘me’ with the different roles that I play. It’s like living many lives. And it pays me good money while I am having fun. Isn’t it a good job?

EHB: It definitely is! But with your busy schedule, how do you find time for your husband?
Christine: I have a very busy schedule as I run my beauty/slimming business and work as an actress at the same time. Luckily, my husband is my business partner and we go to business meetings and business trip together. So we see each other a lot!

EHB: Any hobbies you want to share with your Singaporean fans?
Christine: I am a big fan of hot yoga, which helps me detox through a lot of sweating. I also love mountain tracking with my husband and my friends, which is my healthiest social gathering.

EHB: Aside from using Bijinsenmon products, what other beauty tips do you swear by?
Christine: Drink lots of water, sleep early, meditate at least once a week, exercise regularly.

My best beauty motto: Don’t over analyze things. Don’t worry, be happy!

Christine Ng – Cordially, Christine

Maripet L. Poso is the editor of Ezyhealth Magazine
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