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Elizabeth Engaged

How Liz found love and peace in New York

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Credit: Leslie Hassler

The last time we sat down with Elizabeth, her exploits in New York were just beginning. A couple of years on, the multi-faceted actress is about to embark on yet another great adventure – marriage.

Elizabeth’s fiancé, Ivan Lee Mora, is an American glass artist and designer, noted for his innovative and intricate glass corsets. The lovebirds have paired up to work on shoots, events and interviews. Elizabeth bashfully admits to being her beloved’s muse as well as model.

Lovely Liz is all set to waltz down the aisle on the 19th of September – actually, cruise down the beach might be more like it, as the happy couple will be saying their vows along the beautiful Monterey Coast in California, near San Francisco.

Aside from the wedding preparations, the upcoming bride-to-be is getting her body in top condition for the big day with a pre-wedding diet and fitness plan. This feisty go-getter is going to knock everyone off their feet, for sure!

Ezyhealth snags Elizabeth for a cosy catch-up over coffee.


edited Photo 7 oceanEzyhealth: We first spoke to you in April 2012. A lot has happened since then! How has life changed in the last few years? Were there any particular experiences that had a big impact on you? 

Elizabeth: Well, when I first talked to Ezyhealth, I had just graduated from the William Esper Studio, and now I’ve worked in New York. I set up a small production company called Pound Productions. I produced two plays under that in New York and I’ve been working a lot in Singapore too. I was travelling, living and working between Singapore and New York, doing the 22 hour flight and that became part of my schedule. But I actually really enjoy it.

And a lot of big stuff has happened. The first big thing is I said “yes”… I feel all grown up now! And one big thing I did with Ivan was collaborating for two shows. One was New York Fashion Week, where I did a performance piece and Ivan designed all the art pieces. And in Venice Biennale he designed a glass house and I was a guest performer, with Milla Jovovich as the main performer. That was a great experience as a couple. So in a sense, we’re collaborators in love, and also collaborators in creativity and art.

He always tells me I’m his muse. I find that very sweet and romantic – I’m a sucker for romance! Art is our lifestyle, and both of us need someone that we can be inspired by. I think that’s why we fit. It’s funny because I am a romantic, yet I’m also a very practical person. I didn’t believe in marriage at first. To me, it was just a union. I believe that if you love someone you can be with that person forever without actually having to say “I do”, because you say “I do” in other ways. But with Ivan, it just felt so organic. It doesn’t feel any different now. He put a ring on it, he reserved me – “chope!” – but we’re still the same. This wedding is just a big party that we’re having, a party of love and family and friends, on the oceanfront… I can’t wait!

Liz and Ivan at the LA Web Festival 2014 on behalf of What Do Men Want? (Episode 2 starring Elizabeth Lazan)

Liz and Ivan at the LA Web Festival 2014 on behalf of What Do Men Want? (Episode 2 starring Elizabeth Lazan)

Ezyhealth: How did you settle on San Francisco for the wedding?

Elizabeth: He used to live in San Francisco and he designed a lot of bars and restaurants there, with his glass work, so he has a soft spot for San Francisco. I have family in San Francisco. I can have a simple, comfortable, cosy wedding – but I need water, maybe because I’m a water sign. I just always incline to the sea and so does he, and in a lot of our travels we try and go to a beach or something together. So having the ocean was criteria. Check, bucket list fulfilled, the oceanfront!

Ezyhealth: How has the rest of the wedding planning been?

Elizabeth: It’s been good, though we started planning it only recently. We’re very easygoing. We locked down the venue in March. That’s just six months before the wedding! It was available and we loved it and it just worked out. Then around June we started to think, okay, we need to get accommodation, we need to send out invites. But all our close friends had a heads up.

Ezyhealth: We’re dying to know about your wedding dress! What will you be wearing?

Elizabeth: I just had my fitting, it’s very exciting! Because it’s going to be in California, I really wanted something local to be part of me. I’m working with a local designer and she is making a bespoke wedding dress for me – she’s designing it from scratch. The designer is called Bruid, that’s Dutch for “Bride”. I’m so happy working with her because it’s so unique. I gave her a mood board and a few ideas and I let her creativity just go. She really nailed it, so I’m very, very happy. It’s sort of vintage too. I used to run an online vintage store so I wanted that 50’s quality.

We discussed using Ivan’s work in the dress or in the wedding, but I didn’t think I could do the dinner in a glass corset for the whole five hours! So he’s making me a custom cheongsam glass top for the tea ceremony. He’s never done a cheongsam glass top before. It’s one of a kind so it’s really exciting for both of us.

Ivan gives Liz a hand getting ready for an NYC event. Check out that red-hot glass corset!

Ivan gives Liz a hand getting ready for an NYC event. Check out that red-hot glass corset!

Ezyhealth: Obviously you inspire Ivan a lot, but how does he inspire you?

Elizabeth: He’s a friend, and I can turn to him for anything. In terms of creativity, he’s such a hard worker and he has some of the best ideas. I’m also a producer in New York, and when I was doing all my producing he helped me mastermind collaborations. He connects me with his own artists and his own designers. He just inspires me to be a better artist. I’m a go-getter, I moved to New York to train in the acting school and then I’m there auditioning and acting and working and he never stops me from having that kind of work because it’s my passion. So I think that’s support.

And he’s an artist too, so he understands the process. I don’t think I could be with someone with a typical job, because of the different schedules, and our lifestyles just wouldn’t match.

Ezyhealth: When was the moment you knew he was the right one for you?

Elizabeth: I don’t think there was one particular moment, it’s an accumulation of moments. We started out as friends. I just moved to New York and he had lived there for a while so he just showed me all the sights. We went out for drinks, checked out concerts. And then we just grew from there.

On the set of Channel News Asia, with Liz in a glass corseted gown. Credit: Ivan Lee Mora and Celest Thoi Collection

On the set of Channel News Asia, with Liz in a glass corseted gown. Credit: Ivan Lee Mora and Celest Thoi Collection

Ezyhealth: We heard you met your husband-to-be at a house party and you caught his attention with your moonwalking skills! Is that true?

Elizabeth: Yes, that is exactly what happened. I love Michael Jackson. I’ve been doing the moonwalk since I was a kid. So I did it and he was so amused that he just came and chatted with me. Michael Jackson was the start of our conversation. So, we always say, it’s thanks to Michael. It’s a funny story, it’s very unique.

Ezyhealth: Sounds like he had a great first impression of you. What was your first impression of him?

Elizabeth: It was actually an acting class party, so people from my acting school were there. He wasn’t in my school, but he used to live in that apartment so they asked him to come over. I walked in and I remember noticing him and thinking, “He’s not in my acting school, but he kind of looks like an actor…” My first impression of Ivan: mysterious, charming and gentle.

Ezyhealth: We hear you have a pre-wedding diet plan and fitness routine. Tell us more!

Elizabeth: I’ve made adjustments to my pre-wedding diet, I’m definitely more conscious of what I eat, when I eat, and how much I eat. I’m a chocolate fanatic. I absolutely love chocolate. So that’s something that I’m not going to stop, but instead of treating myself four times a week, I try for twice a week. It’s moderation, cutting back.

For fitness, I do pilates. When I’m in Singapore I go to Ritual and use the gym for intense interval training. That’s something I’m very religious about. I’ve started taking stage combat classes. I also play badminton. I just took part in a badminton tournament in New York.

I’ve done meditation for a while, but I do more now. It’s part of my routine. It helps to calm me down tremendously, just the breathing. I discovered meditation in New York because it’s such a chaotic city and I needed something to ground myself. I try to clear my mind and not let anything in.

I’m quite an athletic person so I don’t think I’ll ever stop working out, but with the wedding, I’m more conscious. Also, I started to make my own juices. A very good blender is essential. It’s really yummy if you get the right combination of fruits. My sister influenced me in that; she’s very good at it!

Liz’s Custom Combo Mix and match to make your own awesome juice! For a start, try Elizabeth’s fave recipe:“Kale, celery, a little bit of ginger, a little bit of beet, apple, carrot, and a little bit of orange. And then I put ice and blend it. It’s really good!”
Ready, Set, Glow!A lady in love makes a glowing bride. Still, you have to love your skin to ensure it’s truly radiant on the big day. Our blushing bride-to-be shares her beauty tips for healthy skin.1. Hydrate! That means outward andinward. You should always carry around a little bottle of moisturiser. Drink water.  A certain amount of juicing is very good for the skin too.2. Remember to apply sunscreen.3. Always remove your makeup thoroughly. It’s such a common oversight. It’s definitely not just one wipe!4. Try cutting cucumber slices to put on your eyes. I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager. It cools me and makes me feel really good. When you feel good you have a glow naturally.
) Here comes the bride… Liz looking gorgeous in one of Ivan’s glass creations. Credit: Ivan Lee Mora and Celest Thoi Collection

) Here comes the bride… Liz looking gorgeous in one of Ivan’s glass creations. Credit: Ivan Lee Mora and Celest Thoi Collection

Ezyhealth: Marriage is a lot of hard work. What do you think are the keys to a successful marriage?

Elizabeth: Communication, without a doubt. There’s so many things I could say, like having a good time, honesty, respect, but that’s all default. Communication is the first thing that comes to my mind. You never know what the other person is thinking and you can relay that, so to me that’s number one.

Ezyhealth: How do you think life will change after you get married?

Elizabeth: I don’t know! That’s why it’s so exciting, right? It’s a new adventure. But I think in a way nothing’s going to change, it’s going to be the same way we live our lives, just with an extra promise.

Ezyhealth: So what’s next for you? Any plans for kids?

Elizabeth: I’m shooting an indie film directed by Michael Wang, called The Trail. I play a free spirited woman Kate, who travels the world seeking out the most beautiful graveyards, and forms an unexpected friendship with a runaway child whose mother has passed away.

I’m producing and writing a series that talks about Asian artists in New York too. I’m doing that with my production company there. I’ll also be hosting a new digital content entertainment program “PreviewBuzz” for an upcoming new network in New York City.

As for kids… step by step, that’s my thing, step by step. I’m just planning a wedding. So, when the time is right.

Elizabeth Expressa. What are your favourite smells? The pages of new magazines, fresh Chinese New Year notes, lavender and rosemary.

b. What secret talent do you have (besides moonwalking)? I can juggle… not knives, but I can juggle. My secret party trick! 

c. If I were a superhero, I would be… Lara Croft! Tough, adventurous, travelling and saving the world.  She raids tombs. It doesn’t get any better than that.


Elizabeth is an artiste with FLY Entertainment.

Follow Elizabeth’s adventures!

Twitter: @elizabethlazan

Instagram: @lizlazan


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