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Everyone Can Eradicate Ebola

Although some medical therapies show promise as treatments for Ebola, scientists are still looking urgently for a definitive cure.

For the first time, anyone with access to a computer or Android-based mobile device can help scientists perform this critical research – no financial contribution, passport, or PhD necessary. In fact, volunteers can be asleep, travelling or on a coffee break when they help researchers search for an Ebola cure.

Simply download a safe and free app from IBM’s website that will put your device to work when it would otherwise be idle. With their collective processing power, the computers will form a virtual supercomputer to help The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) screen millions of chemical compounds to identify new drug leads for treating Ebola. Meanwhile, the devices will remain fully available for normal use by their owners.

This citizen science effort is possible through a partnership with IBM’s World Community Grid.

The best candidate compounds that emerge from this crowdsourced effort will be physically tested in the lab. Subsequent drug trials could ultimately lead to an approved medicine. Crowdsourcing this citizen science effort will dramatically accelerate the process of identifying a cure.

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