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First-in-Human Trial of Cancer Vaccine

Medical kitNational Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) has commenced a trial for a new cancer vaccine – the first trial in the world to be administered to human patients. Led by one of NCCS’s top clinician scientists, the Phase I clinical trial also scores another first for Singapore as it is endorsed by both US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA). The trial is sponsored by Singapore Clinical Research Institute (SCRI).

This cancer vaccine, developed in the US by a biotech company, is a form of cancer immunotherapy that can enhance and boost the body’s immune cells to attack a target protein in cancer cells. Cancer immunotherapy has emerged as one of the most exciting medical breakthroughs in the past two years.

Patients who underwent the trial are doing well. They suffer from breast and ovarian cancers. One is a foreign patient who flies here regularly to be on the trial.

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