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Hair That’s High and Dry

Key tips to banish dry and damaged tresses for good

Women are impeded by many misconceptions about this universal hair woe. They think that dry and damaged hair are essentially the same thing, and adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to hair care, splashing out on costly products and salon treatments that don’t always work.

This month, hair research scientist Katya Ivanona debunks common misconceptions, shares simple tips, and gets to the root of dry and damaged hair problems.

Ezyhealth & Beauty: What is one common hair misconception?

Katya Ivanova: Many women think that dry hair and damaged hair are essentially the same thing. In fact, dry and damaged hair, although similar in general appearance, are different problems, requiring different treatments.

Ezyhealth & Beauty: What are the key differences between dry and damaged hair?

Katya Ivanova: Both dry and damaged hair typically lack moisture, as well as the right balance of proteins and natural oils, known as lipids. However, that is where the similarity ends.

Dry hair is predominantly the result of internal biological factors or lack of general care – some people are born with dry hair, some people’s hair dries with age, and some suffer from a poor diet. Damaged hair, on the other hand, is exclusively the result of external environmental factors or severe damaging habits such as over-styling or excessive sun exposure.

Ezyhealth & Beauty: What’s the first step to transforming dehydrated and damaged hair to healthy tresses?

Katya Ivanova: It is important to weigh up not only your internal biological factors, but also your hair routine, when ascertaining whether you have dry or damaged hair. Once you know the cause of your hair woe, you can then better target the problem.

By Katya Ivanova

90 percent of women will, at some point in their lives, complain of dry or damaged hair – Katya Ivanova, Scientist and Hair Expert

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