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Hale and Hearty

The many easy ways to live healthier – according to model-host Stephanie Carrington

edited 1For most of us living in Singapore, trying to live a healthy lifestyle can be a huge challenge. What with the crazy, busy schedule we all keep and the fast-paced life we all lead, exercising at least three times a week is not a priority. All the scrumptious, but not so healthy, food readily available for us to grab and go does not help one bit either!

Stephanie Carrington – model, actress and host – knows exactly how life on-the-go can easily sabotage one’s health and overall wellbeing. This certified health nut, who admitted to eating Digestive biscuits and instant noodles for weeks on end in the past, had a 180-degree turn after a health scare during a trip to Greece five years ago – she had cranial fluid leak. “From that day on I committed to live a healthy lifestyle and to cherish each and every day,” Stephanie shared. And true enough, Stephanie not only started modifying her lifestyle and living healthier, she started advocating it, sharing whatever tricks and tips she knows about healthy lifestyle with everyone she knows and meets!

From healthy holidaying, to eating healthily in hawker centres and getting a kick-start to fitness, Stephanie’s tips are foolproof and spot-on! Read on and be inspired!

Ezyhealth: When did you move to Singapore and how do you like it here so far?

Stephanie: I moved here around seven years ago and I absolutely love it! I love how Singapore has a bit of everything for everyone – it’s safe, it’s got great food and shopping, it’s incredibly clean and I especially love how you can get to be one with nature and enjoy a posh  night out in town, all in one day.

Ezyhealth: How do you manage to enjoy hawker food and not compromise your healthy diet?

Stephanie: Yong Tau Fu is a super healthy choice and you can find it at almost all hawker centres. However, this also depends on the ingredients you choose. I make sure to load up on greens instead of the fried options and I opt for rice noodle with clear soup instead of the laksa soup base. When indulging in other local dishes I also make a visit to the Yong Tau Fu stall and just get a bunch of greens without the soup so that I can enjoy it on the side of whatever I’m having. This way, you can feel a little less guilty as you are nourishing your body with healthy veggies. Generally, try to look out for stalls that cook without MSG. And as with all foods, moderation is key!

Ezyhealth: You’ve been really passionate about promoting healthy living. When did this start, and how do you incorporate this in your lifestyle?

Stephanie: I have several family members that had suffered from all different kinds of cancer – from breast, kidney, bone, throat to skin. Sadly, I even had some relatives that have passed away because of it. I also have a half-brother who was always very vibrant, outgoing and active then, out of nowhere, had a brain aneurism that nearly cost him his life. Seeing people so dear and close to me go through such horrific experiences opened my eyes to how valuable life is and I slowly started to adjust my habits.

The major turning point for me was during a trip to Greece five years ago when I suddenly became incredibly ill with nausea, excruciating migraines and hot and cold fevers alternating every five minutes. After returning to Singapore and undergoing several tests, a doctor finally came to the conclusion that I had an infection and a leakage of my cranial fluid! I had to take antibiotics and was bedridden for an entire month. From that day on I committed to live a healthy lifestyle and to cherish each and every day.

Ezyhealth: You also cook and bake!! Have you always been passionate about cooking/baking? Please share with us6 how you started?

Stephanie: Actually, I wasn’t always into cooking or baking. During my modelling days, my eating habits were actually quite unhealthy and I would just eat what was convenient. I remember I would go through phases of eating just one kind of food for days/weeks and not maintaining a balanced diet – from eating only Digestive cookies for a week straight to eating canned foods or instant noodles! I was not healthy and didn’t have much knowledge about food and nutrition. Then after experiencing close family members go through such major health problems and especially after my traumatic experience during my trip to Greece, I became more health conscious, which led to my growing passion for food, nutrition and the inevitable step into the kitchen to experiment! I love learning new things about nutrition and sharing what I learn with those around me through my cooking.

Ezyhealth: What’s your favourite dish to cook?

Stephanie: Oh…this is a tough one. Hmmmm…..My latest favourite ingredient is quinoa, so I love experimenting, making different dishes using it. It’s loaded with amazing nutrients and protein and is considered a superfood! So whether it be tossed with a mixture of different veggies to make a delicious pilaf or in a hearty soup, I try to incorporate it in my meals somehow.

Ezyhealth: You have an amazingly lean and healthy body. Please share with us your top three tips in getting in shape.

Stephanie: I’ll admit I was never one to work out, and even in school I would dread physical education class. Once my interest in health started to grow I also made the decision to incorporate some exercise into my life. I started off by slowly adjusting my habits little at a time. After a while, it just became a part of my life. It was hard at first, but after you get in the routine of it, it actually becomes quite easy. You don’t have to do it drastically and dramatically all at once, just start by adjusting small things here and there.

1) Start with switching from soft drinks to water or juice. Soft drinks are loaded with sugar and have no nutritional value. If you’re dying for a fizzy beverage, try mixing half a cup of your favorite juice with soda water. Also, when it comes to juices, look out for freshly squeezed or 100% juice, as some may be ‘juice drinks’ which can also be loaded with added sugar. 2) Try taking the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator and try to incorporate activities that will get your heart rate up at least three times a week. 3) Careful planning when it comes to meals helps a lot! Plan your meals the day before or prepack your meals for the next day if you know you have a busy schedule ahead.

4Ezyhealth: You make sure you stick to your healthy living habits even on vacation! Can you give us some tips on healthy holidaying?

Stephanie: Holidays are all about having fun and indulging, but it’s easy to incorporate healthy habits. It’s easier than you’d think, so here are some tips to help you start off!

Kick-start the day with a wholesome breakfast. Load up on fresh fruits, lean protein like an egg white omelet and healthy complex carbs like oatmeal, which will help get you going on the right foot. Filling up on some wholesome goodness first thing will also help rev up your metabolism, which means your body will be ready to burn off whatever you indulge in later on. But remember, moderation is key! Whether it be a city adventure or a beach getaway, get your body moving. Venture out and explore your surroundings by foot or participate in some outdoor activities like snorkeling, trekking or cycling. Last but not least, always carry a bottle of water. Hydration is key wherever you go!

Ezyhealth: As we are promoting sleep health this month, do you have any foolproof tips in ensuring you get the right amount sleep your body needs each day despite your busy schedule?

Stephanie: Vitamin B is great for stress and helps the body stay calm and relax, so I take a vitamin B complex once a day. A glass of warm almond milk before bed always helps. Almond milk or milk contains calcium which is also known to help relax. After dinner you can have some cherries as dessert. Cherries contain melatonin which will aid the body catch those zzzs. Burn some lavender oil or sprinkle some on your pillow before bed.

Ezyhealth: What keeps you busy these days and what can your fans look forward to this year?

Stephanie: I’m so excited to have been selected as the face of RTL CBS Entertainment, which are two of the biggest media networks in Europe and the US that have joined forces to create a regional channel here in Asia. I’ve also been traveling quite a bit this year for both work and pleasure. I was the paddock host for the live coverage of the Singapore Formula One on Ch5 a few months ago, which was a blast as I got to personally meet and interview the drivers and be right there in the heart of all the action. When I’m not filming, I’m busy hosting events and launches for a wide range of clientele. I was so honoured to host the gala night of the Singapore Fashion Festival this year, where I got to rub shoulders with international designers like Carolina Herrara. As part of the RTL CBS Entertainment family, I can’t wait to share with everyone all the amazing things we have in store. So do keep a lookout, everyone!

by Maripet L. Poso
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