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Healthy Valentine

Six healthy ways to spend Valentine’s day

Ever since we can remember, women have been programmed to expect to receive something romantic from men on Valentine’s Day, be it flowers, chocolates, jewelry or dinner dates. Consumerism doesn’t help one bit, making women think that the bigger the rock the bigger the love. This heart season, why not surprise your guy by doing the surprising yourself? Here are some romantic ideas that will surely melt his heart. Did we mention these treats are good for his heart, too?

Plan a weekend getaway

Take the weekend to enjoy each other’s company while doing some sight-seeing and fun activities.
If your guy is a beach person, surprise him with some sun-and-sand vacation.
If he likes nature, go somewhere you can hike, bike or camp. If he’s into arts, book a culture-immersion getaway, such as visiting museums, enjoying art festivals, or watching plays or operas. These activities are not only relaxing and rejuvenating for the mind and body, these are also great to keep the bond alive.

Cook a romantic dinner for two

Nothing says unique and romantic than a candle-light dinner at home, prepared by the both of you. Eating at home is healthier than dining in a restaurant, and cooking together is more romantic and fun than ordering from a menu. You can also show your man how much you care about him by cooking his favourite meal. After all, they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you need a little culinary inspiration that’s both healthy and hearty, you may check out these websites, or

Sign up for a charity marathon

You hit three birds in one shot for this one. One, it’s for a good cause. Two, it will be fun to share this challenge with your loved one. And three, a 5km run is definitely good for your heart. This website,, has a list of marathon events happening in Singapore not only for the month of February, but for the whole year.

Book a couple’s spa

A good massage relaxes and de-stresses the mind and body, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated. It will be an intimate and wonderful experience to be shared with each other. Spas can get fully packed during Valentine season, so you might want to get a head start.

Get a Swedish massage if you both like long, smooth strokes and kneading for a gentle and relaxing spa experience. Aromatherapy massage is good for emotional conditioning and soothing stress. Hot stone massage is ideal for people who have muscle tension. Just like shiatsu massage, Thai massage aligns the energies of the body using gentle pressure on specific points.

Sign up for a fitness class together

No, it doesn’t have to be a dance class, since most men cringe at the thought of dancing in public. Surprise your guy with a gym membership in a martial arts class, cycling class, or something that both of you will enjoy doing together. Some gyms offer couples package, so start scouring for one that will fit both of your schedules.

Here’s a link to a list of gyms in Singapore:

Prepare breakfast in bed

When was the last time you prepared breakfast in bed for your husband? Get up early than usual and let the culinary diva in you do some magic! Instead of eggs, why not make some scrambled tofu? It’s healthier and sounds even more chic than your regular scrambled egg. All you need are green onions, tomatoes, silken tofu, turmeric, and salt and pepper to taste. Sauté everything in olive oil until done and sprinkle with some cheese. Serve with a toast (preferably whole-grain); some fruits like apple, orange or banana; and a cup of coffee and a glass juice. Voila! You just made a little kitchen masterpiece! Don’t forget to slip in a little love note in the tray before you wake him up for his treat.

By Maripet L. Poso

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