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Heaven Scent

Eight tips to benefit from the lovely aromas and natural healing of essential oils

It’s hardly surprising that stress levels are at an all-time high today, especially if you’re juggling multiple responsibilities and mounting demands at work and home. But did you know that free radicals from stress can accelerate ageing and the onset of many health problems?

This Christmas, we invite you to de-stress and recharge with the right essential oils. Here are eight suggestions to give you a year-end reboot and add to the festive cheer.

1. De-stress After a year of hard work, you deserve to unwind, lay back and power up for the year ahead. For this, we recommend the chamomile herb, known to be extremely calming and soothing. Simply put a few drops of the essential oil into a burner or a warm bath, and relax.

2. Ready, get set, glow Quick tip for youthful skin: Massage a few drops of rose essential oil into the skin. Rose essential oils promote capillary circulation for a subtle glow. If on the other hand, you are looking to eliminate blemishes, go for tea tree oil products, which have anti-bacterial properties to reduce acne.

3. Get quality shuteye If the festive season translates to party marathons for you, recharge your batteries with quality sleep. Lavender, ylang ylang and jasmine are known to calm the nerves and treat insomnia. Try infusing your bedroom or pillow with these essential oils.

4. In the mood for love Planning a romantic Christmas night with your significant other? Put a few drops of jasmine essential oil on the burner. Jasmine is known to be a subtle aphrodisiac!

5. Get party-prepped Set the mood right with essential oils! Try revitalising fruity ranges like bergamot to lift the spirits, or woody essential oils like amber and sandalwood for a warm Christmas-y vibe. If you’re averse to lighting candles indoors, you’ll love Barn & Potter’s chic electric burners, which use a light bulb to diffuse essential oils instead.

6. Hangover SOS Alcohol causes water retention. So to reduce post-party bloating and to aid in digestion, pour a few drops of peppermint essential oil onto hands, and rub them together to warm the oil. Massage the oil into the tummy in a clockwise direction for instant relief.

7. Post-party detox Too much alcohol and indulgent party food calls for detox! Pick a shower range like Mt Sapola’s ginger and lemongrass range, and give yourself a good scrub. Ginger is a natural antioxidant that will aid in stimulating blood circulation, while lemongrass is a free radical scavenger that sweeps away toxins from the skin.

8. Diet tips Good news: Aromatherapy can even help you lose the post-holiday bulge! When your craving hits, try burning some grapefruit essential oil, known to be an appetite suppressant. Another quick tip: To tone the body and effectively flush out toxins, rub a black pepper massage oil or lemon essential oil onto the problem areas to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, and smoothen out cellulite.

Aromatherapy 101 Holistic healing expert Cheryl Gan breaks it down for you

★    What is aromatherapy?

Cheryl Gan: Aroma means scent, while therapy refers to treatment. In other words, aromatherapy refers to the treatment of ailments with natural scents. It works on the basis that our sense of smell is a potent brain trigger, able to directly affect our emotions and memory centres,

Aromatherapy is believed to improve and treat a host of mental, spiritual, emotional and physical problems naturally, without the need for drugs.

★      How are essential oils obtained?

There are generally five way of extracting the oils from the plant material – the most common of which is distillation. Essential oils are extracted from plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, trees, shrubs and seeds, usually through a distillation process.

★      How can they be used?

When inhaled, essential oils can help to reduce stress, alleviate depression, improve slumber, or even raise your energy levels. And when topically applied, they are believed to penetrate the skin and offer various skincare benefits.

★  How to choose good essential oils?

Understanding the fundamentals of how essential oils come about is the first step to ensuring that what you are buying is pure essential oil.

Example, you can easily get a couple drops of oil from the oil sacs contained in the rinds of fruits such as orange, lemon, tangerine when you peel the skin of the fruits compared to getting only about 500g of rose absolute from a ton of rose petals. Therefore, it will definitely be incredibly amazing to get a bottle of rose absolute as the same price as of a citrus oil.

Unfortunately, in the local market consumers who wish to distinguish good quality oil from inferior products will have to trust their nose and personal experience.

Therefore, in order to ensure quality in the essential oils we sell, Mt Sapola invests in research and development to determine the quality of the essential oils before each batch is sent to the shelves for sale. Several tests will be done to determine the quality of the oil.

Cheryl Gan is a certified holistic healing expert, with diplomas in herbal medicine, anatomy and physiology, and body massage. She is the local partner of Mt Sapola.
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