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Fun things to keep your kids active during the holidays

The kids are on school holiday break. You’re excited to have them around the house all day long. You play with them, go shopping together, serve their favourite meals, then suddenly, a week has passed and you notice they’re becoming more engrossed on computer games than any other physical activities.

Before you panic and start calling their PE teacher for some quick advice, consider doing some of these fun chores together. These will keep them active and busy; at the same time, these are a good way to bond with them.

1. Decorate for the holidays

It’s about time you put up the Christmas tree, don’t you think? Kids are the most enthusiastic when it comes to holiday decorating! Give each kid a task: One in charge of hanging the Christmas balls, the others of the ribbons, and so on.

2. Bake some goodies

Kids love measuring and mixing, and most of all, they love that they get to eat what they make. Make the baking as simple as possible. Festive cookies are fun to bake with all the icing and decorations.

3. Make personalised gifts

Allow them to be as creative as possible. The gifts could be as simple as cards or you can ask them to help out in making Christmas hampers for family and friends.

4. Get them to try a new sport

Swimming, basketball, roller skating, ping pong and tennis are a few fun sports your kids might want to try during the holidays. Community centres have swimming pools and courts for these activities.

5. Organize kids’ rooms

Maybe it’s about time to reorganize your kids’ rooms. You can let them decide what theme they like this time. Help them shop for new items and redecorate their rooms.

6. Visit their doctor/dentist/hairdresser

It’s a good time to pay a visit to their doctor and dentist for a check-up, and their hairdresser for a haircut, just before school starts again.

Happy Bonding!

By Maripet L. Poso
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