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Juicy and Healthy Start to a Day!

Stay Youthful and Healthy with Jesseca Liu’s Secret Drink Recipes!

Juicy and Healthy Start to a Day

People have been asking Jesseca Liu, MediaCorp artiste and model, about her secrets to having beautiful and youthful skin. Finally,  at Acuvue Define’s event recently,  when she was launched as the first ever Singapore celebrity endorser of the brand, Jesseca shared with us, not one, but three healthy recipes responsible for her glowing complexion. And we’re sharing them with you!

“Freshen Up”

Vege-Apple Juice

You’ll need:

• 200g of purple cabbage

• 2 apples

• 1 stick of celery


Wash and cut the ingredients into smaller pieces and blend them together.


This mix is beneficial for the bladder and complexion, and it helps in weight loss as well. It’s best consumed in the morning.

“Brighten Up Your Life”

Tomato Lemon Juice

You’ll need:

• 2 tomatoes

• 2 lemons

• Some honey

• 50ml of cold water

• Some ice cubes


Skin the tomatoes, cut them into wedges, and blend them in the mixer. Next, add your preferred amount of honey and pour in the cold water to blend. Finish it up with some freshly squeezed lemon juice and top it up with some ice for a refreshing, healthy drink!

This health blend helps in brightening complexion, and prevents and
controls pigmentation.

“Purify and Detox”

Mixed Veggie Juice

You’ll need:

• 1 tomato

• 1 US celery

• 2 small cucumbers

• Some honey

• 250ml of water


Wash and cut the ingredients into smaller pieces and blend them together. Add water and your preferred amount of honey to reduce the tangy fibrous taste.

Tomatoes and celeries not only contain a variety of minerals and vitamins, it can also increase the alkalinity in our blood. Together with the high water and dietary content in cucumbers, this drink works to drive toxins and water retention out of the body.

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