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Just Joey

Say it like you Mead it!

Credits to Mike RosenthalFor someone who comes from the world of high fashion, where makeup, styling and posing for the camera are all part of the job, Joey Mead is surprisingly… real. There is no pretense about her, and she’s refreshingly forthright with her opinions. Away from the bright lights and glam factor, you have a strong woman who knows what she wants, what she stands for and isn’t afraid to tell you. It’s just Joey… and we like it.

The self-professed goofball is also one hard worker. You’ve seen her on the covers of FHM, Cosmopolitan and Maxim. She’s graced billboards and worked the catwalk the world over. And when she’s not busy being a model herself, she’s mentoring them. Most recently, the accomplished model-host shared her years of experience with aspiring models, as a co-judge on Asia’s Next Top Model.

All that hard work may have contributed to the herniated back disks that Joey ended up with. “I’m not sure how it happened,” shares Joey. “My theory is that I wasn’t as frequent in the gym as I was in my 20’s and going back and doing the same weight lift routine injured me. Wearing high heels for runway work over the years didn’t help either!”

To alleviate her back pain, Joey turned to Barre classes, yoga and pilates to strengthen her core. Happily, the change in fitness routine worked and Joey is back to her busy life.

Ezyhealth catches up with Joey and gets her take on women’s rights, body issues, fashion and more.

Let’s ask Joey!Credits to Joey Mead King

Describe yourself in five words.

Goofy, honest, sensitive, crazy, animated

What is one item you will never leave home without?

My credit card!

What’s your guilty pleasure? (We’re talking about food!)

Spoonfuls of nutella

Ezyhealth: You’re so comfortable in your own skin and it shows! What advice can you give to women to encourage them to embrace themselves?

Joey: You have two choices, either one, you get something done about it – cosmetically, psychiatrically, or learn how to style and highlight the best parts of you or read about ways to train your brain to be happy. Or two, accept the fact that body issues will never stop until you stop making it an issue.

Ezyhealth: You’re passionate about women’s rights. What changes would you most like to see now?

Joey: When you see that a majority of women, especially in third world countries, do not realise they have choices, this makes it evident that I have an important role to help educate them via social media and in person that they are in charge, they can help themselves and their families by knowing their choices which are not offered (or denied) to them out of fear and religious beliefs.

Ezyhealth: We hear you’re a fan of furry creatures and have a house full of animals – dogs, cats and even a rabbit! How did your love affair with animals begin?

Joey: I’ve always loved animals. Growing up in Australia, I had six cats at one time and two dogs. During my modelling years, I was unable to have any due to all my travels and not being in one place long enough, till I got married and had a home and was able to take on the responsibility of being a pet parent.

Ezyhealth: Are there any ‘healthy living’ rules that you incorporate in your daily routine?

Joey: Healthy living for me and my family now includes a handful of vitamin supplements I never took before… a cocktail of vitamin E, Omega-369, vitamin B, vitamin C, flaxseed and a direct source of vitamins from the juices I have daily.

Ezyhealth: You’ve done fashion shoots all over the world. There must have been some extremely interesting ones! Tell us about your most memorable shoot.

Joey: Just recently actually, working for an Indonesian magazine with photographer Nigel Barker, I thought it would be a simple shoot of me lounging in a chair… but it ended up as me up in a tree, lying on marble floors, draped on stairs, posing under a garden vase with ants all over and then dunking myself and whipping my hair around in the pool. I wasn’t expecting that shoot and it just reminds me that you should always expect the unexpected and bring your game with you.

Ezyhealth: Fashion is fickle and trends change so quickly. As a fashion blogger, you know the ins and outs of fashion intimately. So what are your favourite fashion trends of all time?

Joey: I simply stay away from trends! I wear real fashion and easy styling fashion on [my website] RocknBoho!

Ezyhealth: As a model mentor and judge on Asia’s Next Top Model, you are someone that a lot of women look up to. How about you – who is your inspiration?

Joey: I have so many! I love Angelina Jolie, not only as my favourite actress but for all her selfless humanitarian work, Jennifer Lopez – I love her work ethic and kudos to whoever is on her glam team (laughs)… Nadya Hutagalung, because of her kindness and vast knowledge of eating healthier, and the people who volunteer with the two charities I help out with, PAWS Animal Shelter and Chosen Children Village Foundation.

Ezyhealth: Where can your fans catch you next? Any new projects in the works?

Joey: Follow my blog stories on and my website for upcoming fun giveaways and my YouTube projects!



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