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Live in Harmony

Are you in tune with your body?

edited book coverFor the longest time, I didn’t have a positive relationship with food – and neither did the hundreds of people I interacted with. Look around you and you’ll see that most of us are either stressing ourselves way too much about nutrition, or else closing ourselves altogether to the idea of eating well, because we feel we don’t have the bandwidth to make positive changes of any kind when it comes to eating healthy food.

The truth is that nobody can know our bodies better than we ourselves. I believe in consulting with experts only to use that which resonates most within us.

It’s worthwhile to remember that your inner guide, your intelligent body is constantly giving you the indications that will help you bring it back to balance. It’s only a matter of stopping to listen, to tune in and to follow its “advice”.

Hear the Message

To live in perfect harmony really means that each time you have pain, discomfort or an imbalance of any kind, you will treat it as a message from your body – that something needs to change, something needs to be set right or something needs your attention.

Our bodies are constantly talking to us, reminding us what is out of balance and needs to be taken care of. When you begin to listen, you form a friendship with your body. It becomes your ally. Like a friend who has great insight into you, you listen keenly to the wisdom it has to offer.

You foster a relationship with it that will last you for years to come. You develop a way of communicating such that you can both understand each other. You give it unconditional love and gratitude for carrying you through each of your beautiful days, and it loves you back, asks for what it needs and even adjusts when it can’t have what it really wants!

That is a new way of living – empowered living! This way of living can allow you to:

  • Enjoy, not worry, about food.
  • Access your body’s intelligence, beyond relying on just studies and research about what to eat.
  • Move in a way that feels good.
  • Know how to exercise in a way that feels energising and empowering, not exhausting and wearying.
  • Release negative limiting beliefs about what’s possible for your health and life, like “I’ll always look this way”, “I’ll only be able to do this much”, “I’ll always have problem skin”.

Four Steps to Harmony

If you’re ready to start enjoying this state of perfect harmony, here’s a simple yet super effective technique that can help you really understand what your body is trying to communicate with you.

Connect à Observe à Ask à Listen

This four-step method has helped several people to find the root cause of their pain, symptom, concern or illness. It is based on the understanding that your body is always aware of the imbalances in your life that are causing your physical or emotional issues. This simple protocol also takes into account that grounding into the earth’s presence allows us to tap into our inner guidance much more easily.

Listening to your body and tapping into its guidance can be a really quick process, and although I have listed a four-step method to do this, it can happen as in little as two minutes!

  1. Connect: Close your eyes (open eyes is also fine if you’re in a place where you can’t shut your eyes) and connect the soles of your feet with an invisible energetic line going across wherever you are standing until the very bottom to the earth’s surface. Allow it to penetrate the surface of the earth and reach until the spot that feels right. If you’re sitting, you can imagine your sit bones (the pelvic bones that protrude on the underside of your seat) connecting through an energy beam moving down reaching all the way to the earth’s surface.
  2. Observe: Once you’ve connected yourself to the earth’s grounding energy, go ahead and dive into the inner landscape of your body. Notice how your face feels from the inside. Observe your neck and shoulders and whether your arms feel light or heavy. Notice your chest and belly as they move when you breathe. Notice your sit bones and your thighs. Observe the feelings, the colours, the sensations and anything else that shows up.
  3. Ask: What is it that you are trying to resolve? Or what is it that you’re trying to understand better? Whether it is a physical symptom or a block you’ve been feeling, you can tune in and find out which area of your body feels most resonant with that question/doubt/concern/issue. Just become curious and non-judgmental about it.
  4. Listen: This is the most important part! Sometimes what you hear might feel totally unrelated to your issue, on the surface. Or it may feel like you’re totally imagining the solution that comes up. But the truth is that imagination is only a means to help you relate to your guidance. You will be able to understand the importance of the message when you go ahead and start applying it. Sometimes, it comes in layers that need to be resolved, and other times it’s a clear-cut simple solution to the exact issue you’re facing. Whatever it might be, the first one or two things that show up after you’ve followed the first three steps above, will help you most at that point in time.
Megha Mehta is the author of Find your Rhythm, a book about using your body's intelligence to make the most ideal diet, nutrition and lifestyle choices. She is trained in yoga, energy medicine, and integrative nutrition. Learn more at
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