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Live to the Max

Max Loong pushes the limits

edited Max 4From acting and TV hosting, writing and producing, to owning his own club and being a savvy businessman, Max Loong has a finger in many pies. Despite having so much on his plate, the hunky 34-year-old Malaysian-Swiss makes it a point to keep in shape, by working as hard on his body as he does on his projects.

In the past few years, Max has hosted the Formula 1 Singapore Night Race, been named one of the “100 Most Important Swiss People” and nabbed the ELLE award “Breakout Star of The Year 2007” category in South East Asia. Keep your eyes peeled – you might be seeing a lot more of him now that he’s the brand ambassador for German fashion label “Camp David” and BMW MINI cars.

Max is certainly hard to keep up with, but we managed to grab him just for a little while.

Ezyhealth: What’s your secret to a fabulous body?

Max: A combination of sport and eating healthy. I used to live a rather unhealthy lifestyle and a couple of years ago decided to switch to a healthier way of living. It definitely took some time getting used to my new routines but believe me, after a while you will wonder how you could have ever eaten sugar, fried and fatty food on a regular basis. Now I eat healthy Monday through Saturday and totally splurge on Sunday, that is my trick. And definitely find time to work out at least three times a week. When Richard Branson was asked how he can possibly run so many businesses and what the key to success is, his answer was simply, “one hour of physical workout a day”. And if he can find time to do that in his hectic schedule, there is no excuse why anyone can’t do that as well. I work out five to six times a week and couldn’t be without it anymore.

Ezyhealth: How do you take care of your skin?

Max: There is nothing I do in particular. I have tried creams before but if I didn’t apply them for a while, my skin would dry out even more. Therefore I believe that our skin has its natural way of keeping itself moisturised and I don’t believe we should mess with it with chemical stuff. Then again, I am just a guy.

Ezyhealth: You travel a lot. Any tips for dealing with jet lag?

Max: I fortunately don’t really get jet lag but that is probably because I am used to traveling around the entire globe twice a month. My body clock knows exactly how to adjust to each time zone. Nevertheless, here are a few steps you should definitely follow if you want to avoid jet lag:

  1. Set your watch/smartphone to the new time zone the moment you board the plane and from that moment think in your new time and never under any circumstances think, “Hey in Singapore it would be 1 o’clock right now.”
  2. Try to get some rest on the plane, preferably more or less during the night-time of your new time zone. If you have a hard time sleeping on planes, try to only sleep four to five hours the night before and you will surely be more tired on the plane.
  3. Once you arrive, make sure you stay up until 11pm. Do whatever you can to make sure you achieve that and then get a good night’s rest. No naps longer than 28 minutes during the day – 28 minutes is the maximum length of a power nap! After 28 minutes you fall into a deep sleep and you won’t adjust to the new time zone.

Ezyhealth: You wear many hats. What drives you to take on so many different roles? What do you enjoy doing the most?

Max: On one hand, I am a very driven person with tons of ambition to strive for the best, plus I enjoy learning various different things in life. On the other hand, I don’t believe in putting all your eggs in one basket. Like that I diversify my investments/businesses and don’t have to rely on only one source of income. It gives me the luxury to try even more business ventures. Some fail, some succeed but there is constant growth.

Ezyhealth: How do you stay in top form despite a packed schedule?

Max: The key to my success is time management. Despite working seven days a week, 10 –

12 hours a day, I manage to squeeze in that one hour of sport which in return gives me a good night’s rest. You should get seven hours of sleep every night.

Ezyhealth: Have you ever tried any natural therapies such as traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, chiropractice etc? Please share your experiences.

Max: I am not the biggest fan of western medicine because it’s more a business then what it should be, which is genuinely healing people. I’m a firm believer in natural therapies. I can’t say they all work but I want to believe they do. I have stopped smoking thanks to my acupuncturist. At the end of the day, we control so much with the power of our mind as well.

Ezyhealth: Are you a shy guy when it comes to your body, or do you believe “if you’ve got it, flaunt it”?

Max: I am rather a shy guy when it comes to my body. I work so hard to stay in shape but I am not genetically blessed with natural muscle mass. Nevertheless I am very happy in my own skin, thanks to eating healthy and working out a lot. That feeling is priceless and I can only recommend this lifestyle to anyone. On top of being happy with my body, I have never had this much energy and my mind has never been as razor sharp.

edited 5Ezyhealth: What do you think is your most attractive feature?

Max: I have been told my smile is contagious. But hey, I leave that up to others to decide!

Ezyhealth: Which part of your body do you focus on the most when you work out?

Max: Even though I would like to improve my biceps and chest, I do work out every muscle group the same each week. Being toned to me is being proportional.

Ezyhealth: How are things going on the relationship front?

Max: I just got engaged in the South of France, to the most amazing woman in the world, Sepideh Haftgoli. She’s a film producer who owns her own new media site focusing on

positive, uplifting and inspiring content with an entertainment edge – her motto is “Aspire to Inspire”.

Ezyhealth: So what does the future hold for you? What dreams do you hope to achieve?

Max: Oh man, that’s a tough question. I try not to live in the past nor the future but enjoy every moment to the fullest. I have been fortunate to have fulfilled so many of my dreams already and there are many more I would like to come true. One of them is starting a family, and of course simple things like being healthy, happy and simply to have fun with my loved ones. Okay… and a Ferrari Italia 458.


Max the Minimalist  

a. Sum up your life philosophy in one sentence.

Live and let live.

b. How would you describe your sense of style?


c. What do you find attractive in a woman?

Intelligence, confidence, kindness and being feminine.


Max is an artiste with FLY Entertainment.


Melanie Sim
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