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Love Yourself Slim Or Think Yourself Slim

Getting to goal weight starts from within.

There is no telling what you can accomplish to get the body you’ve always wanted with the right frame of mind.

Since I was 15, I suffered an eating disorder called Bulimia. I did not come understand what I was going through till I was 35.

Nobody had told me that my binging at any hour of the day was something that needed attention. Eating was something that triggered two things in me: it soothed me when I faced emotional challenges and it served me to help contain my pain, unresolved issues, insecurity and confusion. It also served to another deep unconscious purpose: temporarily allowing me to forget the negative self-image I had about myself. I did not like myself, without realising it. Eating also helped me cope with the anxiety created by what other people thought about me and my body when I was out of shape.

It took me a long time to realize that being in the right frame of mind played an important role in how I interpreted feedback from the outside world. Quite often, I would miss a positive comment or gesture by others, and at other times, I would overlook the fact that I rose to the challenge and accomplished something successfully – all because I had shut myself from the world. I was in a bad mood most of the time. There was little in my life to really be happy about, I suppose. I felt abused, put-down, and taken advantage of by the rest of society. I identified myself as a ‘victim’. As a result, I had a massive wall built around me. I was in prison. I trusted no one and always assumed the worst in every situation

Slim That Waist with 8 Smart Steps to a positive mindset

There’s nothing like the first day of diet and exercise regime. Remember not to allow the size of your waistband to discourage you!

1 Be Aware That…

You didn’t become overweight overnight, and you won’t slim down overnight either. It took thousands of tiny lifestyle decisions to get where you are today and, by the same token, many tiny lifestyle decisions are going to help you slim. Think about every bite of food you take, every move you make and, little by little, those calories you shave off and those extra bits of energy expenditure will add up to a new slim you.

2 Educate Yourself

Read up on nutrition and eating habits, be aware of the damage that can happen if you continue an unhealthy diet. Make new choices if those past ones didn’t help you achieve positive results.

3 Be Responsible

Invest and engage in a life coach or counselor or a fitness trainer specialized in nutrition and wellness. Ask for help and be willing to be assessed. The coach or the counselor will help you to keep you on track of your goals and motivate you.

4 Remember Your Goal

Psychologists have found that focusing on the process rather than just the appearance will make you a more successful candidate in your slimming quest.

5 Forgive & Let Go

Don’t punish that one biscuit indulgence by feeling a failure for the rest of the week — that is a certain way to sabotage your weight loss. Instead, forgive yourself, let go and get back on track.

6 Plan everything

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Jot down your exercise sessions in your diary and other commitments around them, not the other way around.

7 Reward Yourself

Focus on a ‘self’ reward’ that will help spur you on to achieving those goals:

•    Promise yourself daily treats for sticking to the program (an invigorating body scrub, fake tan or pedicure).

•   Promise yourself weight-loss rewards every time there’s a drop on the scales (a massage, facial, new lipstick or new outfit — in a smaller size).

• Promise yourself something spectacular when you reach your target weight.

8 Relax

Studies show stress can make you fat but rest, sleep and exercise can ease the stress and negative thinking.

Think Your Way Thin, By Keeping In Mind:

Reality is key

It is important to create mini goals (S.M.A.R.T Goals) that you’ll be able to attain in the long run. Try setting realistic goals like drinking skim milk instead of whole   milk, or perhaps using less oil when you sautee your food. Anything that will keep you on the right path, but isn’t too ridiculous for you to stick to.

Progress is not perfection

Okay, so you thought you’d eat a little something that ended up turning into a lot of something. Keep in mind the progress you’ve made and jump back on your horse. Keep in mind that sometimes falling brings on a renewed sense of discipline and endurance for the future.

Creative visualization

Be proactive in creating a visual in your mind wherein you are slim, trim and wearing your best outfit.

Give life to your own Body Image Vision Board

Many of us are need visuals. Get into action and build a vision of the body you want to have. You can have it in your bedroom at home, or even download it on your Iphone or Ipad as a great reminder during the day.

Share your goals with others

Share with your friends, relatives, coach or counselor about your goals. The more you talk about them the more they will be present to your mind, the more you will build excitement and positive feelings. This will also help keep you committed and on track because you’ve make a pledge with others.
If you find this challenging always go back to the saying: “Fake it, until you make it!” Suggested readings if you want to know more about this topic are:

•  Stella’s Mum Gets Her Groove Back – A True Story

(available in Bookstores in Singapore)

• Be Your Own Guru – Olivia Stefanino, Capstone Publishing Ltd

• The Hurting Heart – Dr. Lim Yun Chin, Armour Publishing

• Keep it off – Use the Power of Self- Hypnosis to Lose Weight Now – Brian Alman with Stephen Montgomery
Elisabetta Franzoso is the author of Stella’s Mum Gets Her Groove Back – A True Story. She is also a Public Speaker, WellBeing Coach, Communication Trainer and Managing Director of InsideOutYou Coaching & Training. She regularly conducts 1-to-3-day Communication and Wellbeing Public Workshops at NUS Extension, Singapore Institute of Management and Convivo Pte Ltd ( Log on to or, or call 9621 3858 or 6465 4605 for more information.
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