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Gentle Strokes

Experience the healing strokes of lymphatic drainage massage

Suffering from aches and pains? Feeling bloated or sluggish? Maybe it’s about time you had your lymphatic system cleansed and rejuvenated. The lymphatic system helps to maintain a healthy fluid balance in our body and keeps our immune system strong by removing toxins and distributing nutrients throughout the body. Just like any system, however, it, too, can go askew. When we eat too much unhealthy food, get injured, or lead a sedentary lifestyle, there’s a lymphatic congestion waiting to happen. Pregnancy, menopause, obesity, surgery, and neck and shoulder tension brought about by stress also cause imbalance in our lymphatic system.

Repair and Rejuvenate

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a type of massage that helps to ease up blockages within our body, allowing our body to go back to its healthy condition. Notice how a simple massage can immediately perk us up and rejuvenate our body instantly? MLD can do just that and more. MLD therapy uses gentle massage strokes to help remove blockages and promote proper lymph flow. Dubbed as “one of the best-kept secrets on the health and beauty scene,” MLD is intensely relaxing, as it is healing. It is a zero pressure, light touch massage that improves the efficiency of the lymphatic system. Some of the symptoms that respond well to MLD are chronic sinusitis, a weakened immune system, and rheumatoid arthritis. It also speeds up the healing of wounds and scars.

MLD for fast recovery

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is recommended for pre and post-surgery to help our lymphatic system get in perfect condition and help in the healing process. Bruising, swelling, scarring, and severe water retention are expected after surgery. But MLD therapy helps to minimise all these for a fast and easy recovery. MLD helps keep the skin become soft and elastic to prevent it from tightening up, and therefore allows wounds to heal faster. It also helps deal with all the other lumps and bumps under the skin, such as internal scarring. It is one of the therapies recommended by plastic surgeons after surgery. For pre-surgery, MLD preps the tissue for trauma, stimulates the immune system, and induces a state of relaxation. After the surgery, it helps to lessen pain and inflammation, reduces post-surgical oedema and swelling, encourages detoxification of body tissues, and stimulates fluid circulation and immune system to prevent post-surgical infections.

Your Pregnancy Ally

MLD massage after giving birth helps to reduce discomfort in lower back, neck and shoulders. It also aids in healing scars, as well as alleviates headaches, hand and wrist pain, postural dysfunctions, depression, weakness and fatigue. It is also known to support healthy lactation, and reduces stress hormones. Postnatal massage not only gives the new mom physical respite from delivery and from carrying and breastfeeding the baby, it also provides emotional support for them to gain back their lost energy and go back to their healthy condition before pregnancy.

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