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Making the Healthful Choice

Be Healthy and Earth-friendly the Organic Vegan Way!

While we are having more advanced medical technologies these days, deadly diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer are also on the rise, even among our younger generations. Inevitably, our medical costs follow. Studies have shown that vegans have much lower cholesterol levels than meat eaters, and heart disease is less common in them, too. The reasons are not hard to find. The vegan meals are typically low in saturated fat and usually contain little or no cholesterol, while the cholesterol is found only in animal products such as meat, dairy and eggs. However, going organic in your vegetarian choices is an even more powerful and profoundly effective tool for health.

Dr Joel Fuhrman, MD, ( a highly regarded family practitioner and acclaimed nutrition expert in the United States, specialising in the prevention and reversal of obesity and other diseases through nutrition and natural therapies, believes that there is a constructive way to reduce serious health conditions caused by unwise food choices.

“The good news is that nutritional science has advanced to the point where we can win the war against cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and we do not have to be demented in our later years.”

In a TV interview, Dr Joel Fuhrman pointed out that the micronutrients found in plant-based diet, contain vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants which are the most powerful “medicine” to optimal health condition. Choose organic version for the food groups in the table on the right. In addition to these three groups of foods, fruits and whole grains (such as organic brown rice, etc) provide additional essential micronutrients and fibres, too.

Start Young

According to Dr. Furhrman, “When the human cells are growing, multiplying and dividing, they are more susceptible to the danger of being hurt by toxic food and by poisonous chemicals. So, you have to feed your kids with fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds and very clean food when their body is multiplying.”

Going Organic Is Earth-Friendly

The vegan diet/organic vegan diet is also the simple solution for a healthy planet, which every one of us can do easily one bite at a time, three times daily. It has the most emission savings, as shown in the chart below:

Organic farming absorbs huge amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) which exists in the air. According to research by Rodale Institute in the United States, if we started using all the world’s tillable land to cultivate organic vegetables and fruits instead, we will eliminate a further 40% of the CO2 in our environment, thus cooling the planet further. By avoiding the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, it raises crop yields, enhances soil fertility, conserves water and ensures biodiversity in agriculture. Not only do you save your health, you save our planet, too.

Organic Farming Saves:

• Millions of climate refugees  each year

• Many island nations from sinking

• Oceans from acidification  and   dead zones

• Glaciers, lakes and rivers from dying

• Nations from desertification

• The lungs of the Earth from deforestation

• Over 1 billion world citizens, including children, from hunger.

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