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Moving Forward!

Is it time for a lifestyle change?

Before we usher in the new year, now’s a good time to take stock, reflect on the past and decide how 2015 can be Young woman eating a healthy saladbetter. To get started, choose the options below (you can pick more than one) that best describe your lifestyle.

  1. You often have your meals…
    1. With family and/or friends.
    2. Alone, at your own pace, at a place with minimal distraction.
    3. In front of the laptop, the TV, or both. (Smartphones included!)
  1. You keep fit…iStock_000013633196_Large
    1. By working out at least 2.5 hours a week.
    2. By taking a brisk walk around the estate every evening.
    3. Lying on the couch, watching TV.
  1. When you go grocery shopping, you…
    1. Use your own bag to contain purchases.
    2. Always purchase more than you need, just in case.
    3. Always ask for extra bags.Sweet dreams
  1. You sleep…
    1. Six to eight hours every night.
    2. Whenever you have a chance to. You’re so, so tired!
    3. Not really – sleep is for the weak.
  1. It’s the weekend. You…
    1. Get out to soak up the sun!Young woman holding a grocery bag
    2. Sleep in till after noon.
    3. Continue to work. Sigh.
  1. Vegetables and fruits… yay or nay?
    1. Yay! I love my greens.
    2. I try… I have an apple a day.
    3. Uh, do French fries count?

Score yourself!

a = 1 point       b = 2 points     c = 3 points

If you scored…

  • 6 to 8 points – You’re pretty healthy indeed. Keep it up!
  • 9 to 14 points – Are you not eating well or sleeping right? You know the questions you need to ask, and then consider changing some parts of your lifestyle before the bad habits stick.
  • 15 points and above – It’s time for a lifestyle change! Make a few important changes, at least. Check out our pointers for sticking with them.

Note that this list is by no means exhaustive! Apart from the above, each of us may hope to change in yet other areas. For example, watch less television, call Dad more, or even floss regularly. Whatever your goals are, here are some tips for staying on track.

  • Write it down! There’s something about the act of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keypad) that makes things “official”. List the changes you want to see, and steps to achieve them. Keep them close to you so you can review them on a regular basis.Writing
  • One at a time! After penning your laundry list, choose one or a few you’d like to focus on. Be patient with yourself – just as bad habits take time to develop, they need time to be changed. Don’t burn out thinking you have to accomplish everything by the end of January!
  • Tell somebody! If you know someone who has a similar goal, support each other –exchange weekly reminders and “progress reports”. Or share your goals with someone you trust and enlist their help to “kick” you along.
Kelly Ng
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