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Stay Fit in the Workplace

Tips to keep healthy and alert while in the office

Singaporeans are widely recognised for working long hours. According to The Conference Board, the average worker clocked 2,307 hours in 2009 (or 44 hours per week on average), which makes Singaporeans among the longest working globally.

In this environment, maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the workplace can be a challenge, particularly as many office workers sit at their desk, glued to a computer screen 8 to 10 hours a day, five days a week.

So how can a time-poor office worker stay at their best even when working long hours? The following tips can help you stay more alert and healthier in the workplace.

Start the day well

Make time for breakfast every morning. Replace high-sugar snacks with food that has a low-glycemic index, such as wholemeal bread, fruit or oatmeal. This will give you sustained and adequate energy to kick-start your day.

Take a break

Regardless of whether it’s for15 minutes or an hour lunch break, make it a point to get out of the office. While the Singapore heat isn’t ideal for spending long periods in the open air, even five minutes in sunlight can help boost Vitamin D levels, which promotes optimum health.

Stay hydrated

People tend to forget about drinking water in the middle of a busy working day. An easy way to get around this is to always have a bottle of water at your desk. If it’s within reach at all times, you can avoid dehydration and the associated lack of energy at work.

Don’t sit still

Resist the urge to phone, email or instant message your colleagues. Go talk to them face-to-face. A real conversation breaks up your routine and keeps blood circulating.

Create a healthy office environment

Given the number of hours spent in the office, it pays to have a working environment that supports the health of employees. If your office has more vending machines than fruit bowls, suggest to your manager that a change would be welcomed by staff. Similarly, if there aren’t already measures to encourage exercise activities during lunch, start your own walking club and encourage your colleagues to get involved.

Aim for a work-life balance

Achieving a work-life balance shouldn’t be confined to the realms of flexi-and part time workers. Make an effort to leave work on time at least one night each week and attend a yoga session or go for a run outdoors. Many people continue to be stressed day after day and leaving work on time can help break the cycle.

Keep calm under pressure

Many people experience stress and have, at one time of another, been stressed in the workplace. Living a healthier lifestyle and understanding your body can help you deal with stressful situations – your mind is clearer and your energy is focused on positive solutions rather than negative scenarios.

Exercise at your desk.

Stretching and muscle-strengthening at your desk can be done discreetly. For example, a simple neck stretch can be done by relaxing your shoulders, letting your head roll forward and slowly rotate in a circle. This helps to ease tension in your neck and keeps you calm. Simple exercises stimulate oxygen intake and more oxygen to the brain boosts alertness.

“Simple exercises stimulates oxygen intake and more oxygen to the brain boosts alertness.

By Ms Karin Clarke

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